Review To Date

How long has it been years? Decades? Centuries? No it hasn’t even been a year since I first met up with the ragtag bunch of Scions and it has felt so long since that day. The first group contained a man from New Orleans called Theodore Dal’batra a child of Baron Samedi, Daniel Blake a child of Hermes and Hito Yoshiro a child of Hachiman. We had a few adventures running round New Orleans trying to stop whatever came up next but we never really had a clue or a plan to what we where doing or even got on that well. Blake was the first to leave the group I don’t know why he left as I had only known him a few days. I guess he wanted to be somewhere else to help in the fight.

Ravencroft ended up taking Blake’s place and he was a child of Odin and couldn’t remember anything from before his visitation from his father. The three of us formed another ragtag bunch of Scions, even though a situation arose between Hito and Ravencroft and they didn’t see eye to eye, and we had some more adventures together until we reached San Francisco and then it all changed.

Theodore wanted to base himself in New Orleans, and I can’t blame him for that. He is a pillar of the community there and I think all the travelling about was meant he wasn’t spending enough time with the people he was supposed to be leading. We meet Aggro there a man you want to have beside you in a fight, really mean and accurate with a 3-wood, he is a Scion of Shango and came in just as Theodore left the group.

We meet up with Oliver Wile there a Scion of Hera. He didn’t stay with us long because of a disagreement over our actions there, and Aggro had been trying hard to get him to stay but he ended up disappearing when we were travelling to the Ukraine.

Ravencroft died in San Francisco while fighting someone we didn’t know. I still questions my actions during that to this day. Maybe it was his time to die to try and extent his father’s life before he is swallowed by the Great Wolf but I will never know for sure. Before Ravencroft’s body was even cold we ended up meeting another Scion of Odin by the name of James Corvin.

San Francisco was also when Hito left us. He left to join his father in the war that the Japanese Gods were fighting. I don’t know what has happened to him but it would be good to see him again, but I guess that it the nature of fighting a never ending war.

We then had Eoin join the group while we were in Washington and none of us got on well with him to start with. He was a Scion of Mannanan; I think that is how it is spelt. I just didn’t like or trust him but we needed another person to help us in our battles, but he didn’t stay with us for long. He maybe stayed for a week at most. The last Scion to join our group was a Scion of Taloc some Aztec God, his name was Antony. He has caused a bit of a stir but we are trying to work round that we will have to see what the future holds.

What can I say about the people I’m working with now? Aggro I would say is the glue that holds the lot of us together. He wants us to work as a team and try and plan our moves before we take action. He is good at it as well, he was in a rugby team and now he is in a band called the Platonic Thrills, so he knows all about team work. He is good person to have beside you when the shit hit the fan. He is able to hold his own in a fight and then some and prefers to use his 3-wood which he likes to throw at things on the horizon or try and knock there head off. He also has a pet same called Asbo and I don’t think it is an accident.

Then we have Corvin, I don’t know quite what to say about him at all really other than he likes to make himself look like the Goth chick’s wet dream and he likes to play guitar. He gets annoyed if he is called a Goth though and wants to be called a Rocker. He has a large collection of animals a large flock of Ravens which he uses to gather information and a giant Dog as well. When it all goes down he likes to be at the back and try and pick them off with his gun. He plays the role of information gatherer in the group but I think he should be careful if he keeps consulting the runes as he does he may just fall into the same trap as his father.

Then there is Antony and I have only known him for a few days. He is a smart guy but doesn’t seem able to handle himself that well in a fight. He can take a hit but he can’t give out the punishment. He is a biologist with a fascination of plants each to their own I guess. There has been a bit of a problem with him though he seemed to think it was ok to sleep with girls under the legal limit in the Ukraine and said that he had compulsions that he had to act on.

And what about me? I have changed a lot since I first wrote in this book. I have lost my left hand and I have done things that will haunt me to my last moment of life. I would say that in this team I’m the heavy support always going toe to toe with the enemy. I’m the best qualified to deal with difficult combat situations but I am not the leader of the group I would say that would fall on Aggro’s shoulders.

I’ve meet a lot of other people in my duty that are Scions or other immortal beings as well as Gods. They are on both sides I have found and sometimes on the same side as us but disagree with what we are doing. There is too many to mention and not all of them are important. There is Tyrone who was a Greek Scion that I fought to help us gain passage to an Island so we could rescue a Scion of Agwe. I knew after it was done something had connected us strongly and I was told on a couple of occasions that it looked like a thick iron chain. Then there is the Scion that helps us out every so often and her name is Autumn Raine and she is a child of Set. She used to work with Theodore, Hito and Blake before she had to go fight with her Gods.

The Gods that I have had personal dealings with are Odin who is such a stuck up twat. He thought that I should give him respect for no reason but he did give me the information that I wanted after he tried to intimate me. I have met Hel and see is one crazy bitch and also though that I should give her respect for no reason but I stood my ground when dealing with her as she wanted me to enter into a blind agreement, I even hit her as well. Then there is Sif who makes other beautiful women ugly by comparison, I’m glad that the first time I met her I had Haskuldr with me or else I think I might of died that night at least with a smile on my face. The most recent one is Baldur, he seems nice enough and was even willing to help us and was grateful that we had rescued him. Then the other God to mention is my father Tyr. A complete and utter hard ass and bastard but he might not be so bad if there wasn’t a war on. He has shot me in the head twice once was my own fault but the other was to see if I was ready to receive more power. I almost died but was saved.

Then there are the other beings such as the Norns. They were nice enough women, gave me a couple of presents as well a bear helm and a pet windup dragon, and were surprised by my eagerness to give up my hand to save my own men the Einherjar which are Haskuldr, Styrbiorn, Alfarin, Ulfeid and Eldgrim. They would follow me to Hel and back if I asked them to I have no doubt about that they went to Guinea with me. Then there is the Valkyries, the chooser of the slain. Each of them is beautiful and strong and I met the major ones once while quite drunk but have talked to Hildur who likes to be addressed as Major Hill now, she has gone a bit native, and Bronwyn.

Bronwyn Kincaid or Brunhildr as she is known in Legends. She is a remarkable woman tough, strong, independent and amazingly beautiful. People when looking at what they called “the strands of fate” saw that there was a bright golden one wrapped round both of our hearts. I loved her the moment I laid eyes on her. Raven haired and striking, and then I saw her with her natural blonde hair and she was even more beautiful if that was possible, I wish she kept it that way. If only I wasn’t so scared about what might happen we might still be together but currently she wants to see me dead. This is one of the things I am not proud of and is the only one to date that I will tell. I condemned her to death when Hel offered to save her and I refused. Corvin decided to take on the responsibility and her life was saved but I told her the truth and have only seen her once since then and she was going to drop a sword on my head. I wish I could take it back but there isn’t much time to think just now as the situation is one of the worst I have ever been in.

I have been to many places Guinea which is the Loa underworld which I went to twice, once when it was just mud and unpleasant and the second time when it was gleaming white and happy and we got to relax for a while. I have been to Erbus the Greek Underworld to retrieve the heart of Surt which I was told Blake had dropped down a well into the River Styx and had caused several problems. We went back in time to the a time before Egypt and caused some problems and solved some and we did this when we where in London and came back from it to find that it was completely frozen by ice giants in an attempt to try and slow down Ragnarok as fire was going to burst out from under London. Then there was the Isle De Nobon and met a complete nutter there who was in charge to try and save a Scion of Agwe. And then most recently I went to Hel to fight Dyri, Haskuldr’s brother, with the current team and we won and managed to free Baldur in the process as well.

Then there is all the other non mythical places I have been and trouble still rears its many ugly faces. In New Orleans there was the vampire infestation and I don’t know if that has been taken care of, as well as the werewolf problem, as well as things of a non mythical nature such as corrupt cops and a large drug dealing operation. Then there was London which we had something feeding on the obese people in the city, the situation with the frost giants which Hito resolved and there wasn’t much else that happened there apart from me meeting Bronwyn. Then there was Washington when we set up a defence against the Atlantean Scions that were trying to steal something from the White House. We managed to stop them and Hito even managed to kill one of them. Then we ended by in San Francisco when all the Axis Mundi were severed from the whole world and we had to try and fix it. Which was accomplished by the Loa by hosting a massive party to generate enough faith in their Gods and we helped to defend the newly forming connection from those that where trying to stop it. Then we ended up in Washington for Ravencroft’s funeral and this was interrupted by Garm as he sliced open Hildr and Bronwyn which as you can see from earlier has caused problems.

Now we are in the Ukraine and it seems trouble just follows us where ever we go I think that it is some sort of curse for being the Children of Gods that we have to prove ourselves every day. This is one of the worst situations we have ever been in. The masks of Odin are still running free and yet we have no idea how to get rid of them other than destroying what is keeping them connected to this world and we just managed to incapacity Dyri without any of us dying but I came rather close to it. And we now have the problem that we are trapped in Kiev because there is a Titan stopping us leaving and we have to find a way to deal with it. All we know that it is the Titan of decay and we have to try and find a way to stop it as well, and that isn’t all it seems the vast majority of the population have become ill and are acting more like zombies than people. I guess that these things have to happen to someone I just wonder if it happens to other Scions as well but I’ll never know. For know I am happy to be part of a team that seems to want to work together even though we still have a lot of stuff to hammer out, maybe when we get a chance to we can sit down, relax, have a good drink and talk about it, but then every time we try something seems to spring up out of the woodwork.

So if you find this and I’m either dead or missing keep it safe and know that everything written down in this book is true. Look at all the past entries and the dates for proof and you will know it when you see it. And if I have died know that I am regretful for the terrible things that I have done but I died, hopefully, with honour and the forgiveness of Bronwyn.

Eric Chambers