The Gods I have met

It may be hard for you reading this to know that the Gods exist but not the Christian God that I’m aware of, but the Gods of ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, the Norse Gods, the Aztec Gods, the Japanese Gods, the Loa, the Irish Gods and the Chinese Gods. They have children and some of them get what is called a visitation and it unlocks the power that is closed off from them until it is unlocked but Scions generally succeed at what they do and rise to the top of whatever field they are working in. I mean myself I am the youngest SWAT commander for New Orleans in the history of the police force and the youngest person to be promoted to detective as well, I accomplished these things not long out of the academy I was only 22 when I was made detective and 24 when made SWAT commander. This entry isn’t about me though it is about the Gods that I have met in my time and what I thought of them we might as well start with my father as that seems like the logical choice.

My father is Tyr the Norse God of War and Justice. He is a tall man with salt and pepper hair and the same with his beard as well. He has piercing turquoise eyes that look straight through you. He is missing his right hand as he sacrificed it to Fenris when he was bound until Ragnarok. My father normally appears wearing army fatigues and holding an AK-47. He is straight and to the point and he doesn’t mince his words I have already written about the few times I have met my father so there is no need to write it down again. I respect my father though, I mean we haven’t had much time together but I respect him he has made some hard choices in his time and was the only one brave enough to feed Fenris and sacrifice his hand to keep the rest of the Aesir safe, but I respect him not for what he has done in Legend or else I would respect all the Gods but because he showed me respect. I will never have a normal relationship with my father but one day we might be able to sit down and just talk father to son.

Who do I mention next but I might as well do this pantheon by pantheon it makes sense. The next Norse God I met was Sif. As I have said before and I will say again the most attractive woman in the world looks ugly compared to Sif, I mean if you think Hugh Hefner is lucky for having his bunnies you have never met Sif. She is a bubbly person I think is the best way to describe her she likes having a party and make herself the life of it. The first time I met Sif I was being given a briefing but I went to a party after that and I am glad I took Haskuldr with me as Sif took him away to shag him senseless for hours. She is a lovely woman and she hasn’t ordered me around or demanded something off me and I think she likes me.

Then we move on to Odin. Both the Scions of Odin that I have met said I never really met the All Father but I would have still done the same thing no matter what. The old bastard sits on his throne in his hall and tries to find ways to avoid his fate and use every tool available to him and he tried to make me his tool. It was to do with what was called The Masks of Odin. They were 12 pieces of Odin that he discarded and they were the pieces he found distasteful such as destruction, rage, cowardice and others of a similar nature. One of these masks was connected to one of my men and had caused me issues. I demanded to speak to him and was visited by Odin during a flight to Washington. I demanded information off the All Father and he disappeared and the plane dropped out of the sky. I shouted at him and called him a coward and the plane stopped its sudden descend. Odin reappeared in front of me and said I should show respect and he gave me the information I wanted. I still don’t respect the Old Bastard and he couldn’t scare me and I guess he doesn’t like me but the feeling is mutual.

The next one I meet was Hel. Hel is the Goddess of the underworld and death. She watches over all those that died dishonourably, the oath breaker and blood traitors. She is half dead and terrifying to look at. I met her in Washington when she offered to save Bronwyn’s life and she wouldn’t take any bargaining or considerations and I refused her offer. The stuck up bitch thought that she should just have respect from me when she had done nothing to earn it. I told her to fuck off back to her dank pit under the earth and she smacked me in the face because I didn’t show her any respect. I know she doesn’t like me and I don’t care for her. We saw her a second time when we had released Baldur and she showed her full fury and I had to stop myself from making a comment about it.

Then there was Baldur the Sun God, his beauty shines out like the sun and I haven’t done anything to piss him off that I am aware of. We saved him from his fate in Hel when we travelled down there and Aggro bought him a pizza. Baldur has helped us out he put Haskuldr in some sort of stasis and helped us take out Eoin when he was an Avatar of the Titan of Decay. I like Baldur he hasn’t demanded our respect and he has earned mine and I believe we have earned his.

I have met a couple more of the Aesir but nothing more than passing glances. We met Frigg when we rescued Baldur from Hel and she helped us escape from that dark, dank cavern and Heimdall as well he stopped Bronwyn dropping a sword on my head.

So I haven’t made the best impression on the Gods and Goddess of my Pantheon but why should I care? I don’t believe I have to ascend into their ranks I want to see where it is written that I have to but I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

Then there are the other Gods that I have met from the other Pantheons. I have met Set from the Egyptian Pantheon he didn’t say much and it was only in passing but I can at least say I have met him. The other ones I have met in passing are the majority of the Loa when I was in San Francisco and I drank with the Gods that night and I have met Hachiman in passing the Japanese God of War.

The only God outside of my own Pantheon that I have had any interaction with is the Baron the Loa God of Death. He is an interesting God he likes to have a laugh, drink and smoke and know how to throw a good party and he certainly did that when we went to Guinea the second time.

I can’t say anything bad about the other Gods as I don’t know enough about them but I know enough about my own Pantheon. But the Gods play an important part in our lives especially those that are visited by them as they shape our lives and the actions we take. The majority of people do not know that the Gods exist but believe me they do and their children play an important part in the world.