Monday 4th (Night)

Autumn was woken at 1am by sirens. Looking out her apartment window she saw two men apparently trying to rape a woman in the middle of the street. Before she could act, a police car pulled up, and two officers sprinted out and cracked the assailants over the head with their batons. Both collapsed to the ground, the woman was helped up and taken to the police car by one officer, while the other cuffed the suspects, before turning round and kicking them in their stomachs repeatedly. Shortly after, an ambulance drew up, and paramedics collected the girl. The ambulance then proceeded past the doctor's office in the direction of the police station.
Realising she had left her boots at the lake, she left the squat and, passing the pooled blood of the two men, strolled off down the moonlit path to Karaha Lake, finding them resting on the burger vans shelf, with a note, "Remember your boots next time :)"
Shod, but puzzled, she returned to bed, and slept.