October 14th 2007

[Again, sparse notes for this session. All contributions gratefully received.]

  • A car chase through New Orleans leads to grenades exploding above the graveyard, and a battered red sedan crashing into the remains of Serafine's house, and unleashing something made of fire and claws that flew up into the sky with a screech.

As the party progressed into the small hours of the morning, Kalfu and Legba glanced up at the sky, and vanished from the gates of the graveyard. A burning branch fell from the heavens and clattered onto the roof of the wrecked car. As the revellers danced in the shadow of the Baron's new sepulchre, Theodore noticed for the briefest moment that their own shadows stretched and warped like a drunken strobe, smearing themselves over the scenery for a brief instant. In the Baron’s sepulchre, Theodore recieved a gift from his father – a small poppet made of twigs – but bare of head. Theodore headed out to the revellers and found someone who worked as a milliner. The request was made for a small white top hat for the poppet – to be left on a gravestone in the cemetery when it was completed. As dawn approached, the party wound down. The revellers either headed home or passed out where their last drink had been. Theodore arranged for the zombies to carry any unconscious revellers to one of the many sepulchres in the cemetery and place them inside – the better for them to wake – whenever they did – from one of the Baron’s parties to find themselves disoriented and in a grave. That said, Theodore insisted on leaving all the doors to the tombs ajar – as he didn’t want his newfound allies to be trapped just yet.

  • At the station, Hito and Eric began interrogating the Hijo who had released the beast, which he referred to as "one of the new breed."

Determining that the modifications to the eight-ball would allow Tyrone Wallace to hear both the questions put to the relic and the answers it gave, Daniel sat down to ask it some questions and try to show Tyrone that the three were not a threat. The first few questions went well, with the eight-ball revealing that the three were not knowing agents of the Titans and that it was unclear whether their deaths would be in the best interests of the gods. However, the last question Daniel and Alice put to the eight ball - whether or not the three had a connection to the lost city of Atlantis - produced no clear answer and set the eight-ball into a never-ending spin.

  • Some detective work surrounding the fractured Hijo's network brought Hito and co. into contact with Dave again, consumed by shadow, and apparently bent on killing Hito's gangster snitch. A rather strange battle ensued as Eric and his SWAT teams held off an army of zombies on the flats stairwell while Hito and Daniel called upon their faith in their respective God's to attempt to purge Dave of the Darkness, aided by a mysterious blue bow edged triangle which appeared under his skin.
  • A kami from the Court of the Poisoned Sun manifested, and made several demands of Hito, leavinh him feeling sick and queasy.
  • Matters were complicated further when Johnny Turossa arrived, and an awkward stalemate was formed, which eventually led to a grudging discussion with Johnny, who claimed he was fulfilling his dad's instructions, in accordance with the moratorium on contact with Atlantis.
  • Hito's inquries into the current status of the Manhattan Project and that of the status of Japanese Americans in the US military left him with a cryptic news article commenting on the death of one of the Project's original scientists, shortly after he had published a paper denouncing aspecs of the Project.

Morning arrived and Theodore was requested by his Scion allies to attend them for generally bizarre discussion about the three “Atlanteans” that they’d been dealing with. Much like the whole Walmart zombies/Johnny Turossa business – they’d told him virtually nothing, although he did what he could to help. He met them in an FBI safehouse, although after some debate, decided to leave them to it. As he was leaving he saw a man outside the house – a man who identified himself as Adam. Having, for the first time just been told about Adam, Theodore headed away from the intolerably smug Adam and notifed the rest that the man they were so afraid of was standing outside.

Hearing Theodore's warning, Daniel decided to see what he could do to separate Dave's original "weaker" form from his much more powerful alter-ego. He used magic to "look" at Dave and saw that there was a strong fate-strand running between the Dave that stood in the room and a dark shadowy mass that seemed to be standing just behind him. Thinking back to when his father had removed a troublesome fate strand from him, Daniel walked over to Dave and tried to use his sword to cut the link between the two Daves. To his astonishment it worked and the shadow that hung in the background appeared to fade away. Dave turned to Daniel and told him that he was feeling much better.

  • Eric had been interrupted on his way to the safehouse by Eve, who told him to seek Seshat in order to find the truth.
  • A brief phonecall to Bronwyn removed the troublesome name from his head. And it was promptly released again by Adam when he arrived.

Hito popped into the bathroom for a quick discussion with his father, wanting to update him on recent events. However, upon being told that Daniel had cut the fate strand linking the two Daves, Haichiman reacted with disbelief saying that what had been done was "impossible" he then faded away to find out what was going on, causing the mirror to shatter as he left.

In light of the issue that Adam intended to cause the “three”, Theodore suggested that they head to the Lafayette Cemetery – where they could find safety in his father’s house – the “three” had previously found refuge in Seraphine’s basement before Theodore had dedicated the cemetery to his father – presumably removing the protection of the Baron from the old hounfour. The Scions hightailed it back to the graveyard in time to see the Sepulchre crawling with fireflies – the Zombies proving to be no match for the four undead – Adze – that were attacking the cemetery – and the army of ghosts nowhere to be seen (by Theodore). As Theodore headed in, a SWAT van pulled up and officers started throwing white phosphorous grenades over the walls. Theodore demanded they stop – which seemed to have the desired effect – even if it wasn’t his order they were following. With a bit of advice from the Captain, Theodore released the spirit that had been trapped in the Govi he was carrying – only to find himself possessed by it. Fortunately, the bit in the legends about these spirits serving to ward off the undead appeared to be true, and using Theodore’s body (or more to the point, augmenting it so that it wasn’t quite so weak), the spirit set about laying into the Adze. Still, without the help of Eric and Daniel, the Adze would have been overwhelming. As it was, they were forced to amalgamate into one body to stand any chance against the Scions, who finally prevailed. As the Adze collapsed to the ground, the spirit squealed in delight and tried to fee itself from Theodore’s head – but that had never been part of Theodore’s plan (although, to be honest, neither had the becoming possessed bit) – and through force of will Theodore kept the spirit inside his head long enough to get to the Govi, pick up the pins and jam them into his own head to trap it there as a makeshift Govi. The spirit cursed Theodore, exclaiming "She promised this would set me free." It was all that Theodore needed to confirm that Sanite Dede was behind the Govi and the possession on the plane that had nearly killed him and several of his friends.