Quotes And "Fun" Stuff

Feel free to add any particularly joyous lines to the list….

"You got shot by a one eyed man?" - Theo, to Daniel

"Do you want a piece of me??" - Autumn, screamed to a barful of drunken Mexicans.

"You are a very enthusiastic little man" Theo, to Daniel.

"Bastard, bastardy, bastarding, bastards." Autumn, describing men.

"I'm an alien" Autumn, screaming as she ran out of a liquor store having botched an attempt to steal a bottle of JD… I'm not sure being extraterrestrial is a defence… Drunkeness certainly isn't…

"Renji's ass is often his downfall." - Renji, after suffering a window interface incident.

"I'm going to fill my personal shopper with hot ichor." Dave, describing Theo's evening.

"Sedate the midget." 'Nuff said.

"What if our interpretation of bass is not the same as Fate's interpretation of bass?" - James Corvin, on naming the Archons of Bass.