Second Visitation

The Frost Giants have left London and a small child says I have to go to the British Museum. I had an uncomfortable moment with Bronwyn before I trekked across the city. The inside of the museum was the same as it had been left by the Jotuns with people talking inside.

It is a day I will remember well it was worse than my first visitation. I went through the Jade doors following my father and stepped out onto a battlefield. There were dragons, dwarfs, frost giants and fire giants lying across the land as well as many creatures I did not recognise. My father put them out of their misery by shooting each one in the head as he lead me towards a hill and stood on top of it with me standing to attention. The smell of blood was heavy in the air as well as the moans of those still dying in the fields. I looked my father straight in the eye as he spoke of the sacrifices that I would have to make in the coming days. He then spoke of fate and how it likes patterns and that it can not be avoided for himself or the rest of the Aesir as their doom looms closer, he said the way to avoid this would be to keep the child of Odin close but to be wary as the All-Father's children are given too much choice unlike what he gives his children.

My father then said to prove myself I would have to run across the 2000 metre long battlefield and survive as he took the safety catch off his AK-47. I remember asking permission to speak I really wish I hadn't done that now, but I got my request to ask one question but why did I have to ask about Bronwyn watching over me. At least I know she requested the duty that makes me feel better. I then started my run weaving as best I could to put my father off getting a direct hit. The first bullet ripped a chunk out of my body armour, the second tore in-between my shoulders knocking me off step a bit but I kept on running, I caught the third bullet in the body of a frost giant I picked up and carried on my sprint. The end was insight and I could see Bronwyn at the end of the field, then the fourth bullet hit me in the leg crippling me and sending me to my knees, I dragged myself through the mud and could see Bronwyn shouting at me, then I heard the last bullet entering the chamber and then felt the pain at the back of skull and saw the blood, skull and brain matter exiting the front and I started to die. The next thing I felt was Bronwyn reaching into my skull and grabbing me by the spinal column and dragging me over the line. I started to heal as Bronwyn placed a finger to her lips to signal that I should be silent. My father then approached me and spoke saying I did well to survive and offered me his hand and helped me to my feet and I had a feeling of burning in my fingers as I began to feel stronger. As I looked round Bronwyn has disappeared and I was left standing with my father who said "No son of mine shall hang his head" and led me off the battlefield.