The Mark Of Chrysalis

Ingwaz – The Rune of Chrysalis

INGWAZ is the Rune of the Chrysalis. It is the Rune of the seed just before germination, of outer stillness and simultaneous inner development, of inward transformation invisible from outside. It is the Rune of the egg, which contains not only a foetal bird, but also a DNA blueprint of all birds past and present. Just as URUZ is the Rune of the infinite (containing the potential for all things in macrocosm), so INGWAZ is the Rune of the finite (containing the potential for all things in microcosm) … "as above, so below". INGWAZ is a meditation Rune. It is physical stillness in which pure thought swirls unconfined, the ecstatic state of "being" at the centre of self. INGWAZ is the Rune of containment for specific purpose, of the transformation of spirit within the living body, of the passageway between two states of being. It is the Rune of the anchorite, who chooses outward confinement in order to develop inwardly. INGWAZ is also the Rune of peace, truce, and respite from war and fighting. It can be seen as the space between two lock gates, a decompression chamber between two realities, an antechamber in which to change clothes after leaving one place and before entering another. INGWAZ is a Rune of no return; there is no way back from the chrysalis.

Hagalaz – The Rune of Sudden Change

HAGALAZ is the Rune of Sudden Change … a sudden change of circumstances, direction, understanding - imposed by an outside force. She is the Rune of the hailstorm, coming out of the blue, changing everything in one fell swoop. She is a bridge between the worlds, a sudden, unexpected force of transformation which appears to come from without. Everything that HAGALAZ does is utterly unforeseeable and at first glance outrageous, disastrous, terrifying. Her propensity to leap into centre stage, wrecking all she touches, makes her seem a nightmare figure; but beneath her fearsome, hideous mask she is beautiful and wise. HAGALAZ is the monumental disaster that turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to you. HAGALAZ is your employer going bust, leaving you penniless - so you can get a much better job. HAGALAZ is the bride or groom leaving you at the altar - so you can meet your perfect partner next year. HAGALAZ is your disabling heart-attack - which frees you to paint wonderful water-colours. Just as the hailstorm smashes down your crops, and then gently waters them for you, so HAGALAZ makes you swear and despair at her dramatic entrances … and later makes you everlastingly grateful that she wreaked such havoc. HAGALAZ cannot be controlled, evaded, delayed, or tempered. She will push you around, embarrass you, snatch your treasures, stamp on your life. But if you open your heart and mind to her, she will enable you to cross bridges you did not know existed, and which you will never regret crossing.