Madhavanti "Shiva" Amarati, Scion of Artemis

An assassin by trade, Shiva has been encountered a number of times by the Scions. They first met when she disrupted the meeting at the Hyatt Regency on 17th June by apparently killing Hermes, and possibly Hachiman. Following encounters have included her giving her aid (though somewhat unwillingly) in the battle between Daniel Blake and Aurelius atop the MGM Mirage.

A tall woman of Indian extraction, "Shiva" wears her hair tied back in a long ponytail, while her eyes are always hidden by slim shades which appear to be equipped with some kind of targeting device. She also claims to be a Scion of Artemis, despite saying that she has not yet met the Goddess.

Shiva was recently currently in the custody of the Serbian government after a failed assassination attempt on Piotr Badescu, however, a deal made between agent Hito and the Serbian President has allowed for her release.