The Harkness House

The House That Love Bulit

The benighted Harkness House was built in 1902 by Frederick Harkness, a New Yorker who moved to Las Vegas to make it big in loans, and some say, money laundering. Harkness committed suicide by hanging himself in the attic in 1906. Subsequently, the house served as a 1910's opium den, in which a young woman was found to have killed herself, a 1920's speakeasy in which a prostitute shot herself through the eye with a derringer in 1923. Barren during the war years, the house was reinhabited in the 1960's by a hippy commune known as the Children of the Broken Flowers. Allegations of paedophilia and abuse sanctioned a government raid, and the subsequent condemnation of the house in 1972, and edict which somehow got worse on its way to city hall. In the 1980's the house again saw use as a holding centre for illegal immigrants but was finally closed after the discovery of several beaten migrant workers chained to radiators in the basement, and a woman and child who had apparently killed herself by placing a plastic bag over her head. The Scions on entering, found themselves trapped in the house and wrapped in its sordid history, but succeeded in altering the course of many of the past events, which led to a charged encounter in the attic with a strange man known only as Mr. Leibowitz. For a price, Theo managed to free the souls of the Harkness children, Timothy and Alice, along with that of their mother.