Tuesday 5th (Day)

In the morning, Autumn braved the streets of Mythic to get dog food and breakfast. Strolling through the baking streets to the grocery, where she met Tina Horowitz. With little warning however, the buzzing once again filled her ears, though this time magnified in intensity and agony. As the girl collapsed screaming a terrified Tina ran to get Dr. Blanchett who drove Autumn to his surgery after administering pain medication.
Drifting in and out of consciousness in the surgery, Autumn heard the front door splinter as police stormed the building. Despite Dr. Blanchett's protests as he risked his life to defend his patient, the officers stormed into the treatment room, grabbing Raine as she woozily attempted to leap through the window. Pain and purple stars joined the locust chorus in her head and Autumn Raine fell unconscious.