September 14th 2008

In which….

  • The Scions encounter Eoin Qualtrough attempting to break into Kincaid Recovery after a vision, distracted by the Lorelei, and set upon by Snorri, he is saved from a swift beating by the intervention of Charlie who pleads clemency on his behalf.
  • Adjourning to bar, Qualtrough outlines a vision of a pyre surrounded by the charred bones of ravens, and encircled by a bear, scavenging the bones, a three head man who swallows the fire, and one last fluttering raven which succumbs to the smoke, and falls to the ground.
  • On passing a glass of water to Qualtrough,. Corvin sees his hand turn to bone up to the elbow, before it fades to flesh again as contact is lost.