The Five August Warriors Of The Bureau Of Echoes

Protectors of the American Ideal

As members of Echo Squad, these five brave mortals have fought to defend their country against all manner of mundane threats to the life of American citizens, and to the American way of life. As the threats of the Titans and their spawn intrude ever more though, they require greater strength to be able to hold their own. To provide this, Agent Hito the leader of these noble warriors, has sought ought the blessings of five Kami of the Americas. Each of them has been asked to add some small portion of their power to one of their warriors, the one who exemplifies the qualities that the spirit itself stands for. Each of the spirits gives a token on if its agreement to forge the bond that strengthens the warriors. These tokens, and their own good-hearted dedication mean that the warriors may forge their legend, and prove their worth against the minions of the Titans.

The Five Warriors

Matthew Langlinais - The Midwest

  • Token: An ear of golden corn
  • Qualities: Stolid, dependable and forthright; these are the characteristics associated with the Midwest. It is in many ways the spiritual heart of the US, a pillar of practicality and the urge to do right by oneself and one's neighbours. As the warriors' leader, Matthew is their backbone, their calm centre of certainty in the rightness of their cause. He does not seek to dominate or manipulate, but his simple earnestness can be very compelling in its own right.

Christian Kurland - Jack Bauer

  • Token: A piece of broken DVD of the series
  • Qualities: Determination, ruthlessness and even zeal; these are what come's to the public's mind when they think of the heroic Jack Bauer. He does whatever he has to to protect his family, his people and his country and woe betide anyone who gets in his way. Christian has certainly done his share of dark deeds working for the Company, to spare more innocent folk the need to. Still, however far he goes, he remembers the difference between right and wrong, even as he is tempted to stray across the line to get the job done.

Guy Exner - Emperor Norton

  • Token: A single grain of rice.
  • Qualities: Imagination, idealism and a definite eccentricity; all these things are part of the rich tapestry of American life. Respect for these qualities can be seen in the respect given to the self-proclaimed Emperor Norton of San Francisci. A visionary in many if his edicts, and peacemaker in thought and deed, the Emperor was the very embodiement of 'a crazy idea, that just might work'. With his UFO cultist roots, Guy has seen has seen his own share of wacky ideas. He knows that great ideas can come from the most unlikely of sources and that folk have a great dela more in common than they usually seem to realise.

Tabatha Laredo - Susan B Anthony

  • Token: A silver dollar bearing her likeness
  • Qualities: Equality, common sense and a quiet determination: in her pursuit of women's suffrage Miss Anthony showed all of these virtues. She sought fair treatment for her sex, building coalitions and support wherever she could. Her pragmatic work and carefully chosen words brought equality steadily closer for women aross the nation. Tabatha herself knows the value of a sharp mind a cautious approach in getting what she wants, where she feels she deserves to be. She may be more forward, and deadly for that matter, than Miss Anthony, but deep down is just as modest.

Tyrone Istre - Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Token: A chip from his memorial statue
  • Qulaities: Charisma, self-sacrifice and a deep, abiding belief: no-one could doubt that all these things are exemplified by the man who Had A Dream. One of the most vital guards of the American spirit is the drive and dedication to right wrongs when they are seen. Not demagoguery or riot-mongering, but a profound belief in making the world a better place. Tyrone walked away from a life of comfort to fight for the country and way of life he believed in and has no doubts about continuing to do so despite his own brushes with death.