The Bowed Triangle

Sighted in several places, at several times, some of the Scions believe the bowed triangle to be connected to Atlantis.
Sightings (Not comprehensive):
In the lights of London, viewed from above, running along the Thames and intersecting at the British Museum.
In the burning sunlight in New Orleans P.D.
Behind the ear of Alice Rose.
On the collarbone of Dave Kabotinsky.
Beneath the lake in the Caverns.
On the plinth in the British Museum's Egyptology Department.
Above the entrance to the basalt-spired temple in the memory of what would one day become Egypt, containing symbols relating to each of the Scions in the group.
In the shape of the strange monochromatic effect that stretched across the landscape in the memory of what would one day become Egypt following the Scion's removal of the child and destruction of the dark temple.