September 23rd 2007

Session 15, in which:

With Amy having rushed off to try to rescue Janie, the three Scions, were talking in Amy’s room at the Four Seasons Hotel. Daniel received a call from Amy’s phone. Hoping to hear Amy’s voice on the other end, Daniel was shocked, and angered to hear Aurelius’ gloating tones as he told Daniel that the wet snapping sound he had just heard was one of Amy’s achilles tendons snapping. Never one to let a good plan get in the way of acting, Daniel immediately ended the call and headed for the roof of the Four Seasons. Autumn tried to follow, but slower than Daniel as she was, she arrived on the roof just in time to see him taking to the air and heading towards the MGM Mirage. With no chance to catch him, Autumn headed back to the hotel room where Theodore was on the phone to Agent Hito Yoshiro – who, having recently arrived in Vegas, was looking for his former “companions”. Theodore let Hito know where they were, and then set about drinking the mini-bar dry. When Hito arrived, Theodore and Autumn filled him in on what they thought was happening – including the likelihood that Daniel was going to get himself seriously hurt, if not killed, when he confronted Aurelius. Theodore was slightly concerned to hear that Hito was still, somewhat blindly, serving the US government. As it became apparent that the US government might be able to help with some seriously needed backup however, Theodore kept his concerns mostly to himself. Theodore called in Serafine and Luke Sanders, whilst Hito called for his backup. The three of them then headed towards the Mirage.

Whilst the precision plans to deal with the situation were being set in motion, Daniel was busy injecting himself with Amharit (sp?) – a gift from the Norse – and charging on the back of his phoenix through a window high up in the MGM Mirage. The heat of the room hit him like a wave – the walls dripped molten magma – the remaining furnishings sporadically bursting into flames – as Daniel issued his challenge to Aurelius to return his sister – Amy – to him. No immediate reply forthcoming, and Daniel began to search through the hotel for Aurelius – eventually finding his enemy clad in Roman armour waiting for him in one of the corridors. Daniel again issued his challenge, and Aurelius, perhaps surprisingly agreed to take Daniel to Amy. After walking some distance through the hotel, Aurelius stood before a set of double doors. As he opened them, Daniel took his opportunity and tried to drive his sword in to Aurelius’ neck. Aurelius was not defenceless however, for although Daniel struck true, his sword pointedly refused to inflict any damage on Aurelius exposed neck. Refusing to give the enemy the chance to gloat – which he no doubt wanted – Daniel swung again. Again he failed to hurt Aurelius. This Aurelius did manage his witty retort, telling Daniel that he was tried of dealing with such “children”, and that Daniel should go home. The emphasis on the words forced Daniel to physically remove himself from Aurelius presence, going so far as to return to the room that he had arrived in, remount his phoenix and fly all the way back to the Four Seasons. Arriving at the hotel, Daniel realised that Aurelius had driven him away using his divine power – which, of course, only served to rile Daniel more. He ordered the phoenix to fly him straight back to the MGM Mirage. Finally he got what he was looking for as Aurelius consented to fight him. Thankfully for Daniel he was not alone – he had Norse aid now, and also the somewhat forced help of Shiva, who Daniel had spotted as he returned to the Hotel. Thus whilst Aurelius struck at Daniel, a blow that would have injured him more seriously were it not for the enhancements that the amharit had provided, he was finally able to deal the fatal blow to Aurelius – even going so far as to step up to his enemy’s fallen corpse and decapitate it. So, there was some surprise for Daniel when fire gouted out of Aurelius neck stump, and he was ill prepared for the presumed corpse’s renewed onslaught – a new head forming out of the fire flowing from its neck. At this point Daniel resorted to the trick that Aurelius had used on him just a few minutes previously and ordered Shiva to shoot to kill Aurelius – something that she proceeded to do. The gun that had killed Daniel’s father, Hermes, now proceeded to kill the one who Daniel had thought orchestrated the whole thing. Shiva was somewhat surprised at the turn of events, but was otherwise contracted to the extent that dealing with Daniel would have to happen some other time.

This time, Aurelius’ body stayed dead.

Hito and Autumn arrived at the Mirage and proceeded to where Daniel had killed Aurelius. Hito was then able to notify the government backup that the main target was destroyed, although they argued that the whole area was corrupted, and it became clear that they were planning on destroying the MGM Mirage. Hito started to arrange the evacuation as Theodore arrived at the hotel with Serafine and Luke. As they gently coerced their way into the building, Hito used his refined tracking skills to pick up the sent of Janie. Amy was taken to hospital. Hito found Janie’s trail leading down into the sewers. Meeting with Theodore, Serafine and Luke, Hito, Autumn and Daniel headed down into the sewers. Coming across a recently constructed wall, Autumn crashed through, and the team continued on, finally arriving in a cavern, seemingly open to the night sky – suggesting that they weren’t in Vegas any more (as it had been day when they entered the sewers, and the stars were very wrong). In a pit in the ground lay Janie – gently glowing – and above them on the edge of the cavern wall stood Aurelius – his head still missing – replaced by a burning visage. Resorting to the Captain for advice, it became clear that Janie was not all there – or more specifcially, all the Janie’s were not there. The scene above the Scions was similar to one that Theodore had seen when he was looking through Janie’s eyes – but it appeared that Janie existed in several more dimensions – and that moving her might not be the best idea right now. In somewhat traditional Aurelius style, he gloated about his impending victory, as the Scions tried to decide what the best course of action was. Daniel decided to end the debate by attacking Aurelius, whilst Hito thought it better to train his gun on the prostrate form of Janie. Theodore, Serafine and Luke threw their lot in with Daniel and Autumn and attacked Aurelius. Attack Pattern Delta seemed quite successful, although Attack Pattern Zebra was less so. Hito moved his aim from Janie to Aurelius, and despite Autumn taking some serious pain in the process, Aurelius was eventually brought low – Serafine and Luke distracted him enough that Daniel and Hito were able to capitalise on Autumn’s initial success in injuring Aurelius. As Aurelius fell for the second time that day with Daniel’s sword driven down into his neck, the scene shifted again, and the group found themselves atop a platform looking out across the desert surrounding Las Vegas. Despite some nearly losing their balance, the group were able to take stock of their situation, until Theodore and Daniel pointed out that company was coming their way in the form of three Get of Fenris chasing what appeared to be Lacey Laveaux. Daniel took to the air and hauled Lacey – carrying a case very similar to one that Theodore had lost several months ago – out of the path of the wolves. Daniel returned to the platform with Lacey, where it was revealed that there had been an elaborate plan of heart swapping going on. In the case was the true heart of the Titan, Cert. Daniel contacted Athena and established that the nearest Dodekatheon stronghold was at the Olympus Hotel in Vegas. He then headed off with Janie and the case to the Olympus. Hito called in air support, and a ring of Norse-loyal soldiers took a defensive position around the base of the tower. Neither proved completely successful. The men were no match for the wolves, and one of the attacking helicopters flew too low – only to be dragged to the ground by a wolf. The last wolf stopped, did a quick about turn, and started to head in the direction that Daniel had flown. Theodore warned him by text, and as he landed at the Olympus, he saw ballistae being prepared to defend the hotel. A larger, transport helicopter descended to hover near the platform where the remainder of the group had found themselves. They boarded, taking the body of Aurelius with them, and headed to the Olympus. Hito tried to point out to his government support that perhaps not flying so close to the “hostiles” might be a good idea. Theodore couldn’t resist letting Agent Strykes know that they were “giant fucking wolves”.

Finally the helicopter landed on the helipad of the Olympus Hotel. Daniel had deposited the heart of Cert into a well that dropped to the River of Souls. He then met the group as they landed, and realising the Spartoi guards were not too bright, grabbed Janie from the helipad where they had simply stood guard over her, and headed down with her into the hotel, Autumn and Theodore followed, whilst Hito arranged for more support – in the form of the recently employed Shiva – in the taking down of the last Get of Fenris – which, when it had become clear from its telepathic conversation with Autumn that she wasn’t going to deliver Lacey to it, decided to attack the hotel. The wolf was killed, although not before it had done some serious damage to the hotel, as well as killing several of the Spartoi. Daniel took Janie to hospital to see Amy who insisted that it was necessary – despite Hito’s protestations that more information was necessary. There it became clear(er) what had been going on all this time – as Janie awoke and spoke with the voice of Hermes. Hermes had been sacrificed to expose Aurelius’ plans to claim Cert’s power. A fake heart had been created by Loki, but Loki had reneged on the deal and tried to claim Cert’s heart for himself. Janie herself was now a vessel for Hermes to hide in whilst the plan was resolved. Hito took exception to this use of an unwilling child sacrifice and walked off. Theodore found it amusing that it was him for once that was finding dealing with other gods to be too much to bear. He left and was met outside by Hito. Theodore tried to explain that in a world such as had been revealed to the Scions there was no such thing as an unwilling sacrifice – that all the mortal men, women and children were, in fact, children of the gods – and that as such all were theirs to do with as they wished – and that he should have faith that what the gods do is the right thing. Theodore took Hito to the Olympus where the ghosts of the Spartoi and the Get of Fenris were waiting. The lesson had to end when it became clear that none of the Spartoi spoke English. Theodore claimed one for the Baron whilst joking with another that he might claim him too, before claiming the Get of Fenris for the treachery of Loki.

Hito headed way as Theodore returned to his hotel for a good night’s rest. Daniel tried to reconcile the way he had been used with the knowledge that his father yet lived. And Autumn tried to forget the pain the Aurelius had inflicted on her.

And so endeth lesson one.