November 30th 2008

Doctor Antony Rodriguez arrives in the city of Kiev having come over from the state, being lured to the city by the prospect of finding new and interesting plant life that had been reported in a journal article. On his arrival he checks into the nearest hotel and waits for the next day until the university is opened.

The next day Antony gets up and heads to the botanical gardens in Kiev and finds his way to the main office and sees a woman passed out on the floor. He uses his abilities to cleanse her of poison as he sees an empty sleeping pill bottle next to her. Antony asks her questions about the unusual plant life that has been growing in Kiev and asks where he would be able to get more information and she points him towards the University library. When he asks the woman at the library where he would be able to find information on the history of Kiev as well as its plant life she points him in the right direction as well saying that someone else was making uses of the materials as well.

The 3 Scions Aggro, Corvin and Eric send their night away from Eoin taking in the relaxing atmosphere of Kiev’s nightlife. They arrange to meet for lunch the next day and Aggro and Eric decide to be tourists for the day taking in the sights and sounds that Kiev has to offer. While on their travels through the city to meet Corvin for lunch the 2 Scions notice that Heathrow is mentioned in a newspaper but neither of them are able to read Ukrainian and get directions to the nearest newsagents that sell English newspapers. When they get a newspaper they find out that a plane at Heathrow went up into the air for of passengers and all the people on board including the pilots disappeared midflight and was established on inspection of the wreckage, about 200 people were meant to be missing. Aggro phoned his mother to make sure that she was ok and was told that this had happened in other places as well, Paris and JFK airport. Aggro told Eric the news and he was quickly on the phone to his police contacts in New Orleans to find out what they knew and they relayed that 200 had disappeared off a plane. Aggro finished his phone call with his mother and tried to phone Wile but got no reply and Eric tried to track his scent but found that Wile’s scent ended suddenly and came to the conclusion he was elsewhere and told Aggro. Aggro informed Corvin of the developments that had happened and Corvin told them about Antony who was going to be meeting them for lunch. The two then headed off to the restaurant to meet Corvin and Antony.

Corvin spent his morning in the library and was researching the history of Kiev as well as checking old and new maps for the near and far caves as he suspected the Scions may have to go looking for stuff in them soon. While he was researching Antony ended up approaching him asking if he would be able to use the resources that Corvin was using and the two of them started chatting and eventually got onto the subject of being god children. Corvin suggested that he come to lunch with him and there were another couple of people that he should meet and Antony agreed.

At lunch the Scions had a talk about what their next move was going to be and were introduced to Antony, and tried to figure out what had been happening at the airports. A thunderstorm then started to move over Kiev with flashes of lightning and claps of thunder. Aggro thought that it might be his father trying to contact him so he went and stood outside with his 3wood held in the air. The lightning struck Aggro and made its way into his eyes, nose and mouth laughing manically and Aggro decided that it wasn’t his father and quickly made his way to a children’ playground to take cover under a metal cage. The other Scions jumped into actions Antony was wondering about the bill and if he should pay by card until Corvin threw money on to the table to cover the cost.

As Aggro was waiting under his protection, a bolt hit the cage he was under and started to pool nearby, not behaving as it normally should. From the pool a man started to form and pull himself out of it. The man looked Germanic or Norse to Aggro but had a hook instead of his right hand. The other Scions came round in time to see this before the mad disappeared back into the lightning. Aggro asked Eric if that was his father and Eric said no since his father could place anything on his stump.

Then suddenly more disaster struck as the Scions were talking. Everyone but Antony was able to see a plane suddenly pitch forward into a nosedive as it was struck by lightning. Aggro quickly leaped into action by taking off into the air and tried to guide the plane down as best he could knowing that he would be unable to stop its descent and landed it in the park. Once the plane was down it was several seconds before it exploding into a conflagration while Aggro was inspecting inside the plane to see if anyone was left on it. Aggro came out unharmed as a piece of metal had shielded him from the worst of the damage and he was floating in midair. The large group of spectators that had gathered watched in awe and Aggro felt their admiration of him and he revealed in it for a short time. Eric left the crowd to try and get some answers from his father by making a local drug dealer rethink his life by force, but he got no answer from his father, and his attempt to contact Bronwyn left him with an unpleasant sensation in his mouth as if he had been eating molten metal and ash.

Aggro came back down to earth feeling a bit worse for wear but with no outward marks to indicate it. He asked Antony if he could heal him and Antony agreed using his powers. Antony said that he could speed up the recovery time, but he would glow during the process and Aggro would have to spend an hour in his constant company. Aggro was fine with that as nothing else was planned for that day and decided that he should get a new set of clothes. Just as he was about to set off a monk approached the group telling them to come to the monastery in one hour to discuss their display of pagan magic’s. Corvin tried to find Eric and found him in the crowd and informed him of the little trip then would have to make.

Aggro went off with Antony to get some new clothes for himself. While walking through the streets Antony was followed by several people but was unable to understand what they were saying but revealed in their attention anyway. Eric and Corvin went back to the hotel and waited for the others to return. Eric tried to find Eoin but found that his scent lead back into the woods that he had been rescued from the day earlier and informed the others, leaving Eoin to his fate. The Scions having all meet up made their way to the monastery and Eric got to talking to the people that were following Antony. They were saying that Antony was an angel and Eric was confused by this but after a short while they were surprised to learn that Antony could not understand him and ran away screaming that Antony was a demon.

The group got the monastery and were greeted by the monk that had told them to come. Eric spoke to the monk and Corvin translated what was being said. He led them to the main building and asked that they undertake a small ceremony to prove that they were not agents of the worm. They were to dip a finger into a small font filled with water and each Scion took it in turn. Eric went first, followed by Corvin and then Antony. When Aggro put his finger into the font the water started to boil and Aggro felt as if he had been wronged his personality changed, as if he was offended by the whole situation. The monk informed the group that Aggro showed a taint of the worm and that he would have to defend himself when it rose.

The Scions were then lead further into the monastery and were made to wait in an antechamber for an hour until they could meet the Metropolitan of Kiev. When they meet him he asked Aggro for forgiveness as Aggro was acting out of sorts. He also asked the Scions if they would be staying to defend Kiev when the worm arose and that Scions said they were unsure as they had other business to attend to. At the end the Metropolitan gave them permission to visit Askold’s tomb with the monk who had brought them here as their guide and were introduced to him formally.

On leaving the monastery Aggro’s mod return to normal unsure what had come over him. The monk took the Scions to the tomb and outside Eric, Corvin and Aggro recognised the statue outside of it looking exactly like Haskuldr. Eric suggested that he contact Haskuldr as he might have more information and went into the streets to summon his men and started to walk with them to the tomb. Haskuldr said that he felt wrong and if he was doing something utterly wrong. As they came into sight of the tomb Haskuldr asked Eric what he was doing and Eric said that the group had some questions that needed answered but said that he would have to go no further if he didn’t want to.

The other Scions were waiting at the tomb and Corvin heard an all mighty scream and saw a ghost rush into the air. He used his powers to see the strands of fate and saw one reaching out over the tomb slowly heading towards where Haskuldr was standing. He quickly phoned Eric and told him and Eric suggested that Haskuldr and his men quickly make their way out of Kiev and they agreed. Eric rushed back to the others and they asked questions about who had visited the tomb before them and the monk described Theodore.

The group made its way into the tomb and were allowed to open the stone coffin that was within it. To the monk’s surprise there were bones inside it and Corvin could see what looked like a fingernail trapped in its teeth. Eric phoned Theodore to ask what he was doing in the tomb and told that an avatar of Hel was manifesting inside the tomb. Corvin had Aggro hold the skull open while he removed the fingernail and as they did so they could hear wolf howls coming from outside. Everyone got ready as the doors were being smashed against by something from outside. Aggro gave the monk one of his gold clubs to use as a weapon. Corvin tried to crush the fingernail believing it to be the item that tied Haskuldr to the mask. He was unable to break it so got the assistance of Eric but the two of them were unable to break it, and they the doors gave way.

In through the doors burst 3 Fenrir one larger than the other two. One went for the monk and injured him greatly but he was still able to set the golf club aflame and kill the creature destroying the club in the process. Aggro threw his club at the large one and put it down with one throw pinning the creatures head to the wall of the tomb. The other one set itself on Antony and was unable to injure him. Antony tried to cripple the creature by using his divine powers but was unable to put it out of action. He eventually decided to become hideous and scare the creature away and it ran off into the darkness of the night. The skeleton in the tomb animated itself and punched Aggro in the knee almost ripping through and amputating Aggro’s leg. Eric and Aggro teams up on the creature but were unable to put it down between them. Corvin finally managed to break the nail after being given some advice by Antony to remove the blood that was on the fingernail and the skeleton became inanimate once again.