Nidavellir Black Ops

NiĆ°avellir. The dark fields where the ravens roost. Home of the dwarves and other, stranger things, including the NiĆ°avellir Black Ops. squad, if the soldier recently interrogated is to be believed. Mounted on what appear to be technologically altered gryphons, the squad were engaged in a pitched battle over north and western Las Vegas with the forces of Huitzilopochtli which expanded to involve the military units stationed at Nellis Air Force base. After communications were intercepted which referred to the "cleansing of the area to seal the wound", an act which appeared to be causing fissures within the squad, Daniel assaulted the command gryphon hovering high above the base, dodging and weaving through a hail of small arms fire, to slay the gryphon and capture the majority of its crew. The gryphon's fall into the centre of the base rendered its cargo, two magically warded containers know only as "The Annihilators", irretrievable for the moment. Although Norwegian in origin, the soldier interrogated claimed to be working for a man called Valek. Further discussion was interrupted by the military.
They have since been encountered raiding an apparently unsanctioned military digsite west of Chetumal, in Southeast Mexico, and again guarding a tower block in San Francisco.