Team Or The Idea Of Team

"The strength of the player is the team and the strength of the team is the player." - Terry Pratchett, Unseen Academicals

Its seems life as a Scion, Demigod, child of the Gods or whatever the hell the term for us just seems to be harder than a normal life. You meet strange and interesting people every day and sometimes they don’t want to kill you. So with so many things trying to string us up and eat our insides we need to work together as a team, supporting one another to minimise our weaknesses and maximise strengths, but we need people that are going to stick around long enough to do that.

It started with Aggro, Corvin, I and Wile we were meant to be a team.

Corvin was the first one to leave, well not so much leave as we went elsewhere and he has never shown up again. He is most likely dead as Odin’s children are about to drop off the face of the Earth, good riddance to the children of the All-Father if they are like him, but that isn’t the point. He hasn’t come back and therefore we are down one team member.

Then there came a shock only a few hours ago. We had been with Wile for what seemed like ages and had been through thick and thin with him. He was part of the team through those chaotic days and he had come back forgiving us for whatever crimes we had meant to have committed in his eyes. He was the ideas man of the group as Aggro and I are not the smartest of people when it comes to dealing with all the supernatural stuff that gets attracted to us.

It was after the Golem incident. That creation needed to be destroyed in my eyes as its purpose was to kill me and restore balance. Its prayer or basic code was changed whatever the hell that means. It was given the ability of “free thought” is what Moshei and Wile said, but I think it was changed to support liberation but would still have to carry out its purpose it was made for.

So a fight ensued as the Golem decided to make its bid for freedom. Aggro, Moshei and I didn’t want it to escape and I had selfish reasons for it not to escape. Wile had a different idea from us as to what to do with the Golem; he wanted it to see it escape so that it could join his side in the civil war. But we stopped it from doing that but during the fight Wile attacked Moshei without the 2 scions coming to harm.

We then decided it would be a good idea to sit down and have a talk about what had happened but Moshei got called away. So Aggro, Wile and I sat down and enjoyed a nice meal before we decided to have a talk. We talked to Wile and went over what we had all agreed to the first time round when we had this talk. To do what we wanted to do, to do what was important to us and not to run around after the Gods doing their bidding as blind servants.

This is where we hit a snag with Wile. He didn’t want to compromise the actions that his side in the civil war where doing. He believed the actions were right and that he shouldn’t interfere in what they were doing. He said that if his side had taken the pride from there guardianship to keep the were-hyenas at bay he would do nothing to resolve the problem as it was clearly of benefit to the side he was on. This was the opposite of what we wanted for our team as he was going along with the God blindly. We tried to explain to him that this was not the way to go but he wouldn’t accept our argument and I wanted to beat his head against a brick wall rather than my own as that is what it felt like trying to explain to him.

So Wile left leaving the knife of betrayal in our backs. We told him not to come back as Aggro also felt the same as me. An oath breaker one of the worst things in existence is what Wile had become he should rot in Hel for his actions but the Greeks probably encourage that kind of behaviour. So myself and Aggro took our anger out by punishing those in Detroit that deserved it.

So we are at the stage where it is only Aggro and I left of the Archons of BASS what started out as a group of 4. We have met other Scions since then but there is problems, who do we trust now? Who is going to use us to meet their own goals and then stab us in the back because they don’t agree with our agenda? Personnel I want to tell them all to go to hell or sit them down and get them to decide there and then and if they don’t agree tell them to go away, as we have already had enough problems with Scions.

So the Scions we have met recently are Chen a Scion of Dionysus, a Greek Scion, who doesn’t seem to have any goals but I guess that is cause he has been on his own and never had to work with other Scions. A good man though even if he doesn’t understand the weird stuff that is going on around him, just have to figure out his views with relationship to the Gods, only time will tell.

Then there is Moshei a Child of Isis so he is Egyptian. He is a very driven man running after the books that his mother wants him to go running after. He seems to be very intelligent but that comes with a price. He would rather spend his time deciding what course of action to take and debating the possible outcomes rather than just taking the action that needs to be taken. Maybe if he could be persuaded to not chase after the books his mother wants him to find he would be a valuable member of the team.

So that is where we stand Aggro and I with another 2 scions tagging along. We need to get them on side and get them to agree to our views but if they don’t we don’t want to compromise the position we have taken. Only time will tell what lies in store for us next.