Wednesday 6th (Day)

At 2:58 PM on Wednesday June 6th, Daniel Blake entered the town of Mythic, Texas, scorched and smokestained.
At 2:59 PM, Theodore D’Albâtre alighted in Mythic, Texas, bemused and vomit-spattered.
At 3:00 PM Hito Yoshiro drove into Mythic, Texas, determined and driven.
At 3:01 PM Autumn Raine exited Mythic Police Station at high speed.
Fate is not perfect.
But it tries so very hard.
There is order in all chaos.
Each strand is a part of the whole.
Every dream casts its shadow.
All flames burn.

As Raine scrambled out the police station she turned to see Daniel and Theodore regarding her with confusion. Amused but non-plussed Theodore continued sauntering towards the motel, as Hito's car drew up behind him while Daniel hung back. With no time to think, the girl sprang into the air, soaring high over the buildings of Mythic…and coming back to Earth with a bump as a well-aimed Beretta round impacted between her shoulder blades.
Hearing the gunshot, Hito approached the scene, as did Theodore, albeit reluctantly, as a finger prodded him insistently in the kidneys. When all the Scions had congregated on the scene, they saw the Mythic Police Chief, Lawrence Harker, emerge from the station, and remonstrate with his agitated men who were babbling something about two dead comrades. After Agent Yoshiro had introduced himself, and explained his status as the assistance offered by the Houston FBI, Harker approached Raine and asked her whether she had killed the two officers, pulling his shades down as he did so, allowing a golden glow to spill forth from his eyes. Her quiet but emphatic "No" seemed to satisfy him, and he replaced his shades, with neither police nor bystanders commenting on the event.
After some more chat between Raine and Hito, and a brief hushed alleyway conversation for Theodore, the group proceeded toward the Hickory Stick Motel to seek accommodation, pausing briefly to watch a crack tear along the asphalt almost the length of the road.
The group were quickly assigned rooms at the motel, with Hito generously picking up Autumn's tab. As Daniel left to collect Scarab from the police station, Raine took a much needed shower despite the motel's begrudging plumbing. Agent Yoshiro waited patiently in the lobby of the hotel, while irked at having to remain vomit-encrusted, Theodore lit up and had a calming smoke from the motel window, watching in puzzlement as a patch of scrubby ground towards the back of the motel collapsed with a sucking noise.
Eventually, Autumn, Hito, Daniel, and a much neglected Scarab met at Big Al's diner, and began recuperating over coffee and pie. Damn good pie.
While finally experiencing the joy of the Hickory Stick's bathing facilities, Theodore heard the sound of shattering glass, a cry of pain, and laughter. Heading downstairs with as much dignity as possible, the Scion was confronted with a situation which he absorbed in an instant. Martha Ferguson lay sprawled on the motel's counter, beaten and bleeding, clearly the victim of an attack from the same individual who had hurled the brick through the window.
Letting his conscience get the better of him, Theodore began to drive Martha to the doctors in her battered red Chevrolet, unfortunately careening into a pothole which opened underneath the car. Although the startled man kept control of the car, Martha was slammed forward and smacked her head off the dashboard, eliciting sobs of pain. The others came running at the sound of the crash, and Raine easily levered the car from the hole, generously letting the others feel as though they were helping. Faced with a startled looking black stranger, and a bleeding old woman protesting his chauffeuring skills, Daniel thought it best to drive the elderly lady to the doctors himself as the others returned to the diner.
On arrival at Blanchett's surgery the doctor quickly ascertained that although only mildly injured, Martha had clearly been subject to several severe beatings in the past, with bruises purpling her ribs, arms and legs. Muttering balefully, Blanchett commented on how "It was probably those damn Thurber kids. I dunno what's gotten into those kids. They used to be good boys. A little rough around the edges but…none of this hellraising, none of this malice."
Feeling the ichor of his divine father boil in his veins, Daniel strode off to the Eastern edge of town, past several houses - the Hick's wherein the TV was blaring out a hymn to Oprah, past a postbox marked Sanders, and to the Thurber residence.
After slashing the tires of the SUV in the driveway, Daniel was given a traditional Southern welcome and told to get the hell off Thurber land. Marv and Zeke showed little remorse, murmuring, "prissy old bitch deserved it" as the Scion turned away, although Gus' face flickered with guilt at the words.
Unable to leave until vengeance was served, the Scion stole round the back of the house and stepped out in front of the brothers on the back porch. With a word, he commanded Marv to shoot Gus, and the brother did, blowing off a toe in a spray of blood. As Zeke ran to his brother's aid firing his pistol wildly, and Gus dragged himself away in terror, Daniel rammed the shotgun butt into Marv's face with an audible crack. In the face of such brutality, the fight left the brothers. As Marv collapsed and Zeke stood shellshocked Gus begged for his life in between sobs of agony, explaining that the campaign of terror undertaken by the three brothers had been designed to win the favour of "that Reeser." A man who had begun hanging out with the Sanders kids a month or so back, "and now they were stronger, tougher and feared by everyone in town." Gus sobbed that there was no other way for young people to get out of Mythic, and that this was his only chance to leave the town behind. Chastened, the young man implored Daniel for a means to redeem himself. Bandaging the teenagers foot, the Scion warned him never to harm anyone again, and returned to the town, where he informed Dr. Blanchett of his exploits. In response the good doctor simply quirked a smile and returned to treating Martha.
Back at the diner, the other three Scions heard a local news broadcast appealing for help in locating missing local kid Janie Horowitz. As Agent Yoshiro headed to the PD to consult with his colleagues, Autumn and Theodore stayed in the diner. As Theodore smoked, the cloud wreathed around an old man in the corner, but the new Scion chose to do nothing.
On the advice of the police and Al, and with some aid from a helpful pebble spirit, the three scions headed to the Standish ranch where Scarab lead them to a trail in the horse paddock, where they found a tortoiseshell button, and a large hole which Scarab told Autumn he refused to go down as "It smelt like her leg." With assistance from the ranch owner, Tom Standish, Raine and Yoshiro descended into the tunnel, finding a small-bloodstained shoe and reaching a crossroads before seeing a vast blue-black body barrel past at incredible speed. Startled, Hito missed his shot and the pair decided against going further until they knew what they were up against. As Autumn retreated, slick black goo fell on her hair, and she sighed in resigned disgust.
Back in town, a weary Daniel saw a beautiful woman enter the diner. Dressed in immaculate biker's leathers and with long dark hair that spilled down to her hips, the woman flopped down at a table and lit up a cigarette. Introducing herself as Lacey Leveaux, the woman seemed to make quite the impression on the Scion, and the pair went for a drink at the only bar in town at the Hickory Stick. Armed with whiskey from the bar, Lacey relaxed with a peculiar brand of Norwegian cigarettes, featuring a small bear roaring on an ice floe. After some small talk, Leveaux proposed a business deal; her assistance to Daniel and his associates in exchange for aid finding an item her father wanted. Although she didn't know what it was, she was sure it was in town, and perhaps underground. Daniel accepted both the offer, and a cigarette. Although seeming quite taken with him, Lacey left soon after, albeit with his number, leaving Daniel with a nagging longing to see her again, and soon.
It was not to be, as the Scion received a call from an associate, informing him that she needed assistance with a pick-up, and that he needed to rejoin his comrades who were on the east edge of town. Daniel dutifully headed off to the ranch.
Meanwhile, Theodore had made good use of his newly acquired powers, with assistance from his ghede guide, to discover that Janie was alive, although trapped underground in some kind of human larder, surrounded by corpses and gnawed bones.
Hito managed to persuade the group that if they were to effect a rescue they needed police assistance, and the gang trooped back into town in the gathering dark to find Harker. Seeing a golden flash light up the sky on the opposite side of town, all the Scions arrived in time to view a pitched battle between Harker and three of his police, and five unidentified individuals.
As the police fired from behind their blockade, one of the individuals leapt into the air and pounced onto one of the officers, driving his fist clean through the front of his skull and tearing his head off.
At this the others sprung into action, Autumn launching herself high into the night sky to descend knife drawn on one assailant, while Daniel rushed to engage a shotgun wielding man, nearly severing the man's arm with a single blow, before spinning to slice the legs from under another and impale his blade, whistling past Raine's ear into the one she was struggling with. Raine herself was unable to injure the man she had leapt on, partly due to her attempt at refraining from lethal force and partly due to the distractions caused by being repeatedly punched in the head, and hearing first chains and then bones splinter and crack as her assailant underestimated her resilience.
Bullets and shotgun blasts buzzed overhead as both Hito and Theodore laid down a display of shooting finesse, which eventually subdued all five enemies in a cacophony of howls and bestial snarls without further loss of police life.
Daniel spun and decapitated the last kneeling enemy, and watched as the blood spattered hot on the tarmac, eating into it, and singeing Raine's face as it splashed on her cheek.
Daniel's regret as he realised the nature of the men's affliction was evident. Supernatural strength, uncontrollable rage. Hallmarks of drinking giant's blood. Of consuming eitr.
The realisation that the men could have been saved if the Giant who corrupted them had been destroyed weighed on Daniel's mind as he stooped to clean his blade, watching in horror as the blood stubbornly clung there. Black stains on the pure silver.
Harker approached Agent Yoshiro and suggested that the group concentrate on rescuing the girl, while he and his officers would search "Reeser's" room in the motel for clues to his whereabouts. As they were discussing strategies, a party of citizens carrying sidearms and flashlights strode up the road, demanding explanations. One woman identified herself as the mother of the Sanders boys and pushed past Daniel and Hito to the carnage beyond. As her scream tore the night air and spiralled down into racking sobs her husband approached Daniel and demanded that he be allowed revenge. The Scion looked the man in the eye as he regaled him with tales of his son's hopes, his dreams, his shattered ambitions and solemnly swore that those responsible would pay.
The strands of Fate realigned and stretched taut.
Meanwhile, others also had duties to perform, as Theodore took a good swig of his peppered rum before ceremoniously pooling it at the feet of the dismembered bodies, once they had been located.
As the world slowed to a waltzer's whirl around him,five spirits sprung forth from the corpses, holding out chained hands to him imploringly. The scion graciously removed each one's bonds, hearing the last whisper, "There is trouble at home. The seal is broken. Do not trust the family."
Leaving the scene of the carnage, the party hustled back to the tunnels at Theodore's urgings, fearful that they might be too late to save Janie.
Unerringly led by Hito, all went well until the soft earthen tunnels collapsed beneath them, sending Autumn plunging with a wail into the depths of the old mine. Unharmed, and dusting herself down, the girl was eventually joined by the others who gingerly clambered down the root lined shaft. Theodore narrowly avoided a broken leg as the root he clung to snapped, but he was snatched out of the air by Hito.
Arriving in a strangely warm rock tunnel, a strange whump and exhalation of air passed over the group, who undaunted forged forward to find a vast underground cavern, and unfortunately, the wurm nest. Theodore's sharp hearing picked up two wurms to the front and a third from behind, but it didn't save him as Raine, Yoshiro and Blake leapt into the cavern to battle the wurms, leaving him to face the third alone.
Tearing a bloody chunk out of his torso the worm ripped straight through Theodore to join the general melee in the cavern as Daniel rode one of the bucking serpent-things, his sword buried deep in its back, and Yoshiro and Raine brought stalactites crashing down on the beast's heads, or used them as improvised clubs. A clever move from Raine distracted one of the wurms (unused to talking food) and allowed the others time to gain momentum, although too late for Theodore.
Yet, as the Scion lay bleeding to death in the dark tunnel, he saw a pair of booted feet land next to him, felt gloved hands lift him and plant a passionate kips on his lips, breathing fragrant smoke deep into his lungs. As the lacquered smoke wove the worst of his wounds shut, Theodore was deposited in the tunnel in time to see Lacey Leveaux lean forward and breath a black, sinuous column of smoke which coalesced into a wolf with burning orange eyes. The wolf leapt at the wurm approaching the rear of the party, shaking it with savage, supernatural fury. Enjoying the spectacle, Theodore drank some rum. The spice burnt through his veins, filling them with new blood as he watched Daniel leap forward and hack the wurm conversing with Autumn almost in half.
Seeing the tables turn, the other Scions made short work of the unfortunate titanspawn, stopping to harvest their skin for future experimentation. A second thunderous force echoed through the tunnels, but the Scions were not distracted. A short journey down a side passage found the beast's larder, and Janie Horowitz, unconscious and pale. Bringing her back to the main cavern, a badly injured Theodore managed to fight the pain off long enough to notice a wriggling form writhe under the girl's skin and head up her jugular to the brain.
A sharp knife and some alcohol later, and one of the wurmspawn was safely in an FBI evidence bag.
Seeing the girl's condition, Theodore knew she would need further medical treatment, and Autumn was kind enough to lift them both back out of the tunnel, leaping up the thirty foot shaft in one fluid motion as a third scorching pulse flowed through the tunnels.
Left alone with Lacey, Hito and Daniel proceeded deeper down a shaft. As they delved lower, the temperature rose, becoming unbearably hot. This, coupled with the continuing sonorous pulses from ahead would have killed a mortal man, as the Scion's hair singed and their skin blistered.
As they walked, the group noticed strange angular ruins carved into the walls, but only Lacey could provide some fragmented insight as to their meaning. Fire. Heat. Chest. Power.
Soldiering onwards, the trio finally emerged in a chamber which terminated in a vast wall seamed with glittering gold, filigrees of bright metal twining around a dark, jagged crystal in the centre of the rockface. Hito stepped forward and spoke with the Spirits of the seam, which wove a tale of loss and desolation, as the crystal sent forth scorching heatwaves. The spirit spoke of how it was placed there aeons ago to bind the Beast, but that the mining of those who walked in the sun had weakened it, and that the teeth of the children of the dark had weakened it. The Beast was the father of the children of the fire and the children of the dark, by different mothers. The crystal was the centre of the Beast. The spirit moaned in pain and said that the Beast was the corrupter, and it would corrupt the seam, and the land, and the people above if it were to remain here, that it would corrupt all, and that the world would perish. The centre needed to be removed, but the blood was not to be spilt, as the blood was not the evil, but simply the power, the form was the evil, and together they were the center of the Beast. The spirit sighed wearily and retreated, reiterating its dire warning, the blood must not be spilt.
As the spirit retreated, Lacey, Hito and Daniel worked to pry the dark crystal loose from the wall. As they laboured, the strands of gold wove and shimmered before finally contracting to expel the shard to fall dark, heavy and smouldering into Hito's waiting coat.
Thus did we leave our heroes…

There is order in all chaos.
Each strand is a part of the whole.
Every dream casts its shadow.
All flames burn.