The Dark Platonic Thrills

The Dark Platonic Thrills are a British band formed in 1993 as an ostensibly BritPop indie band performing covers at small local gigs. They released their first album of new material in 1999 entitled “Verbalise it / Visualise it” to limited success. Their first single to enter the UK charts entered at 67 (in March 2002) and reached 56 a week later – it was called “Spiritual and Aggressive” (from the album “Last Night’s Offering) and it marked the first move away from the purer, traditional indie sound to a big beat dance number.
The band released their latest album in July 2007, and their most successful to date, entitled, “Deus Ex Pulsa”. Two singles have been released from the album, both reaching the UK top 20 – “Immersion” and “Concrete Vision” – featuring a mix of west African drumming with European dance/rock.

The line-up for the band has not changed since their inception in 1993.
Lead guitar / vocalist: Ajani Fashek (♂)
Base guitar / vocalist: Morayo Denge (♀)
Keyboard: Alex Marshall (♀)
Drums: Aggro Turnbull
Roadies are Jason Oludamare and Carlos “Bandito” Del Torro