September 7th 2008

In which…

  • Jack left with the body of his sister.
  • The Death God of Alcatraz prostrated itself before Sango, and was named as Demosia/Versak.
  • Echo got a hair bead from Erzulie.
  • Damballa clashed with Layla, and was told “It’s over.”
  • Enitan and Sango had a father/daughter disagreement, during which he was slapped in the face, but prevented from followingh after her by Kalfu, somethign which seemed to irk him greatly.
  • Echo slept with Aggro.
  • The Mask in Stockholm was identified as Anna Halvar.
  • Voice messages for Wile.
  • Diner chat. Enitan goes to chat to Demosia.
  • The Scions encounter the minor Loa Harlequin, pinned to the roof of a cell after it went to deal with the incarcerated Giancomo Firelli, identified as one of the masks. They note that the Harlequin does not appear on the securit videos, and eventually rescue it as best they can.
  • It informs them that Haskuldr draws everything to him like a lodestone.
  • There is much speculation as to the nature or purpose of the masks, a few clear facts emerge due to the insight of the Scions, and conversation with CHarlie and Bronwyn..
  • The "artefact" must be sundered by a child of Odin.
  • Haskuldr is a mask. Or Dyri, or some composite entity known as Haskuldyri.
  • Hel wants Baldur, and Baldur was condemned for an attack on Odin on the judgment of some other Scions in a conclave in the bayou of New Orleans, approximately eight months previous.
  • A conversation with Haskuldr, and more application of prohecy reveals that Haskuldr when mortal, was claimed by Baldur. As there is a prophecy that the golden-god will be saved by a twin-souled warrior.
  • The Scions resolve to proceed to Dyri’s tomb, located in Kiev, Ukraine, after the funeral of Ravencroft.