September 30th 2007

Session 16:

Having witnessed the end of Aurelius, thrown a spanner in the workings of Loki's plan to assimilate the power of the Titan Surt and aided in the Hermes return to power (and existence) the group decided to take a well deserved break.
Daniel, remembering the words of the slain beast Ticutta, decided to investigate the site of the ancient city over which it had claimed guardianship, enlisting Autumn to help him in his efforts. Together they journeyed to Lake Las Vegas and dove into its murky depths, returning once more to the hidden passages they had first navigated with the aid of the traitorous Lillian Bell. Travelling through the tunnels they noticed that the strange runes that they had seen on their previous visit had been painstakingly removed, the very rock onto which they were etched melted away. After a long and uneventful walk they reached the main chamber in which they had first encountered Ticutta and, after examining the remains of the obelisk and copying down what little script remained on its surface, they swam down to look for evidence of the sunken city. Unfortunately, the intercession of Raiden in the battle with Ticutta and the devastation he had left in his wake, meant that there was little to be found. Even after a long search the only thing Daniel managed to find was a shield bearing a strange insignia that seemed to him to be somewhat reminiscent of something to be found in the Jewish faith. As he was busy searching among the scattered detritus on the cavern floor Autumn noticed some movement and went to investigate, finding a strange crocodile-like beast that had apparently managed to kill what looked from its remains to be a giant and had dragged it back to its lair. She alerted Daniel and together they watched it crunch its way through its meal before deciding that there was little to be gained form sticking around and headed back to the surface. As they reached their boat they spotted three people on the shore, speaking in a language neither of them understood, there was nothing particularly unusual about the group; but somehow they just seemed to stand out a bit. Not realising the importance the three would come to have in future events, Daniel and Autumn dried themselves off and headed back to Vegas and the hotel. There they parted ways as Daniel headed out for a night of high stakes poker and Autumn headed back to her room to check up on her dog and have a well deserved rest. However, as she was passing by room 207 on the way up Autumn noticed that the door was ajar and heard what sounded like someone frantically searching the room. Pausing for a moment for the most opportune time to enter the room, she walked in just as the thief left via the window. She called security who came up to examine the situation and then left, pocketing a letter she discovered hidden in a drawer as she left.
Meanwhile, Agent Hito headed out to Nellis airbase to meet with his colleagues and discuss recent events. There he met with the bases’ civilian liaison and commander’s aide, Patricia O’Neill as well as CIA agent Douglas Walters. Sensing that they needed a fuller understanding of the nature of the powers with which they were dealing, agent Hito summoned the kami of one of the tactical maps pinned to the wall of the office - a demonstration designed to show that the powers he and those like him displayed were not the result of mere "mutations". During the course of the meeting he also discovered that the US government had succeeded in recruiting the powerful Scion known as "Shiva" and arranged to have a chat with her. During this chat she mentioned that she thought herself to be the child of the goddess Artemis, though she professed that she had never met her patron, something that Hito found curious given the incredible power and abilities she had at her command. After the meeting he gave Daniel a quick call to request that he make further enquiries and headed back to the hotel.
There he came across a number of hotel security guards trying to restrain a small girl named Alice, who was crying hysterically and because her room had been broken into, only calming down when her friends, Eddie and Dave arrived. Taking control of the situation and declaring the matter a federal case he interviewed the girl and, once he had dismissed the guards, discovered that she was crying because her magic eight ball had been taken. Disturbed by agent Hito’s interest in the case Dave demonstrated his ability to manipulate the shadows and tried to cause agent Hito’s shadow to turn on him. Seeing this fail, and noting that Hito was not trying to kill them, the group then went on to explain that they were on the run from an unknown group who had spent the last three months trying to hunt them down. During this time they had been relying on the power of the magic eight ball (which was able to tell the future) to allow them to determine which places were safe. They also said that they had to get to New Orleans – which was the last place that the eight ball said that they should go.
Hito then made arrangements for the four of them to meet the next morning so that he might take them to a safe house and question them further.
The next morning he met up with them as planned and headed off, picking up Autumn and Daniel on the way (more by accident than design). He Autumn and the three took one car and Daniel – who noticed the group wandering past as he finished his breakfast – followed in a cab. A short while into the journey Hito’s car was ambushed, with two other cars pulling up along side it and spraying it with machine gun fire before driving off. Moments later an unknown individual wreathed in flame walked up to the cars and, with little more than a gesture, set the entire area alight. Discovering that the car they were in wouldn’t start, Dave used his abilities to help Alice and Autumn escape the car, dropping through the shadows and emerging with them some distance away. However, he was unable to do this for either Eddie or agent Hito leaving them trapped in the burning car.
Fortunately Daniel was able to help out, summoning his Phoenix and commanding it to drag the cars out of the flame and out of danger. He was assisted in this by Alice who demonstrated great control over water by having it spray out of a nearby hydrant before forming it into a blanket that smothered the flames.
Struck by the urgency of the situation Hito arranged for the three to take a private military flight to New Orleans with Daniel and Autumn while he tracked down the mysterious stranger who had attacked them. He eventually succeeded in tracking him down shortly after Daniel, Autumn and the others had taken off, finding out that he was a Scion of Hephaestus, and that he had been tasked with destroying the three by a divine mandate that called for the eradication of all those linked to Atlantis. Armed with this information as well as a short note from Daniel regarding some of claims the three had made during the flight, agent Hito set about organising a military ambush to kill the three upon their arrival in New Orleans.
As the three walked off the plane snipers shot Alice in the chest, leaving her severely wounded. There followed a battle during which both sides were surprised by the arrival of Mr Leibowitz, who used his power to paralyse almost all of those on the field. He then began to chat to the three - who seemed both surprised and unhappy to see him. Taking this as a sign that the three may not be quite as bad as it was first thought, Daniel snatched the dying Alice out of the grasp of a very surprised Mr Leibowitz and dashed off, summoning his Phoenix and taking Alice to hospital.
Shortly after he had left the three attacked and killed Mr Leibowitz, with Autumn burning his remains and taking some of the ashes for good measure.
Alice was put into intensive care and, after a harrowing session of surgery, was pulled back from the brink of death. Dave arrived at the hospital and spoke to Daniel about the ambush, but was interrupted by the sound of a scream from outside the building. Looking out of a window Daniel saw Eddie being attacked by a woman with red hair and glowing eyes, identified by Dave as “Eve”. Eddie was rushed to the doctors, but they pronounced him dead at the scene.

Theodore’s tale:

Theodore, grumbling that he had important things to do back home, left Vegas as soon as the business with Aurelius and Hermes was concluded. He chartered a small aircraft to take him and his people back to New Orleans, but ran into trouble just outside the city when it became apparent that the pilot had been possessed. Assuming that the pilot was under the control of a Scion using Cheval, Theodore took the only route open to him – he sought to persuade whoever was possessing the pilot that killing him would be a bad idea, and that he still had lots of work to do to secure New Orleans. This seemed to have the desired effect as Theodore persuaded the person possessing the pilot to depart. Together, although more through the acts of pilot that Theodore’s help they managed to fix the damage that the pilot had done to the plane whilst possessed – at least enough that their crash landing had a little more “landing” about it than “crash”.
Theodore and his various associates dragged themselves out of the wreckage of the plane, and most of them managed to get far enough away to avoid the explosion as the planes fuel tank caught fire. Those that didn’t were carried by those that did. As they picked themselves up, dead hands erupted out of the earth near them and began to drag equally dead corpses out of the ground. With little chance of success if they stayed and fought, Theodore beat as hasty a retreat as he was capable of and managed to outpace the zombies – who for reasons that would only become clear much later (at least to Theodore – because Autumn and Daniel “forgot to mention it”) were dressed as Walmart employees – and led his followers back into New Orleans.
He headed to the hospital where Noah and Marcus were being treated after the incident at Seraphine’s home, both to check on them, and to get treatment for those injured in the crash and subsequent explosion. Theodore found them to be in good health, but that the hospital staff were refusing to let them check out for what seemed like no reason. Furthermore, as he was wandering about the hospital, he noticed that the staff were keeping him under observation. The realisation that Marcus and Noah had been kept there to draw him out dawned, and he headed back up to their wards and checked them out. Theodore and his retinue then headed back to the French Quarter and Theodore started moving his hounfour from the basement of Seraphine’s now burned out house to the grandest of New Orlean’s cemetaries – or at least as Theodore views it – Lafeyette Cemetary No.1.
This done he started to make arrangements for a large celebration/ceremony that he felt would begin his plan to teach the masses the true meaning of the religion of New Orleans.