November 18th 2007

Hito drives to try and reach Badescu, after the President had been shot, to see if he could be saved. He eventually reached Badescu who revived the President. Hito then made an agreement with the Serbian President for the release of Shiva from Serbian custody. He then travelled to Serbia to meet with Shiva to take her to America so she could travel to Las Vegas to meet more of her family. Hito then spent the rest of his time in New Orleans relaxing with his men. He travelled then to Las Vegas again to speak to an FBI agent who he found murdered. The agent had a katana through his head and Hito spoke to the spirit of the sword. Hito then took in a show of Cats before returning to New Orleans and spent some time being taught by Theo before flying to London with Eric, then went clubbing in London.

Daniel spent more time recovering and arranged to travel to Greece with the 3.

During this time a Scion of Odin by the name of Michael Ravencroft received a strange message from his father, delivered to him in the form of a poem. Following the instructions implied in the poem he booked a flight to London for himself and hid five Einherjar. When they arrived in London the six of them travelled down the Thames on a river boat, looking for the things that had been suggested by the poem. When they came to London Bridge Michael spotted a number of what looked like the dead, bloated bodies of babies or young children floating just below the surface of the water - he pointed them out to his Einherjar, but they were unable to see them. Michael also noticed a number of what looked to his untrained eye like cocoons hanging from the underside of the bridge, but again, no-one else seemed able to see them. Deciding to come back and investigate later when it got darker later in the evening, Michael then took his Einherjar out for a number of drinks and a long meal.

The parties planned, the invitations sent and the music and alcohol organised, Theodore spent 7 days and nights of partying round the cemeteries in New Orleans. Each day was spent moving people and equipment to a new location, and each night was spent giving those that attended the times of their lives. The atmosphere at the parties was just how Theodore wanted it, and more than a few of those he spoke to listened to his words carefully. Several even came to know that their loved ones yet remained in the cemeteries as Theodore played the role of medium to the ghosts of New Orleans. Visitors came and went, and some of those members of the gangs of new Orleans that Theodore’s allies had notified him of who might be willing to change their allegiance also showed their faces. Ngala attended one of the parties and the child of Agwe [name?] who Theodore had spoken with in the past also turned up to another. Theodore tailored his words to the individuals he spoke to. Where the party in the Lafayette cemetery had been a ceremony dedicated to the Baron, these parties were designed to appeal to the individual, and to bring them to the realisation that their ancestors still needed them. Some were amenable to Theodore’s talk of ancestor worship, albeit mostly wrapped up in Catholic dogma, with many saints taking the places of the lwa – others were already practicitioners of Vodou. Slightly concerned that his father had not chosen to show himself at any of the parties, Theodore slept for a day and a night at the end of the week and then tried to get in contact with his father – to no response. He eventually got a note from his poppet saying that his father had an important job for him when he had the time. Theodore spent some time teaching Hito about the mysteries of the world – mostly relating to those mysteries of Hito’s own culture of which he seemed somewhat ignorant for a child of a god. After this, the captain said that they should visit his father in Guinee as they hadn’t heard from him. Theodore travelled to the underworld and found himself once again on the Road of Lost Souls surrounded by ghosts. But these ghosts said that they were unable to get anywhere, and whilst they remained stuck on the road, their numbers were ever being depleted by attacks from the dark. As they said this, Theodore saw three Egyptian-styled clay statues loom out of the murk and attack the ghosts. Never one to deliberately get into a fight that he couldn’t win, Theodore began to lead the ghosts away from the creatures, but found that they were too slow and that the Ushabti were killing off those that lagged behind. Seeing this as unacceptable Theodore turned and brought the full weight of his physical might to bear in the Ushabti. Theodore shot one of the Ushabti in the head, shattering it into a cloud of pottery. As surprised as anyone at his success, Theodore demonstrated that his luck wouldn’t hold out, and he proceeded to miss or otherwise fail to harm the Ushabti as they marched inexorably closer to their quarry. Briefly surprised that he had encountered two groups slower than himself in one day (probably – you can never tell in Guinee), Theodore took to trying to cut the Ushabti down with his sword. This proved more successful and soon Theodore stood triumphantly amongst the shattered remains of his foes. Having stopped the rather crappy Ushabti, he led the ghosts along the road. Finally, once again finding that he was surrounded by water, Theodore presumed that he had arrived in Guinee – only to see a used condom float by. The brief amusement was brought to an end by an attack from a bloated pale child-corpse drifting past relatively quickly (as far a Theodore was concerned) Deciding that now was not the time to start a fight, he swam to the surface only to find himself in the middle of the Thames in London, quite close to Tower Bridge. Looking around Theodore saw a man sat under the supports of the bridge, watching him back.
Theodore swam to the edge and climbed out of the river, noticing that the ghosts that had been following him on the Road of Lost Souls were still with him. When the gods are involved, nothing is coincidence, and the man sat under Tower Bridge was none other than Scion of Odin, Michael Ravencroft. Michael climbed down from the bridge and headed over to Theodore. It quickly became clear to Theodore than Michael could see the ghosts around him, so, once he’d established where he was, and asked Michael the time and the date, rather than skirt around the issue, Theodore went for the obvious question and asked Michael about his parenthood. There was some tension as Michael was clearly unused to such abruptness, but eventually he admitted Odin as his father. Satisfied, they briefly discussed the apparent cocoons hanging under the bridge. Theodore was soaking wet, and in need of a good drink and a map, so he suggested they hit a pub. Despite not having any British cash, Theodore was able to get both of them a drink whilst he slowly began the process of realising that all the things in his pockets he had had to buy anew after his last exit from Guinee would need to be bought again, including somewhat irritatingly a new cell phone. After the drink, and a quick stop off to buy some maps of London, the two of them decided to combine their efforts and go back to the bridge and examine the cocoons. Never one for abseiling, Theodore enquired as to Michael ability to lower him down. Once it was apparent that Michael was quite strong, Theodore consented to strapping himself into the climbing harness and being lowered over the side of the bridge. Theodore examined the objects and decided that they looked more like egg sacks than cocoons and asked Michael to retrieve one of them so that they might cut it open and examine the contents. Michael abseiled down himself and began to cut the egg sack free after Theodore found he had no success trying to cut the sac free with his sword cane. Michael’s knife was more successful, and he passed the sack to Theodore to hold. However, the egg sack proved to be somewhat heavier than Theodore had expected and it slipped through his grip, dropping into the river where it seemed to "hatch" shortly afterwards. Michael was less than impressed by the child of the Baron’s physical weakness, and so rather than offering a constructive solution, Michael offered to lower Theodore into the river to get a better look at the creature. Never one to stomach someone being obstreperous other than himself, Theodore refused Michael’s help and unhitched himself from the climbing harness - choosing instead to simply fall into the dark waters of the Thames without aid. Once in the water he was attacked by one of the bloated bodies he and Michael had both seen earlier, although in separate incidents. A snake-like appendage lashed out him through the water, seeming to rupture out of the back of the dead bloated corpse. Theodore drew his sword and hacked away at the attacking tentacle, eventually dispatching it without serious injury to himself. Theodore swam back to the river’s edge, in no particular desire to meet any more snakey-tentacle-erupting-bloated-child-corpses. Meeting Michael (who was holding another egg sack) on the shore, the two of them then took the egg sack back to Michael's hotel room, popped it down onto the bathroom floor and began to dissect it. Rather quickly a couple of tentacles burst out of the egg and swung straight for Michael. Reacting more quickly, Theodore dropped to the floor and took a wild swing at the tentacles, perhaps saving Michael from harm – but probably not – given that he barely scratched them. Michael finished the tentacles off.

Once this was done Theodore left Micheal and his Einherjar to clear up the mess and took a walk to the British museum to see if either Eric or Hito had arrived. He spoke to the security guard there who confirmed, several times, that the building was closed and that he had not seen any individuals who matched the descriptions Theodore gave him. This established, Theodore sat down outside the museum and began to wait.

Eric travelled to London to meet Bronwyn and transported the dwarf as well. Was met at the airport by a driver and forced her to stop on the way to Kincaid recovery to investigate someone that had disappeared in a crowd during a tour and people didn’t believe him. He then proceeded to Kincaid recovery and met with Bronwyn in her “Ivory Tower”. He then met the Goddess Sif, the God Geb and the God Hermes (who looked rather uncomfortable in a girls body). The Gods said they knew of place they could send the refugees but it had to be cleared first. Geb showed Eric how to travel to the place he was required to go. Eric then travelled back to New Orleans and spent time with his Einherjar drinking for a few days before returning to London. Haskuldr told Eric that he was scared of Bronwyn as well as Sif and not to mention him to them. Eric then returned to London with his Einherjar and Hito and was attacked by one of the shadow creatures from Guinee on the flight over. Upon arrival in London Eric checked in with Bronwyn who wasn’t at her office but invited him to a party at hers. At the party Eric was met by Sif at the door who quickly dragged off Haskuldr through the house and not even his Epic Strength could save him. The other Einherjar stayed in a close group and avoided the women, and slipped out when no one was looking. Eric spent the whole time talking to Bronwyn.