October 7th 2007

[My notes are sketchy on this one due to lots happening at once, so I've just put them down verbatim.]

  • Dave collapses in the cafeteria while talking with Daniel.

As Theodore prepared the main sepulchre in the Lafayette Cemetery for the ceremony and party that was to come, he became aware of two small girls standing to the side – dead twins – Marassa. They showed him the vevee of Agwe, in their marbles – and Theodore was taken back to the hotel in Las Vegas where they had shown him the drowned city rising to the surface.

  • Autumn sees the machines in Alice's room explode and the doctors thrown back, unconscious. Snakes appear to feed on Alice's skin.
  • Autumn finds an injured Scarab and a dead cobra, and rushes to the vets.
  • Tyrone Wallace arrives after chasing Hito to the hospital as men from the Badescu Insitute exit carrying Eddie Gryn.
  • After a tense stand off, Daniel exits the hospital after finding the two doctors who had taken Dave away shot in the head.
  • Investigation reveals that whatever took Dave took off into the sky after a short while.
  • Hermes informs his child that he is very interested in obtaining and examining Adara.
  • Colonel Sanders informs Hito that a flame haired woman took Dave away after "climbing up a sunbeam."

Daniel casts a spell to allo him to see the weavings of fate and tracks both Dave and Eve up into the sky on his Phoenix. He travels higher and higher, stopping as he discovers that the trail seems to have left the earths atmosphere.

  • Autumn visits Annie and Fizz for help in locating ALice's 8-Ball, but the scene turns into an emotional farewell, and an admonition not to "get your feet wet." Autumn is told she has Fulfilled the old prophecy, attended one father at the cost of the other - the wall, the invaders, the mad brother, the three sunken cities of which this is one, the death of a father, and maybe a new mother. Tell your Japanese friend the sun is not gone.
  • The Scions have strange dreams - Autumn find herself in her fathers body on a barque along the Urnes, and witnesses the madness of Horus.

Daniel wakes from a dead sleep to find the spirit of one of the get of Fenris sitting at the end of his bed. The wolf spirit looks at him and, pointing to the tooth Daniel took from the body of the wolf in Las Vegas, asks him if he knows where the rest of his spirit is. Daniel looks nervous and tells him that he does not have it, but that he thinks that Theo may have laid claim to it. The spirit asks that Daniel retrieve the spirit saying that, in return, he will empower the tooth and make it useful to him.

  • Hito takes a difficult and strange trip to the Wall of the Poison Sun Ward with his father and brings a shard back with him.

As Theodore finished off the preparations for his ceremony/party, he received a visitor in the form of the Baron. But it was not the Baron - Leibowitz disguised as the Baron, shot the two small Marassa, who were still in the sepulchre, and consume the flesh of one of them. Leibowitz gloated over his power, whilst Theodore reminded him that he should not bite of more than he could chew – literally or figuratively. Theodore reverentially lifted the bodies of the Marassa and placed them together in an empty ossuary in the wall of the sepulchre.
Elsewhere, Theodore’s agents were spreading his invitations to all those prominent in New Orleans’ Vodou and Voodoo communities. They were invited to attend a magnificent party in the Baron’s honour.

  • A polite email of enquiry was sent regarding the Badescu Institute's services.
  • Crazy hobos kept watch outside a hotel as Hito stole a bag full of strange shaped pieces of metal, and tools.
  • Autumns attempt to talk her fath resulted in a single imploding locust. Everywhere she looked, she saw snakes, and felt sand rise between her toes. Her companions grew bright shimmering halos around their heads.
  • A dead jackal lay stuffed into a dumpster, fanged puncture marks in its throat.
  • Daniel gives his press conference to rapturous applause from most of the audience. Although some of the Scions noticed a different reaction from Lucien Arnborg.
  • Strykes was contacted and provided a sample of Fenris blood to barter for the now modified 8-Ball.

As the ceremony started, Theodore saw that Ngala, the child of Ogoun had attended. Likewise, Legba and Khalfu stood either side of the gate to guard the entranceway. Theodore and his zombies undertook the rituals to dedicate the cemetery and the sepulchre to the Baron – declaring it the Baron’s new home – after which Theodore gave a speech to the assembled masses, appealing to their sense of community to bring the true spirit of Vodou to New Orleans – inviting its practitioners and those who profitted from its history to learn the truth and unite the religion in New Orleans. Theodore invited Ngala to stand beside him and declared to the gathered that this party was dedicated to the Baron, Theodore’s met têt, but that Ngala, who’s met têt was Ogoun, would also seek to guide those who felt the strength of Ogoun as their ancestor. With the ceremony winding down, Theodore set about the crowd and the music started. There was drinking and celebration throughout the night – and Theodore hoped that the combination of his inspirational thought, as well as the sights and sounds of his father’s new home would bring the community together. That and the fact that a small army of ghosts from Tijuana had recently arrived and placed themselves in his service.

  • A rent opened in Serafine's basement, and the Pesedjet arrived to reclaim their wayward child.
  • After having a gauntlet clamped to her arm, Autumn found herself looking out over the endless, shifting sands of Duat, teeming with the spawn of the sepent Apep, who howled and yammered in voices of broken glass. Battle was joined and as Set and Anubis sunk beneath the scaled tide, only Ma'atkare and Autumn were left to hold the wall, alone.