November 16th 2008

All the Scions and Einherjar are standing on top of the roof of Kincaid Recovery while Ravencroft’s body burns, Bronwyn and Hildr lie bleeding on the ground after being mauled by Garm before he retreated into the fire. Everyone hears the crack of canvas and the creak of wood and Corvin sees the outline of a ship descending from the clouds.

Eric rushes to Bronwyn’s aid by tearing his clothes to use as bandages. Corvin sees a red dot appear on the back of Wile’s head and feels an electrical build up in the air where Wile is standing. He quickly leaps to Wile’s aid knocking him out the way as a couple of bullets patter off the roof. Corvin quickly takes aim at the area of electrical build up. Eoin rushes to Hildr’s aid and as he lays on hands several slashes run up his arm and he winces in pain. He offers Eric assistance but is told to Fuck Off and go somewhere else by Eric. Eoin then makes himself less visible to everyone else and waits. Aggro sees someone falling out of a window on the 10th floor of one of the buildings to the east and quickly makes his way to save the person. The Lore Lei make their way to Bronwyn but are stopped by Lacey barking an order at them. Eric barks an order at Lacey telling her to let the Lore Lei do what they were going to do. Lacey waved the Lore Lei to Bronwyn and they formed a circle round her pushing Eric out the way. From the sky the ship starts too hove into view and several bones are dropped and clatter on to the roof that start to sprout and grow. Charlie runs into the building.

As Corvine watches the area of electrical build up, Artemdrious appears from it and is shot twice by the unknown snipers but shrugs off the bullet impacts. Corvin quickly changes his aim to the buildings to the east and see the barrel of a rifle being withdrawn into one of the windows. Corvin waits and can hear the cracking of bones sprouting from the roof. He eventually gives up waiting and decides to take Wile to safety by jumping off the roof with Wile and landing gentle on the ground. He sees Kincaid Recovery staff scrambling outside and hands Wile off to them and makes a run back into the building to the roof where he waits just inside the door that leads to the roof.

Aggro rushes off the roof to save the falling man, flying through the air and gently catches the man and takes him safely to the ground. The man thanks Aggro and hugs him and Aggro suggests that he goes to the nearest pub and relax. Aggro then flies up to the window the man fell out of and is shot at but the bullets merely bounce off his hardened skin. Aggro then gets into the window to find several office workers being busy about their work and none of them say anything about the man being pushed out the window. Finally after a bit of questioning a younger man speaks up and just as he is about to say who done it a fist slams into his face right through his skull. Aggro sees a blood stained fist and then a man materialises. The man challenges Aggro to a fight but as Aggro is deciding the man moves to attack another office worker. Aggro quickly used his command of the air to pull the man towards him and as he closed Aggro struck him with his 3 wood sending him out the window. To Aggro’s surprise instead of the man falling he stood floating in the air, but with his jaw dislocated and bows to Aggro. Aggro tells him to give up his pursuit of Wile as he would not be so fortunate next time, and with that the man flies off. Just after the man leaves Aggro hears a great crash from the roof as if it had come crashing down.
Eoin after seeing the shots taken at Wile and Artemdrious takes aim at the building to the east and sees a slight indentation in some blinds but he waits and hears the cracking of bones growing. Eoin gives up waiting for someone to appear and runs to Hildr picking up her body and jumped to the building where the shots had been coming from. As he landed Eoin got a sense something was wrong and noticed a finger that was visible that was visible and shot at it. The person cried out in pain and started to swing the barrel of the rifle towards Eoin but Eoin fired off another shot. The person hit the ground and then suddenly the roof collapsed underneath him and he took a beating trying to keep Hildr’s body safe. As the dust settled an elderly woman was visible and she threw her gun on the ground and asked Eoin if he wanted to continue. Eoin declined and the woman walked away. Eoin contacted his followers but they arrived too late to take part. Eoin then waited until the ship had left before he jumped back with Hildr to the Kincaid Recovery roof with the rifle.

Aggro went to check upstairs finding the rubble and cam across an elderly woman. Aggro spoke to her and she informed him that she was looking for her gun for sentimental reasons. Aggro warned her to stop pursuing Wile as it would not be worth the risk. She agreed and Aggro suggested to her other ways that she would be able to make her living. Eoin then jumped back over and left the gun after having removed the bullets, and leapt back to Kincaid Recovery. The woman asked Aggro if Eoin was poor as he had stolen her bullets. Aggro shrugged and the two parted ways.

Eric watched as an Anchor was dropped from the ship and skeletons had formed from the bones that had been dropped on the roof, he stood near Bronwyn’s body with the Einherjar standing guard as well. Eric saw the Lore Lei trying to heal Bronwyn. They started to sway and developed bruises on their arms but they supported each other and the bruises disappeared. Then one of the Lore Lei slumped over bleeding from the ears, and then another one had a spasm and her back arched in an unnatural way. The Lore Lei then began to drop like flies each on dying in a gruesome way until there was only one left.
Artemdiorus ran up to Eric asking he required assistance. Eric said no and asked him where he had been since London. Artemdiorus replied that he had been on Mount Olympus and he quickly ran towards the anchor and started to climb up it. The Skeletons had fully formed and stood guard in front of the chain waiting as a small boat descended from the ship. Charlie reappeared from inside Kincaid Recovery carrying a shotgun and he crept up behind the skeletons. A woman was inside the boat with a mask over half her face and a thorn wood staff in her hand embedded into her flesh. Hel had arrived. As the boat alighted on the roof one of the skeletons helped her out the boat. Hel walked over to Eric and gave him an offer that she would save Bronwyn’s life but in exchange he would owe her favour later on. Eric tried to negotiate with Hel but she said it wasn’t open to negotiation. Eric then though about what he would do and then pulled the last Lore Lei off Bronwyn and said to Hel “My love will die then. Fuck you and go back to your Shit hole under the earth.” With that Hel spoke “a fitting gift for such an eloquent child,” and slapped Eric across the face. Eric then struck Hel but she seemed un-phased by the blow.

Corvin over heard much of the conversation and was horrified by what Eric had said. He stayed in the shadows and saw Hel walking over towards him. Hel spoke to Corvin telling him that the great collapse would happen sooner and she had already tried to slow it down pointing towards Eric. Corvin then asked if someone else could take the burden and Hel warned him about the implications of his actions and Corvin said he understood. Hel offered him the thorn wood staff and he grabbed the end presented to him. The blood from each of them flowed towards the middle and as they met in the middle a single drop hit the ground and Bronwyn awoke with a gasp and reached for Eric and with that Hel left.

Eric helped Bronwyn to her feet and everyone was back of the roof of Kincaid Recovery. The skeletons and the ship had left and the chaos had subsided. Bronwyn told Eric what she had seen and Eric told her that she had been dying but had been saved. Bronwyn jumped to the conclusion that is was Eric that had saved her but Eric shook his head and Corvin spoke up saying that it was him who saved her. Bronwyn instantly went into denial but Eric told her that it was true and he was willing to let her die to try and escape his fate. Bronwyn then dropped her sword and helmet on the ground and walked away. Corvin went to help her but she pulled away saying that she wanted to be by herself and left. Corvin then turned to Eric and asked how he could do that and stormed off jumping off the building and went to the pub taking Wile along with him. Aggro received a text from Corvin asking him to meet him in the pub and Aggro left followed by Eoin.

On the roof Eric talked with Haskuldr as Haskuldr wanted to know if Eric would do the same with them if they were tying him to his fate, would he try and sacrifice them. Eric tried to reassure the Einherjar that he would not do something like that to them. With that the Einherjar left and Eric took Bronwyn’s sword and helmet to her office and left them there. He then returned to the roof and took Hildr’s body and laid her in a bed and waited for her to recover.

When Hildr awoke Eric told her what happened on the roof and that Eoin had saved her life. He also told
her about what he had happened to Bronwyn and she was shocked and disbelieving and asked Eric to leave. Eric then went back to his hotel room and retired for the evening.

In the pub Aggro meets up with Corvin and they talk about Eric’s actions and are unable to come to an understanding of what he had done. Aggro sees the man that he had saved and buys him a bottle of tequila and whiskey for himself and Corvin. Eoin walks through the door and Corvin shouts at him to leave. Eoin briefly turns round and walks through away but then turns around and sits at the bar.
After a while Eoin phones goes off and it is Hildr asking him if he wants to meet as she wishes to thank him for saving her life. Hildr arrives shortly after at the bar and talks to Eoin and offers to buy Aggro and Corvin a drink which they accept. Hildr makes her way over to join them with Eoin in tow who tries to offend as many people as possible by discussing the funeral. Hildr bitches about many things including Eric’s actions but also defends him as well. She then makes her excuses to leave as she says she better find Bronwyn before something happens. Wile sat in the corner attracting a lot of attention from many people in the bar and Aggro ends up sending him home with a man, as Wile was unable to tell the difference at that point, telling Wile that he will be taken good care of. Eoin tries his luck with the women in the bar but doesn’t get anywhere and they are enamoured by the other Scions and ends up having to settle for a less attractive one.

The next morning Eric gets up early and goes looking for Bronwyn and follows her trail to a park where he finds an oak tree that has been split in 2 and the trail ends. He then goes back to Kincaid Recovery to talk to Snorri who he finds packing and says that they are moving upwards. Snorri makes Eric one last cheese burger.

Eoin wakes up and rushes the girl he brought back out of his room and hears the jeers from his followers as she does the walk of shame. He then goes out for a brief spell trying to pick up another girl but is unlucky. On his run he hears a man preaching in the street about the end of the world and Eoin talks to him. Eoin listens to the man and then has a vision and the preacher speaks and reacts in horror and throws a small blue stone at Eoin as he runs away in fear.

After Eoin returns to his room he gets a visit from Jenny. She tells him that the invasion is start in 3 weeks. Eoin asks questions about where they are invading and whom they are fighting. She tells him that they are invaded Russia but doesn’t tell him who and that he should be prepared. Eoin then tries to hit on her but quickly regrets his mistake and back outs as she comments about his fingers and with that she leaves. Eoin then intently studies the small blue stone and has an insight that it is a door that leads somewhere underneath Russia. He then gathers his followers to go out for a booze and food run and leaves a note at Kincaid Recovery saying where he is going.

Corvin goes for a run in the morning and as he passes through the park noticing a man playing “Find the pea” and has attracted a large audience and is winning constantly. Corvin decides to play and wins his first 2 games easily. During the 3 game the pea disappears from the table but Corvin noticed that it had gone missing. The man congratulated Corvin on providing such good entertainment and referred to him by name. Corvin gives over half his winnings to the man saying he should get a drink and thanked him for the fun. Corvin then returns to his hotel room.

Aggro contacts Corvin saying that they should meet up and talk to Eric about his actions. Corvin agrees and lets Aggro make the arrangements. Aggro contacts Eric telling him to meet Corvin, Wile and himself at the Washington Monument at 6pm. Eric replies that he will be there. Wile responds to Aggro texts not in the best of moods feeling annoyed after Aggro had sent him home with a man but agreed to meet them at the Monument.

At 6pm the 4 scions meet and they ask Eric why he did what he did last night. Eric explains a bit about the Legend of Sigurd and that he was trying to escape it. He also said that he was scared of how it would turn out and didn’t want to break Bronwyn’s heart. Corvin states that Eric may have already broken her heart with his actions. Aggro suggests that there may be a way round Eric’s fate without Bronwyn having to die. Aggro then asked Eric if he was in the same situation again would he make the same choice. Eric responded in the negative saying that he had made the wrong choice the previous night. The 4 decide that since it wasn’t going to spill over into a fight that they should go have dinner somewhere. Just as they are walking a taxi screeches round the corner with a naked woman strapped to the windscreen with straws.

As Eoin went out making his booze run two of his followers disappeared from his view but he didn’t make anything of it until he heard the screams. He rushed out to see the two that had disappeared drive off in a taxi with a naked woman strapped to the windscreen. Eoin shouted at the others to catch them as the taxi sped off and Eoin gave chase.

The 4 scions leapt into action as they saw the taxi take the corner at break neck speed. They saw a small spiky creature balancing on the steering wheel trying to control the taxi and a creature made of sticks ruffling the taxi driver’s hair. They saw Eoin giving chase and 3 more creatures behind him, a pale naked gorilla, a woman which had been crossed with a slug and a creature that resembled tumbleweed.
Corvin took a shot at the stick creature trying to dislodge it from the driver and took it down in two shots, and it turned into a pile of decaying leaves. Aggro rescued the woman from the taxi and took her to safety placing her next to Wile. Eric leapt over the taxi and engaged the creatures giving chase. He took the gorilla out in one hit and it exploded into a load of flower petals, he then took out the slug woman who blood spilled out which looked like foul Coke. He took the tumbleweed creature captive. The small spiky creature disappeared from sight as it decided it wasn’t going to stick around.

After everything had stopped Eric asked the tumbleweed what is was doing and who its master was. The tumbleweed pointed at Eoin just as Eoin said “What are you doing with my followers” Aggro quickly jumped in as the woman had been taken away by Wile asking Eoin if he had any control over these creatures, Eoin responded in the negative. Eric and Corvin interrogated the tumbleweed about what it was doing but it quickly broke down into incoherent Irish and started to gibber. Aggro suggested to Eoin that he should take himself and his followers to another city and Eoin quickly responded “I’m going to Russia” in an arrogant tone and walked away after being given the tumbleweed.

The 3 Scions talked about their trip to Kiev and Aggro said he would be going to Chicago for a couple of days and then they would be able to set off. Eric and Corvin went off to go and get prepared for their trip with Corvin making arrangements for Visas for Aggro, Eric, Wile and himself.

Eoin got back to his hotel room and found the spiky creature in the mini bar. Eoin punished it and then decided to open the little blue stone that had been thrown at him. A door opened to arctic tundra and Eoin stepped through the door by himself. He set foot on the snow and found that the door way had closed behind him. He looked round and saw a man dressed up as a lumberjack and a large circle of people. The lumberjack asked if he was Eoin and he responded yes and the man shouted “Good the sacrifice has arrived and we need your flesh.”