November 11th 2007

The fight in Guinee continued with two of the Einherjar out of action, cut down by the creatures that had attacked them from their shadows. Others had been more successful, and several of the shadows creatures had been dispatched. The thick mud of Guinee kept trying to pull Eric down into its dark depths, but he battled on. Theodore seemed to have no luck with the creature trying to kill him, although neither was it having any success injuring Theodore. The zombies were taking a battering, having not fully recovered from their fight with the adze. Hito was finding that there is only so much damage that a bullet can do to a creature made of shadow – that or he was just unlucky. Daniel was some distance away battling the wolf-headed and corpse-bodied shadow creature. Despite his unparalleled dexterity, he was eventually thrown back across the battlefield. Rather than considering this to be something of a lucky break, Daniel ripped off his jacket and released his phoenix from the tattoo on his back. Mounting it, he returned to fight the creature. Theodore saw that his zombie allies were suffering from the onslaught, and chose to ignore the creature that was attacking him, instead heading over to the zombies. Once there, he pointed at one of the shadows and initiated the often successful attack pattern delta. Whilst the zombies rallied to Theodore’s expert knowledge, if not skill, in the art of surrounding the enemy and kicking the crap out of it, Daniel was suffering somewhat in his confrontation with the wolf creature. Despite incredible accuracy with his sword, Daniel’s blows mostly glanced off the thick wolf skull, or hewed harmlessly through the shadowy body of the beast. Fortunately, shadow and fire rarely mix well, and the phoenix’s attacks against the creature were more successful. Seeing it injured, Daniel renewed his efforts and landed a solid blow to the beast. Doing so, however, he opened himself up to an attack that finally brought an end to his involvement in the fight. Daniel hit the black mud of Guinee as his own senses slid into the shadows. The wolf creature was prevented from delivering its killing blow to Daniel as the phoenix, perhaps enraged at its ally’s fall, ripped into the shadow of the creature and fatally wounded it. If anyone had been watching, they would have seen the beast slowly toppled to the ground, whatever ghastly substance holding it together dissipating and allowing Guinee to reclaim the corpses as they fell. The phoenix lifted Daniel from the mud before Guinee could claim him and returned to rest of the group. The tide had turned, with the combined efforts of the zombies and their machetes, Theodore and his sword cane and Hito with his array of firearms, finally bringing an end to the assault from the lesser, but still extremely annoying, shadow attackers. As Eric struggled in the mud, and his surviving Einherjar dragged him and the deceased from Guinee’s cold cloying grip, Hito saw something in the distance. Running off in the general direction of the sound he had heard, Hito called back and claimed that he saw dark figures outlined against a coming fiery light. Theodore moved closer to get a better view and recognised the lwa. It was decided that leaving might be a good plan, both by Hito and the lwa. Theodore walked the group to a tree, and with the help of the captain, encouraged the assembled to climb into a hole in it. The phoenix dropped Daniel and returned to its’ tattoo, so the zombies carried him through the tree. The group then found themselves on a dark road – blind however, as the darkness of wherever they were was so thick that even Theodore could only see a couple of feet ahead of him. The captain suggested that they follow the road – the Road of Lost Souls. So Theodore did just that, striking up a song to help the blind follow him. “We’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Guinee” Theodre continued to walk, oblivious to the changes that the others were somehow able to see in him – his clothes turned white, and he wore a white top hat – from the sides of the road a chorus of ghosts joined the march. Finally, the cloying darkness turned from air to water, and the group found themselves deep in the bayous of Louisiana. For no good reason, expect perhaps that not a one of the Scions trusted another any more when it came to transportation, they each made their own way back to New Orleans – Theodore persuading a local to lend him their truck so he could get Daniel to a doctor. Hito called for a taxi and returned to town. Eric and his Einherjar walked back into town to the police station.

Everyone arrived back to find that a week had passed since they had left. Theodore’s men worried over where he had been – but had at least had long enough to get the information that Theodore had asked them to gather about the burials in New Orleans – the descendents of those buried still living in the city. Eric arrived back to find many messages had been left by Bronwyn wondering where he has gone and shouted at him when he phoned, an email had also been left saying greeting truth seeker which he ignored, and also that the murders caused by the dwarfs had started again. Daniel was tended to by Theodores’s doctor and had an email from Bronwyn with a copy of the book he wanted.

Hito travelled to Las Vegas to try and talk to Agent Strykes since he was unable to get in contact with him any other way. He arrived to find that Agent Strykes had moved his operation somewhere else. The commander of the base had also been removed. He then travelled to outside of Vegas to a military base where the weapons recovered from Las Vegas are stored. He then talked the weapons spirit and found out that they are in the service of the Aesir, and he asked Eric if he would be able to find out more about them.

Eric revived his fallen Einherjar and had a long talk with Haskuldr about the situation. He went looking for the dwarfs and found one in the Bayou that had been shot in the head by an assault rifle. He then traced 2 of the dwarfs to the club where he carried out his investigations before. The dwarfs ran out of the club into the sunlight and tuned to stone. He called the SWAT van who picked up the statues while people looked on in horror and recorded it on their phones. He then tracked the remaining dwarfs to the sewers under New Orleans where he found his father Tyr executing the dwarfs as punishment. Eric said he would take the punishment for the last one even though Haskuldr advised against it, and Tyr shot him in the head. Eric survived and was taken back to the police station with the dwarf to recover. He was then woken up by Lucien Arnborg so that he could attend a meeting with him and Theodore to discuss some of the problems with New Orleans.

Theodore spent his time sending out invitations to all the living descendents of those buried in the cemeteries of New Orleans. Much like the parties that had been held in the Lafayette cemetery, Theodore hoped to bring the living to the dead to bring power to those who would be his allies in the future – and to spread his reputation and test the waters re his activities in the areas of New Orleans outside the territory of the OGHP. The invitations read “The Baron D’Ivoire invites you to a party to be held in honor and memory of those who have served New Orleans in the past. Bring your love for your family and your community, and respect for all those that came before you. Everything else will be provided.”

In between all the arrangements that needed to be made to get the ball rolling on his party front, Theodore attended a meeting with Lucien Arnborg and Eric to discuss the problems of New Orleans mainly Daniel Blake, as well as the Aztec Scion Johnny.

Daniel spent time in the hotel recovering from his wounds. chatting to the three and reading his new book. He was visited by a man called Tommy Li who appeared outside of his window, who said he was from the Celestial Bureaucracy and wished to set up a meeting between his father and Daniel’s to discuss how they could help in the fights against the Titans.

Hito travelled to Geneva to talk to Badescu about the recent attempt on his life and if he would be able to talk to the Serbian President about the release of a US operative Shiva back to the US government. In his meeting with the President, in his car, the bodyguards drew guns and started to shoot at the President. Hito Managed to get in the way of a bullet but the President was killed. The bodyguards were then killed off by an unseen force which Hito commands it to reveal itself and a man in a balaclava appeared and spoke in an Australian accent and then disappeared.