Monday 4th (Day)

After arriving in Mythic, TX, Autumn left her squat in an abandoned apartment on Mythic's 2nd street bright and early with her dog, Scarab. Strolling through dusty, sun-kissed streets to the path which led out to Karaha Lake Autumn was struck by a sudden buzzing in her ears,which sent sliver of pain shooting through her skull. Both the girl and the dog appeared affecetd by the strange sensation, but it quickly passed, allowing them to continue up the tree-lined path to the sandy shores of Karaha Lake.
At the lake, a cool breeze skipped across the placid waters, smoke rose from a small log cabin on the far shore, and the sound of frying could be heard from a snack van parked next to some plastic tables on the lakeshore. An American tourist couple were in the area, taking photographs of the countryside, and the waterfowl on the lake, but they soon left on noticing Autumn's unique sense of personal hygiene. The young girl stepped onto the sandy shore and took her cherry red Doc Marten's off, dipping her toes in the icy water, and marvelling at its clarity. She struck up a conversation with the man who ran the burger van and cafeteria on the lakes edge in order to get a waterbowl for her dog. While Joe was initially wary of the dishevelled girl, he couldn't help but warm to her, and they chatted about the Lake, and life in Mythic. They watched the couple stroll around the shore, and the woman start towards the wooden before her wrist was grabbed by her husband, and she was pulled back. On inquiry, Joe said the cabin was home to a "Crazy old fella. Some kinda Native American hangover." The tourists began scattering bread to the ducks on the lake.
Autumn left the burger van and began walking round the lake, looking out over the water. It didn't take her long to realise that the ripples in the lake were moving strangely, and she watched in horror as some unseen force began snatching ducks from the lake surface and dragging them beneath the water. Despite hurling stones at the ripples, Autumn was powerless to prevent the ducks disappearing into the depths. As blood and feathers rose to the surface, Autumn strode into the lake, presumably fearing for the life of both tourists, and ducks. As the tourists fled screaming, the girl felt something large and slick brush against her leg, and she leapt from the water, staring in consternation at the blue-black glue which clung to her thighs. Scarab snarled at her and shied away, until she scraped the worst of the goo off with a handful of grass.
Startled, Autumn turned to see an old man exit the cabin and begin gesturing frantically at the Lake, gabbling frantically in a language she didn't understand. Approaching trepidatiously, Autumn found the man spoke English, albeit strangely accented, and he introduced himself as Antonito Guerrero before inviting her in. Autumn accepted, but was beat to the punch by Scarab who bolted past them both and curled up happily in front of the log stove.
Over water, the pair discussed the Lake, and Mythic. Antonito warned Autumn that the Lake was full of "Bad spirits, dark spirits, foreign spirits" which had manifested approximately a month ago. Discussing her environmental concerns, Antonito intoned, "The poison of the mine will spread. The spirits of the earth will die, the spriits of the Lake will die, and the spirits of the wood will die. We will die." Seeing her dejection, the old man offered counsel any time she wished it, but depressed and disheartened, Autumn, and (reluctantly) Scarab, returned to town where they met Big Al, had coffee and pie, and scuttled back to the squat for the day.