In a somewhat ignominous creation story for a God, Susano-O is said to have been formed when Izanagi stoped to blow his nose. More accurately, he was formed from the washing out of his father's nose as he cleansed himself of the pollutants he had become tarnished by in his trip to Yomi. From such a potentially rude and embarassing beginning, the God oc chaos and of the sea has gone from strength to strength. His unruly behaviour is as irritating to his more subdued Divine family as it is incorrigible. Still, he eenjoys his various banishments amongst the mortal world far too much to care overly about the matter.

It was during one of his more famous banishments, after throwing the body of a flayed horse into his sister Amaterasu's weaving room, that he defeated the monstrous serpent Yamato-no-Orochi. This earth-serpent had defected to the side of the Titans and had consumed seven of the eight daughters of a peasant family, the remaining daughter of which, Kushinada-hime, Susano-O is said to have married in exhange for saving. He got each of the eight heads of the beast drunk on sake and decapitated them, defeating the monster. As part of the trophy for defeating the renegade Tatsu, he was able to retrieve the sword Kusanagi which went on to become one of the three Imperial Treasures of Japan as well as being a powerful Relic in its own right. Given the multi-headed nature of Orochi, its potential similarity to the Hydra, it is possible that the serpent in fact survived its onfrontation with Susano-O and may be bearing a grudge to this day.

The event which prompted Susano-O's banishment on that occasion was a contest between himself and Amaterasu. They each proposed to make people, with Amaterasu creating three women from his sword and Susano-O five men from her neckalce. When his sister claimed the men as her own, since they were created from her necklace, Susano-O went on a rampage that culminated in the weaving room incident. It was this offence that drove Amaterasu to hide her face from the world and retreat into her cave. His rivalry with his sister has been a frequent source of friction between the two of them and as the God of storms his rampages have a fearsome reputation. While Susnano-O may enjoy his adventures and fits of temper, those caught up in his path may have a rather different view of things.