The Centaurs

April 9th, 2007

….the patrol car had skidded to a stop in scrubland approximately fifty metres from the road. Investigation of the scene revealed numerous motorcycle tracks approaching the scene, and multiple impact points from buckshot round in the side panels, tires and windshield of the vehicle. Bloodspatter patterns and residual grey matter indicate that Officer Novak was executed via shots fired at point blank range through the windshield. The passenger door was removed from its hinges and lay at some distance from the vehicle, approximately fifteen metres. The lower torso of Officer Holloway remained in the passenger seat, along with a moderate amount of intestinal matter, the rest of which appears to have been used to daub the message "Stay off the road" on the bonnet of the patrol vehicle. Officer Holloway's torso showed severe abrasion consistent with extensively applied brute force using a rope or chain.
Blood and viscera were followed alongisde further tire tracks into the desert West of the highway, but the sandy nature of the area rendered further pursuit impossible. The upper part of Officer Holloway's body regrettably remains unaccounted for, despite our best efforts.
[Signed] Investigating Officer, Mark Struthers….

Handwritten Marginalia: Recommend we forward this for analysis to our liason on Project K. - Superintendent Grovesnor.