Koji ma Oshi.

Good things, many devils.

~ Japanese Proverb.

A crude monster amongst the ever-polite Amatsukami, Raiden's rudeness is surpassed only the rampages of Susano-O. Still, while the God of the Ocean may make restitution for his mistakes the God of Thunder and Lightning remains unabashed about his crudity and his coarse desires. Certain legends claim that Raiden, or Raijin, was originally a demon who fought against the Amatsukami but eventually converted and joined forces with them. He supposedly fought along with a demon of the winds, Fujin, whose description bears a marked resemblance to that of Kaminokaze, one of the Avatars of Ehekatoyaatl, the Greater Titan of the Sky. If this is true then Raiden may originally have been a titanspawn, or even something greater, that was convinced to take the side of the Gods in the Titanomachy. While Kaminokaze was bound into Tarterus after the great war, perhaps Raijin was able to stay on friendlier terms with the other Amatsukami.

It is Raiden's drums that he is generally credited as using to summon down the power of thunder and lightning. What he makes of synthesised music or electric drum-kits in the modern might well be a sight worth seeing. The image of the gross Raiden as a Rave DJ of one stripe or another is a little too believable to pass up. Equally, the popularisation of him as a deadly warrior God in the recent Mortal Kombat computer game is likely to have roused to him considerable amusement or anger, assuming he wasn't responsible for the rather flattering depiction himself.