March 9th 2008

Session 14 in which: -

Concerned for the fate of his allies in Echo Squad, risking facing up to powerful supernatural threate with merely mortal fortitude, Agent Hito decided to seek out supernatural aid and fortification for them. To this end, he decided to seek out the kami of America and ask for their blessing. Each memeber of Echo Squad would be protected by their own patron kami and have a greater chance to stand against the trials to come. They would become something more than just Echo Squad.

For his first patron, Agent Hito sought out the kami representing the memory and legacy of Matin Luther King, Jr. He went to the Stone of Hope, to seek out the spirit their and petition it on behalf of Tyrone, the squad's one-tome wealthy Bostonite. After being initially unable to rouse the spirit, Agent Hito wrote out a prayer script entreating it onces more and burnt it, along with a measure of his own ichor-infused blood, at the base of the statue. This was enough to raise the spirit. After a short conversation, Agent Hito was able to convince the spirit to offer what aid it could. As a mark of their agreement, the statue shed a flake from itself to act as a connection. However, in making his bargain Agent Hito was snapped by a lucky shutterbug who had apparently been lurking in the darkness some distance away.

Concerned for his reputation if pictures of him making what appeared to be some kind of bizarre sacrifice at the monument, Agent Hito took off into the shadows after the phohtographer. After a brief pursuit, he was able to track his observer to the offices of the Washington Star, one of less reputable of the city's newspapers. Conflicted, Agent Hito realised that he couldn't bring himself to interefer in the right to a free press just to protect himself. Instead, he came up with a potentially risky plan. Schmoozing his way past the building's doorman, he made his way to the photogrpaher's office and offered him some more 'interesting' material for his shot. Summoning the ichor within, he demonstrated his kanji-scribed parchment skin, as well as his preternatural spped and strength, finishing the demonstration by leaping out of the window and disappearing into the night. Sure enough, the resulting story - on page 3, no less - was so sensational that there was little chance of anyone taking it seriously, or genuinely connecting it to Agent Hito Yoshiro of the FBI. What Fate made of such a public display may have been another matter entirely …

Detective Chambers chased his quarry all the way to Montauk, NY [Not Canada, oops] only to have him walk out on bail when he got back to New Orleans.

Ravencroft began tailing the criminals of New Orleans, surveilling their lives and tapping their homes.

The Basra Tablet was finally translated. Leading to an unfortunate incident in the New Orleans PD, a hostage at a hotel, and the massacre of the Einherjar in their apartment.

Haskuldr's sword was returned to him, distinctly different.

After his initial success at the Stone of Hope, Agent Hito went on to track down other guardian kami of America to get their blessings. For the all-american Matthew hew went to a barn in the centre of Kansas, heart of America and the Midwest. A good natured chat and an ofering of Bud later and he had an ear of corn from the golden fields as a token from it. A DVD of the series '24' gave a chance to arrange a meeting with the furtive figure of Jack Bauer. Sure enough, exactly one day a later a promise of his best to help protect Truth, Justice and the American way were accompnaied with a fragment of the original DVD disc as a token for former CIA man Christian. A respectful enquiry via the face of a Susan B. Anthony was rewarded by a blessing from the honoured suffragette for the Squad's female member, Tabatha, and the coin itself as token. Agent Hito made preparations to head off on Le Amistad, with dog-tags being prepared to act as receptacles for the kami's tokens and charms for the members of Echo Squad. The last kami to be sought out was Emperor Norton of California, and the Brothers Tengu were sent off ot respectfully ask for his aid while Hito headed off into darker seas. His token, in the form of a single grain of rice, would later be returned by them for Guy, completing the set.

The Baron D'Ivoire visited to the aquarium, saw Spots and struck a deal with SHelley, for a family. After talking to a neglected ghost child, a single father and his ailing child provided him with what he needed, after much soul searching.

Raven croft checked out The Masks of Odin using a library card kindly deposited by a small black cat, finding the book had been reserved in his name, complete with a photo, forty years before it was written.

Haskuldr returning to his senses, was rendered inchoate, before shaving his head and cutting his beard.

Ravencroft saw one of the The Daughters of Erzulie nursing a baby.

Having sent the ever helpful Tengu off to China earlier to seek out the aid of the cleansing spirit he had been told of earlier, they returned with an offer for Agent Hito, as well as a taste for airline peanuts. The spirit of the Wandering Lake, a curious hydrological feature in China would help remove the dark mark from him if he would find it a permanent home to move to. The lake's counteraprt was part of a natural series of connected caves that caused it to rise and fall, filling different lakebeds at different times. Somehwat leary of stepping on the toes of the Celestial Bueaucracy, Agent Hito agreed nonetheless and said that he would do what he could to find it a new resting place.

The tithe was paid to the mermaid of the aquarium, and the Scions began the long journey to the Amistad.

The ghostfish chattered, and an interfering woman was beheaded.

The Amistad was reached, in the midst of a dispute over ownership.