Untouchable Opponent

While Guarding: The DV bonus from Untouchable Opponent now only applies when the person with Untouchable Opponent is taking the Guard action or some other non-aggressive action. This means you can be nearly invulnerable, but at the cost of not attacking. With a fast weapon and selective self-interruption, you may be able to still launch offensives and then duck back into Guard before the enemy counterattacks.
This house rule allows the user to fight like any other member of the party and be rendered Untouchable when actively dodging, reloading, approaching or retreating, grabbing an object,talking or using many of the mental or social knacks and some boons, carrying an ally to safety, or anyother action the Storyteller says can be done while moving rapidly. Any action that requires a dice roll counts as a second action, but you are almost impossible to hit while doing it.
All Defense modifiers such as the bonus for guarding and penalty for some misc. actions stack into the bonus from Untouchable Opponent.
The Knack still costs a legend point to activate.