May 31st 2009

Kiev lies in disarray as people are falling over from some strange disease and rising again as a zombie. Corvin has just finished seeing a vision which shows the blonde girl that the Scions had seen earlier hand in hand with the Metropolitan below the city. Eric, Tony and Corvin are all in the hotel that Tony was staying at when Kiev was cut off by a barrier separating them from the rest of the world. Aggro is sitting at 4 miles high over the city and looking out over the barrier and sees large wurms coiling and writhing on the other side of the barrier. Aggro also sees that anyone trying to leave the barrier appears on the opposite side.

At the hotel Tony runs off to try and help and EMT while Corvin looks out over the city and sees that some people are coughing and falling over about 80% of the population while the other 20% are staying healthy and Corvin hears that there is a faint popping sound surrounding them and he see the strands of fate leading away from them. The healthy ones where leading up into the sky and forming a throbbing mass 10 miles in the sky, while the ones that were dying were leading into the ground and were a rotten brown colour. He also sees that the wurms beyond the barrier are teeming with legend and it is painful to look at. Corvin also noticed that the ghosts from the ones that were dying were not leaving their bodies. Corvin also notices that there are spores in the air that catch on the back of his throat. Corvin informs Eric and then wonders how to contact Aggro while Eric suggests that he just phones him. Corvin then phones Aggro and tell him about the mass in the sky and that himself and Eric were heading to the monastery.

Corvin decides to fly to the monastery and as he is passing over the city he sees a police barricade being assaulted by zombies and shoots one of the zombies in the head and talks to the ghost which doesn’t have much information and asked if Corvin is going to absolve him of his sins which Corvin replies that he can’t and that the ghost should go to a church but not the monastery. Corvin then takes to the air and is interrupted part way in his flight.

Aggro sees that the majority of zombies are slowly making progress towards the south of the city. Aggro after being informed by Corvin decides to fly up to 10 miles and investigate what is there. Aggro sees the blonde woman that they had saved from the forest the other day, and that she was impaled on a spear which was covered in what looked like Norse runes. Aggro sees the woman mouthing HELP ME at him and he tries to phone Corvin but finds that his phone has no reception. He spots Corvin and types a text message on his phone and throws it at Corvin, releasing after that if he shouted at Corvin he would have heard him. Corvin catches the phone and sees the message and him and Aggro start to talk over the large distance about what should be done while Corvin closes the distance. When Corvin arrives he sees the spear and thinks about what possible connection it could have and came up with that it was part of a spell to help protect the city. The two of them fly towards the monastery.

Eric runs through the streets towards the monastery and sees the police barricade being overran by zombies and saw that the bullets they were firing were just passing through the zombies. Eric keeps on running through the streets until he gets to the monastery and sees that it has been heavily fortified. Just as Eric makes a break towards the walls a whole host of zombies starts to assault the walls. The snipers start to shoot indiscriminately at the zombies and Eric as Eric tries to save the police officers that were overrun in the initial assault. When Eric tries to grab a zombie his fingers warp and bend at unnatural angles so he decides just to grab the police officers. Once Eric gets inside the gates he starts to organise a much more ordered defence and gets the officer to use batons and riot shields to fight back the zombies and inspires the men so that they don’t run away. Eric creates a map of the area so he can see the situation round the monastery and sees that they are slowly being surrounded. He notices Aggro’s and Corvin’s icon appear on the map near the monastery and sees zombies carrying large fuel tanks towards the walls and then a large blast comes from the back of the monastery and Eric orders the police officers to fall back to inside the catacombs and everyone including the scions retreats back into the catacombs.

Inside the catacombs the Scions leave the monks to tend to the wounded police officers as then follow Corvin into the catacombs. As they advance through the catacombs they encounter two guards at a door and Corvin stops to talk to the two of them. Eric says he is able to follow the scent of the Metropolitan and they continue on through the catacombs. They go through the route they had been through previously until they end up at the cavern where they encountered the bat creature last time.

They descend to the bottom to find the last guard of the Metropolitan, Alexander, standing guard with a man covered in slash marks and burns facing him. Chambers suggests attacking the zombie looking man as they see that he has gore covering one hand and holding a severed head in the other. Aggro says they should find out who the enemy is first and starts to talk to Alexander and they suggest that they should take the Metropolitan away to a secure location. The zombie man’s phone goes off and Corvin answers it and doesn’t reassure the woman on the other end of the phone and she hangs up and decides to call the police. The Scions see if they can call outside of Kiev and Aggro phones Wile and gets in contact with Echo who was on Mount Olympus. Aggro then tries to call one of his band mates and there was a horrible clicking sound coming from the phone which tried to get inside everyone’s head. Corvin then flies up a few feet in the air and takes out his crystal fang to consult the fates and then the zombie man attacked.

It grabbed Corvin legs and clung on tightly. Corvin tried to break free but the creature ribs contorted and clung on tightly to Corvin’s legs. Aggro then tried to hit the creature with his club but narrowly missed the creature’s head and then Eric tried to grab and pull the creature off Corvin but missed. The creature then accelerated upwards and through the roof with Corvin, but Corvin managed to wriggle free from the creature and descended back into the cavern. Alexander tried to make a run for it with the Metropolitan but Aggro stopped him and said that he would be able to get him to a safe place and the Scions decided on a sports stadium not far from the monastery, and Aggro took Alexander and the Metropolitan to the stadium, Corvin was asked to get a doctor to come to the stadium to look after the Metropolitan, and Eric said he would make his way to the stadium.

At the nearest hospital Corvin managed to convince a doctor to go to the stadium as well as a nurse to look in on the Metropolitan, and then Corvin flew off to the hill. On his way there he consulted the fates and he got the answers that the cause of the plague was the Titan of Decay and that to end it the avatar Eoin would have to be destroyed and he was located at Vladimir Hill. He informed Aggro of this.

At the stadium Eric arrived and he and Aggro waited on the doctor arriving. When the doctor did arrive Eric acted as a translator between Aggro and the doctor. The doctor said that the Metropolitan’s condition had gotten worse and that he should be moved to an intensive care unit so that they would be able to run tests to determine if the cancer had spread. Aggro and Eric decided it would be the best course of action to take him to the hospital and phoned Corvin to meet them there. Aggro carried the doctor and nurse after flashing them a winning smile and being reassured by Eric and Asbo carried the Metropolitan and Alexander, while Eric ran towards the hospital.
At the hospital the police officers stopped because of Asbo and Corvin’s dog and Eric convinced them that they were here to protect the Metropolitan. The Scions then started to discuss what their next course of action should be and it was to get rid of the avatar but wondered if they were able to sever the connection between Eoin and the Titan and Corvin said that the Titan had taken over his body and spirit but not his mind. They were also concerned about what would happen at the hospital in case the Metropolitan was attracting the zombies towards him, and that if the Metropolitan died that the earth of Kiev would lose what sanctity it had left and Eric went and talked to the officer in charge and convinced him to relay information if the hospital came under threat. Corvin got a text from Tony asking for help but replied that they had something else to do rather than tend to the infected, and got a reply saying “Worth a try – G.”

The Scions then agreed to meet at the base of Vladimir hill and would take a tied up zombie with them as a way to determine if they have severed the connection. Aggro went off to talk to Baldur and found when he arrived several people who looked healthy and saw him curing one of the zombie people. Aggro convinced Baldur to come with them to the forest to try and help remove the link between Eoin and the Titan.

The group met at the foot of Vladimir hill and they advanced into the forest. Despite Eric's hunter's sense suggesting that Eoin was all around, the group couldn’t see Eoin anywhere and were unsure how to proceed, until Baldur suggested that they should call him out. Eric spoke up and then suddenly a sword appeared through Baldur’s chest and he slumped towards the ground but Aggro managed to catch him before he fell into the ground. The group saw Eoin and that he had been corrupted physically by the Titan, and that he was nothing but rotten flesh and maggots. Baldur was starting to heal as the Scions joined battle against Eoin.

The fight started and Eric tried to grab Eoin to pin him down but missed while Corvin took aim with his gun and Eoin started to take aim with his bow. Aggro positioned himself between Eoin and Baldur and shouted out that they were not to allow him to get a hold of their relics. Eoin took a shot at Baldur but Aggro took the arrow instead and then he threw Eoin up into the air and went for his full distance of 4 miles. Corvin took aim and Eric waited while Baldur started to glow and Aggro threw his golf club to try and break Eoin’s bow. Eoin took a shot at Aggro scoring another hit on him. Aggro threw his golf club again and disarmed Eoin but the bow was called back to Eoin’s hands and he took another shot at Aggro scoring only a glancing hit. While Eric, Baldur and Corvin just waited for Eoin to come closer to the ground. Aggro then threw his golf club again and managed to break Eoin’s bow and Eoin disappeared in a cloud of moths and reappeared behind Aggro but in front of Baldur. Baldur then stabbed Eoin with his sword while Eoin ripped off the Gods non sword arm. Aggro and Eric tried to pull and push Eoin off the sword but didn’t manage to get him more than a few inches up the blade. Eoin then ripped off Baldur’s other arm and runes started to glow along the blade. Eric smacked the sword out of Eoin from the back using the palm of his hand which caused a sever wound to him but it didn’t show. Aggro then using his position made Eoin face plant into the ground and then Baldur assumed the aspect of the Glory. Baldur became a magnificent glowing figure clad in the purest white, and as Aggro and Eric held Eoin pinned to the ground, Eoin was burned to nothing but charred bones.

After the fight Eric went looking for Baldur’s sword and looked along the path it had taken and found that a tree had been split and a spring of mistletoe was growing in the split. Aggro and Corvin went back to the car and found that the zombie was now a normal person and they let him go and they came back to talk to Baldur. Eric informed Baldur of what he saw and Baldur said that he was going to have to leave as he wanted to avoid the fate that was opening up before him. Aggro asked what that was and Eric informed him of what fate awaited Baldur to do with mistletoe. The Scions decided to meet back at the hospital.

Aggro flew up into the sky and helped the woman that was impaled on the spear, when he removed the spear the barrier stop existing and they looked as if they were able to get back into the real world. He brought the woman back to the hospital and she was taken away by the hospital staff and Aggro was left holding the spear and went into the hospital to find Corvin and Eric.
Eric went back to talk to the commanding officer and told him that the situation had been resolved with the zombies and that if he needed any help to call on him. The officer sat there in shock and awe at the news.
Corvin was standing in the Metropolitan room and Eric joined him when the doctor told them that the Metropolitan had slipped into a deep coma and Aggro joined them not long after and Eric informed him of what had happened to the Metropolitan. Aggro showed Corvin the spear and Corvin thought that is didn’t look like a war spear as the majority of its shaft was metal and was to protect the wielder against demons and spirits and that it was a gift to Styrbiorn, Alf's son in 1032.

Not long after Garm entered into the room holding a box in one of his hands. Corvin drew his pistol and pointed it at him but Garm said that he didn’t want to fight and that he was there to deliver a present to the Scions and placed the box he was holding down and wiped a large glob of blood from his face and left. Aggro opened up the box and found inside was the severed head of Tony.