Welcome To Mythic

Mythic, Texas.
A spitball of a town crouched between Houston and Pasadena, Mythic's three streets hold nothing to surprise the connoisseur of the average small Southern town. Founded in 1849 as an outpost for the wider Texas gold rush, due to the peculiar concentration of gold seams on its Northern reach the town fried in the Southern sun for over a century with little change, as its wealth and its youth were siphoned off down tarmac arteries to the growing metropolises to the North and South.
The town experienced a fresh infusion of cash and blood in 1982 when Joe Ferguson established the fledgling Ferguson Copper Mining Corp. Benefiting from a number of successful contracts with Houston's
aeronautics, shipping and energy sectors, Joe and his wife Martha succeeded in turning Mythic into a solvent, if unremarkable example of modern Texan life.
Regrettably, as always, progress has had its price for Mythic. Most recently, this has manifested in continuing opposition to further copper mining in the area by various environmental bodies.Internet sites and number of local news pieces suggest that the majority of opposition comes from the perceived threat posed to Karaha Lake on the town's Western border by increasing spoil from the mining operation.
Most vocal in their online opposition to the Ferguson's activities, although limited by their geographical locations have been the snappily named B.E.A.S.T.
As of June 3rd, the first B.E.A.S.T. protester, Autumn Raine arrived in Mythic, bringing with her a dog on a string, and the gaze of the Gods.

Events snowballed.