November 23rd 2008

Eoin was standing in the wood and noticed that each of the men round him was wearing a cross round their necks. Eoin decided to try and run for it but found that no matter which way he ran he always ended up running towards the group of men. He eventually found himself in a new clearing with a single standing stone in the centre with animal skulls and blood on and round it. Eoin decided to clean the standing stone by urinating on it and throwing the animal skulls away. Eoin then decided to try and sneak off but tripped over his own feet and landed face first in front of a spore which is exploded and Eoin slipped into unconsciousness. He managed to open his eyes to find himself inside a creature which slowly sapped his will and started to pass him through its digestive system. Eoin creatures showed up and tried to set him free but were unable to do so. Eoin had a fevered dream in which is saw a woman and was told that she was important in some way and then Eoin slipped back into the black.

Aggro travelled to Chicago to meet up with his band and signed a record deal with a smaller indie label rather than a bigger company. Aggro chilled out for the 2 days with his band taking a break from the past 10 days of intense fighting and stress. He then returns to Washington to meet up with the other Scions.

Corvin took the time to relax and unwind. He spend some time learning the how to get to grips with electronics and started to wonder if he would be able to build an amp that could work through glass. He made sure that all the visas for people travelling were correct and waited for the plane flight out.

Eric spent his 2 days chilling out and told his Einherjar to go back to New Orleans for some well earned time off. He tried to contact Bronwyn but to no avail and prepared himself for his journey to Kiev.

All the scions meet up and went on their flight from Washington to London. Aggro, Corvin, Wile and Eric were on the flight. Aggro decided to entertain himself by pulling several members of the flight crew and joining the mile high club. Corvin noticed a strange man dressed as a romantic version of a vampire was swapping seats with other passengers without moving. He ended up sitting next to Corvin and they started a conversation were he asked if Corvin and his associates would try and rescue Eoin so that his children could be saved. He introduced himself as the Duke of the Black Tower. Corvin talked to Aggro, Eric and Wile about the proposal and Aggro decided he had to talk with the man to find out the reward, Corvin also told them that the Duke had said that Eoin had a problem with Christians. Aggro found that the reward was a piece each from the Duke’s personnel collection. Aggro informed the others and they said they may intervene depending on the time constraints that they have.

The plane landed at Heathrow and Wile was asked to get off the plane by customs officers. The other scions sat there wondering what was happening to Wile and Aggro decided to phone him and found out that there was a problem in the family that we was going to have and help resolve. Corvin had listened in on the conversation and had spoken at the end. Aggro said just because you have the ability to do something doesn’t mean you have to, to Corvin. The plane set off again and arrived in Kiev on a Sunday morning without any problems, Corvin and Eric has bought themselves crosses and wore them underneath their clothes.

The Scions checked themselves into their hotel and Corvin decided to go for a walk and find a good pub. Using the information given to him by the Duke he sent his Ravens to go and find an area that matched the description. He texted the other scions telling him to come and meet them in a bar he had found were they enjoyed a few drinks. Eric talked to the bar man and found out what was happening in Kiev that day with it being the last Sunday of the month. Corvin noticed a man eyeing the scions at the bar, feigning shyness. Corvin went and talked to him and brought him to the other Scions to talk. With some persuasion they managed to find the location of where Eoin was being held. The man said that if they were going to save him they should at least not let the girl free.

The man left and the Scions started to draw a plan as to how they would get to the place without touching the ground. They found the nearest scrap yard and managed to find the pieces to make a platform with several chains attached so that Aggro would be able to fly Corvin and Eric to the forest. The scions went and gathered up their weapons and other relic and set off.

They made it to the forest with ease but hey tried to descend many time but something was playing tricks with their eyes as each was seeing something different to everyone else. Eventually Aggro decided the best thing to do would be to land the platform and fly straight at the ground to try and tunnel towards Eoin. Aggro carried out his plan with Eric striking the ground at the same time causing as much disruption as possible. Corvin stayed on the surface and saw several large maggots and started to shoot at them jumping and twirling through the air. He saw Eric appear out of his crater and Aggro as well holding the body of Eoin and making their way to the platform.

Eric dug down further and uncovered a hand which he thought tried to reach for him and he whacked it. Eric then dug down further and uncovered a woman’s face and just as he saw it was about to say something he quickly covered it up again and climbed out the hole. Eric saw Corvin jumping about firing at nothing on the ground. He saw Aggro by the platform with Eoin laying down on it. Eric decided to try and catch the sent of everyone and was able to determine that Corvin was real but Aggro was not and that Eoin smelt like explosives. Eric made for Eoin to try and throw him down the hole but was grappled and blown across the clearing with a couple of scratches, but the platform was a twisted lump. The girl Eric had uncovered had pulled herself out of the crater and was making a run for it but was stopped by Corvin as he could no longer see any maggots. A mole creature then pulled its way out of the hole Aggro had made and Corvin took a shot at it and it released several spores as its kneecap was blown out. Eric then helped Corvin by striking the creature trying to launch it into the air but as he did so the creature just turned into spores and did not reform.

Aggro had punched several yards through the earth and hole opened up spouting maggots which Aggro quickly took care of. As he stood there a spike struck his foot injecting him with poison and Aggro could feel the effects taking hold. He managed to work his way further down and find the outer layer of the creature. He managed to break through and find Eoin and 2 of his followers, the tumbleweed creature dragging the slug woman. He took Eoin in one hand and the slug woman in the other and the tumbleweed on his back he quickly made it back to the surface to see Eric dispatch the mole man. The Scions quickly got out of the area and saw a Christian procession marching towards the area and drop several grenades into the craters made by the scions and walk away.

The Scions made it back to the scrap yard were Corvin contacted the Duke. On hearing this, the tumbleweed tried to run but was grabbed by Eric. The Duke appeared and talked to the Scions saying that they could collect their reward in a week. The Duke fed a small bit of flesh to Eoin which managed to bring Eoin round and Eoin healed himself. The Duke left taking the slug and tumbleweed with him and the scions returned to their hotel. Corvin checked the girl into another room and locked the door to keep her safe. Eoin was put in Wile’s room and Aggro was healed by him as part of the payment for rescuing him. Eric stayed in his room while Aggro and Corvin talked to Eoin.

Aggro talked to Eoin and asked if he had a way of contacting his father and Eoin responded in the affirmative. They said that he should contact him and Eoin lead them to the river and went through a ritual to contact Manannan. Eventually they saw a man sitting on a near by bench and Eoin talked to him and was given some advice. Aggro and Corvin was asked about their opinion of Eoin and they both answered. Aggro was diplomatic in his answer while Corvin just came straight out with it calling Eoin a blithering idiot. Manannan then left and the Scions returned to the hotel. Eoin was asked to stay in the room until they had talked to Eric about him working with them. While Eoin was waiting 3 ghosts appeared in the room which were unable to speak and where dressed in very archaic clothes dating before Kiev by the looks of it. They motioned Eoin to follow them and Eoin followed them through the walls and poked his head through the door after 2 rooms and the other Scions saw him as he disappeared back into the room. Corvin quickly opened the door to the girl’s room.

While Eric was waiting in his hotel room he heard a scuffling outside and saw a Runic R had been carved on his door. He investigated further down the corridor and saw a name had been carved over several doors spelling Rurik. He texted Corvin what had happened. Aggro and Corvin arrived back at the hotel and took Eric aside to speak to him after leaving Eoin in his room. Corvin went and checked on the girl and found that several candles had been placed round her and was not as she had been left. Aggro started to speak to Eric about having Eoin in the team until Wile returned Eric refused and Aggro asked what Eric thought of Odin and Eric said he was a prick. Aggro then asked if Eric would tell Odin to fuck off and Eric said he had already done that beforehand putting Aggro’s reasoning on off course a bit then Aggro took a different approach and was convincing Eric until they saw Eoin’s head pop out of a door.

Corvin quickly opened the girl’s door just as Eoin stepped through the wall and Corvin could see 3 ghosts. He tried to communicate with them but was told by Eoin that they were unable to speak. Eoin was about to lay hand on the girl but Eric shouted an order for him to stop and Aggro asked if he knew what he was doing. Eoin said he would explain later as what he was doing was very important. Aggro reminded him of what his Father had said and asked Eoin to explain and Eoin said later. Aggro then asked if the girl was about to die and Eoin said no, so Aggro responded that he would be able to explain first. As they were waiting one of the ghosts started to push the girl down and she started to sink through the bed and Aggro grabbed her preventing her from disappearing. Another ghost went to help and Eric went into help but the ghosts proved to be stronger than Eric and Aggro and the girl disappeared. The ghost that was left turned to Eoin and threw its sword down in disgust and walked away. Eoin then turned from the other Scion leaving with a parting comment that annoyed the other the Scion and Aggro turned round to Eric saying “Your right he is a prick” and the Scions left for a night on the town to calm down. Aggro left before Eric and Corvin and went to the river and repeated the ritual Eoin had done saying that Eoin had not heeded his advice. Eoin left the hotel and wondered off and was visited by a woman working on behalf of the Duke.