November 4th 2007

As the Scions stood in the graveyard after the battle with the Adze, strange tremors started from the east of the cemetery. The bodies of the Adze starting sinking into the ground, followed by a strange prismatic rainbow emerging from the holes. Remembering that the only way to truly kill the undead involved fire and decapitation, Theodore set about spraying them liberally with run and doing his best to set fire to them. The bodies were burned and their heads removed, although with the help of Daniel given that Theodore had some difficulty getting the heads off. From the ground a snakes head appeared, followed by a 7-8 ft long and 2ft wide body. It then turned into a large black man with colours shifting across his skin – the god Damballa. He talked to Theodore about the seeds that the Baron had given him – apparently stolen from Damballa – and now leading to debt between himself and the Baron. A debt that Theodore would need to arrange to be paid off. Damballa then entered the Baron’s sepulchre and caused plants to start to grow over it – eventually covering the tomb, including the door. A woman appeared at one the gates with 2 disfigured children – her clothes were covered in biohazard signs – and spoke with Hito about negotiations.

Theodore, more than a little annoyed about Damballa’s sudden appearance and demands, gathered the zombies, which had been beaten up, clawed and run over by Eric’s SWAT squad and sent them off to go get patched up by the doctor. Theodore then tried to contact his father through the poppet about what should be done with Damballa. The poppet gestured a lot but given that it couldn’t speak found itself incomprehensible. Eventually Theodore got the message and took the poppet to a nearby grave where he put it on the ground. The poppet proceeded to bury itself – and just kept on heading down. Theodore waited for a while, then presumed that he would know when the message was returned, and so set about other business. Specifically, he needed to know what had happened to all the ghosts that had recently appeared from Tijuana.

Daniel took the 3 children back to the hotel after declining an offer from Eric to put them in the police station for a night until a safer place could be found for them. He then contacted his father who told him that Amy's wounds were refusing to heal despite his best ministrations. Hermes then asked Daniel to seek out one of the apples of the hesperides, saying that it would have the power to cure Amy's wounds. To this end Daniel spent some time doing research on the subject of the hesperides, finally finding a book on the subject for sale on eBay. He placed several bids for the item, but found that he was bidding against a "Kincaid" who seemed to match and raise every offer he made. He emailed the other bidder who, after a brief discussion offered to send him a scan of the book if he would aid Eric Chambers in battle for the next month. Daniel agreed to the terms, and Kincaid won the auction.

Hito goes back to talk to his father about the negotiations that is to take place with the Kami of the Poisoned Sun, and gets radiation equipment and finds a safe place to meet them.

Eric returned to the police station with his Einherjar to put the SWAT gear back. Gets a phone call from Bronwyn Kincaid telling him that the first outpost has fallen and that there will be refugees.

The morning after Eric goes off to investigate a series of murders that have been happening in New Orleans where the victims have been strangled as well as puncture marks on their backs that lead to the spinal column, cause of death was suffocation. Eric tries to dedicate his awards to his father and breaks the glass in one leaving shards of glass in his hand and his blood over the rune.

Hito goes off to have negotiations with the Kami and is given an ultimatum to accept the request, that Nagasaki and Hiroshima to be the Kami’s domain and that a nine year old girl be delivered to each city on the anniversary of its bombing, he was given an hour to think about it. During that time a Titan spawn went to talk to the Kami and Hito followed it into the building. After a brief fight the titan spawn was killed by one of the Kami. Hito then got the Ok from his father and accepted the Kami’s offer. Hito then checks himself into s hospital to be treated for radiation poisoning.

Theodore wandered around the various cemeteries of New Orleans, but got singularly nowhere with his attempts to find the lost ghosts. On returning to Lafayette, the poppet had returned with a note note rolled up in its tiny top hat. The note, from the Baron, told Theodore to let Damballa know that there is a gift where they last talked. Theodore did as his father requested and Damballa asked Theodore to put out his hand. An extremely poisonous snake wrapped itself round his wrist as an insurance policy. The snake then developed a pattern latter on its back in the alphabet of daggers saying “We All Can See You Know.” With that, Damballa left the Baron’s home and the plants receded from its walls. The bodies of the Marassa had been removed from their ossuary and were now in one of the corners of the sepulchre – their bodies the only place where Damballa’s plants did not recede.

The evening

Eric suffers a compulsion to try and look up Seshat on his computer.

Believing that Hito had asked for his help, Daniel goes to the hospital to try and acquire medical supplies to try and help Hito with his radiation poisoning, breaking in and stealing a number of supplies from the medical safe. On his way out of the building he hears a scream from the lobby and goes to investigate. There he finds one of the lobby security guards lying dead on the ground, with what looks like a small man carrying a strange implement standing over him. The small man runs away and Daniel gives chase, catching up with it as it exits the building into a side-alley. He commands the man to stop but it just squeals and starts to climb up the wall of the building and escaping. Daniel attacks it with the flat of his blade a few times, wanting to knock it out and question it, however his attempts are unsuccessful. Seeing that the creature was getting away he pulls out some of the drugs he's stolen, selects a powerful sedative, jumps up and injects the creature, who sways slightly and falls off the wall. He then phones Eric who arrives and identifies the squealing creature as a dwarf. As he's sorting things out a further six dwarves appear, asking Eric to return their brother to them. Eric refuses, asking them why their brother is killing people. After a tense stand-off the dwarves reveal that they are refugees and that they have been killing people to obtain a vital protein that can only be found in human spinal fluid, a protein they need to survive. Eric promises to try to help them and arranges for them to be taken to the police station and were buried in the ground by the Einherjar. He then calls Bronwyn who says that she would find a safe haven for them.

The next day passed without much incident until Theo asked for assistance from people to help him with a problem down in Guinee. The ghosts had finally returned to the Lafayette cemetery – having been drawn away to a battle in Guinee – a battle that they had only just survived – and one that was not completed. The ghosts described how their shadows had come alive and attacked them - and that they had been attacked by men dressed as vikings. Once the zombies (only slightly recovered from their battle with the Adze), Daniel, Hito, Eric and his SWAT team were at the cemetery, Theodore explained that there had been a fight in Guinee and that he needed their help to finish it. He explained that the ghosts in Guinee had been attacked from surprise by previously invisible warriors. Theodore neglected to mention that they had been dressed as vikings – just in case they were connected to the Norse pantheons efforts to free the Fenris spirit that Theodore had claimed for the Baron. Theodore lead the party into the Baron’s sepulchre. Once in, the zombies lifted the lid from one of the tombs and Theodore proceeded to draw the Baron’s veve on the floor of the tomb, then write in the alphabet of daggers on each of the party – their name and their nature as Theodore saw it. One by one they stepped into the tomb and sunk into Guinee.

In the Underworld it looked like a large battle had taken place and there are bodies strewn across the muddy landscape. Prominent amongst the dead were the bodies of two giant wolves, their almost bare skulls gleaming white. Hito saw something dark and shadowy slithering under the bodies and threw grenades. One hit, the other missed. Without warning, creatures seemingly made of shadow attacked from behind, driving dark swords into some, but not all, of their targets. Several of Eric’s SWAT team fell, and the zombies were too slow to react. The remaining wolf’s head rose up from the dank earth on a column of shadow, drawing a body to it from the decaying remains surrounding it. Throwing caution to the wind, Daniel charged like lightning across the battlefield and engaged with the wolf creature whilst everyone else started to fend off the shadow creatures.