Site Seeing

I managed to do something for the Einherjar that I thought that they would appreciate with the help of Aggro and Asbo. We first took a long journey to Sweden to go to a battle site which was at the Ice of Storsjon. It was the place where Alfarin had met his death before being taken away by one of the Valkyries to start his new life of eternal war. It was a desolate place, a frozen lake is what must have served as the battlefield, no cover, nothing that meant you could have the element of surprise on the enemy and all that stood at this one site was a statue of a warrior. Alfarin said he remember the place and winced with pain at the memory. He broke the ice on the lake and splashed his face and hands with the ice cold water. Alfarin confined in me that he remembered some of water had happened to him in the cage that he was imprisoned in and that my business with Hel was not finished. He said his thank you and said that he understood the reason why I had brought him here. I didn’t want to tell him why, it was a solemn occasion and one for reflection for both of us, and I guess that is what he was thankful for.

We then travelled to Norway to the site of the Battle of Hafrsfjord which was a huge expanse of coastline. It was where Eldgrim had died defending King Harold Fairhair. Eldgrim spoke more words than he had ever done at this one site. He told me the battle was to united Norway under one King and that this battle was the site of the place that had ensured that King Harold secured this victory for himself. There were 3 giant swords made of bronze that had been placed point down in the stone with a plaque detailing their significance. The largest of the 3 swords represented the victorious King while the two smaller one represented the defeated Kings and that they were place point down as a sign of peace. Eldgrim sat with me with our backs next to the largest sword as he retold me of the battle and the part he had played in protecting his King’s life until his final breath. I left him to think for a bit and then we left for our third destination.


We then travelled to Silda a small island off the coast of Norway and in the small straight of water was where Styrbiorn had died during a naval battle called the battle of Silda. No memorial had been raised here to honour those that had given their life to defend their homes and I can understand why once I was told what had happened at the battle. Styrbiorn always struck me light hearted and cheerful but his demeanour was entirely different. He was grim and dark and then he started telling me of what took place. He was stationed on a gun ship named Odin that was sunk during the conflict and that the Commander of the fleet did nothing to reply the invader and later issued an order to leave them alone. Styrbiorn said he was lucky to have died rather than escaped as he heard the stories that those that hadn’t died that day was captured and sent to Britain in chains. We didn’t stay long and I can understand why, it shows that if you are in charge you have to take responsibility for your actions and take action rather than leaving it alone and doing nothing.

We next travelled to Scotland to the town of Largs. Ulfied was rather excited to be back here and was jumping out of the truck before we had even stopped. There was a giant tower erected just on the shore line that dominated the view and we were in small town. I stopped to ask people in the town about the battle that had taken place here and see if they knew anything about it. A few of them said it was where the Scots had beat the Norwegians and allowed them to gain control of the island off the coast and that the large tower also known as Largs “Pencil” was built as a memorial of the battle. They also said that they had a re-enactment of the battle every year. Ulfied’s face lit up at the mention of a re-enactment and had to be stopped from correcting people about what really happened. I don’t think they would have taken kindly to the giant Norse man correcting them but I doubt they would voice it either. We went to the site of battle with Ulfied excited as a puppy and he stood on an area of ground and was shouting that it was where he stood during the battle and told his story of what happened and that he had slain scores of Knights and Footmen before being brought low by a group of pike men to cowardly to take him on in single combat. He stamped his feet saying that Brunhildr could have waited to claim him for Valhalla as he could have finished the battle and then died or still have lived after it. He ran from spot to spot showing where kinsmen and commander had fallen. We left Scotland and are on our way to New York. Ulfied is making plans to go back to Largs when they have their re-enactment so he can show them what really happened. I hope we busy on that day so he can’t.