September 9th 2007

Session 14, in which:

The three scions returned to the surface, although they heard gunshots, and so diverted and landed their boat some distance from where they had originally departed the shore. Theodore and Autumn waited whilst Daniel snuck back and picked up the van that they’d left the city in. Whilst at the shore, Daniel saw a man, hung from a tree, murdered, his organs splayed across his chest in the style of the Norse blood eagle – all of which he omitted to mention when he got back to Theodore and Autumn with the van.
The three travelled back to Vegas – again stalked by the Get of Fenrir – although the giant wolves eventually peeled away from their stalking pursuit as the van neared the military blockade.
Back in Vegas, and Theodore took a long shower and cleaned his coat, before heading off for a walk through the city. His meanderings took him to the MGM Mirage, and whilst he looked up at the casino, he heard a crash, followed by the sight of Amy exiting a window high up on the side of the hotel. Amy sped across the sky and disappeared. Theodore called Daniel to let him know that his sister had escaped from Aurelius – or been let out. Theodore hung around for a while to see if anything else exciting would happen. Again he spotted the shimmering that resembled Shiva, this time seeming to be monitoring the surrounding area from the top of an adjacent hotel. Finally, Theodore spotted a heat trail leading out from the top of the Mirage, following the direction that Amy had taken. Theodore warned Daniel that Amy might be being followed. Theodore then headed to the northwest of Vegas again, this time with the intent of saving the souls of the deceased, as well as perhaps welcoming Serafine back to the land of the almost living. As luck would have it – although not for the victim of the crime, Theodore found the body of a woman suffocated to death in the trunk of a car. The owner seemed not to need it anymore, and Theodore asked her ghost if he might use it in exchange for sending her to the afterlife. Theodore also briefly engaged in a conversation with the ghost one of the deceased wolfmen – servants of the norse god, Hel. Theodore informed the wolfman’s ghost that as part of his agreement with Hel he would be using the creature’s body. The wolfman was in no position to object, and the last Sanders returned to semi-life – in a body with a broken neck and somewhat sharp teeth. As Theodore was ministering to the remainder of the dead, Daniel called him and told him that he was trying to lead whatever was following Amy out of Vegas and into the desert – and further that Amy had managed to obtain something that Janie had created – in the hope that Theodore would be able to locate her. He’d called Autumn and she was meeting them there to fight it. Theodore hotewired another car and took Paul and Serafine with him – filling them in with as much information as he could in the short time they had.
The gang all together again in the desert outside Vegas, a creature that appeared to me made of stone, molten beneath a burning hot surface, attacked. Daniel’s sword flashed quick and true, whilst Serafine and Paul ended up with singed fists. But the creature was dealt with in fairly short order. With that sorted. Theodore tried to locate Janie, although the images that flashed before his eyes as he stepped into her body were confusing at best. Janie was in many places as once. In a hotel room in the Mirage, under the stars, in a temple. Theodore’s best guess was that she was actually in the hotel however, and proceeded to locate the most likely place her room was thanks to handy plans of the hotel that Daniel had obtained from city hall.