Nellis Air Force Base

The largest of its kind in America, Nellis Air Force Base is a United States Air Force base, in Clark County, Nevada, on the north side of Las Vegas. As of 2000, the base had a population of 8,896. Nellis is the location of the USAF's Air Warfare Center of the Air Combat Command, a major training location for both US and foreign fighter aircraft pilots. The base is named for William Harrell Nellis, a Las Vegas resident and P-47 pilot who died in action during the Battle of the Bulge.
The main base covers approximately 11,300 acres (46 kmĀ²). 62 percent of it is undeveloped, while the remaining area is either paved or contains structures.
Neliis hosts its own Solar Power Plant and is situated just east of the Nevada Test and Training Range. Recently units from the base were involved in an aerial battle with forces from Nidavellir and the forces of Huitzilopochtli. As a result of intervention by the band, the US military was successful in apprehending several of the Nidavellir forces, and some of their unusual cargo. Shiva may also have been sighted there, or at least something using similar methods of concealment.