Major Andrea Hill

Psych. Report
Basra, 7th Armoured Brigade, Sergeant Nicholas Ashecart
Subject: Major Andrea Hill
F.A.O.: Project Kronos

[I thought you boys might find this right interesting. Straight up your alley, isn't it? Don't forget my usual.]

Subject Hill appears to display clear symptoms of intermittent explosive disorder. The incident at the eastern checkpoint last week only confirms my suspicions. Although I originally attributed the Major's issues to PTSD it occurs to me now that her anxiety, manic depression, and curious behaviour may be symptoms rather than causes in and of themselves. I would recommend that Major Hill be removed from frontline duty immediately, as doing so would immediately reduce our collateral in our current sphere of operations, and stunt the current prevalence of deviant religious practice amongst the long-serving soldiers. After the Suriyat incident in 2006, I hardly think we need another insurrection.

Reply to Sergeant Ashecart.

Issuer: MoD, by order of The Rt Hon. Bob Ainsworth, MP

My dear Ashecart,
While I appreciate your concerns, and do not dispute your personal and professional judgement in the matter, I am afraid that Major Hill is far to valuable to our current effort to be decomissioned. As a gesture of respect, I expressed your concerns to our thinktank, and the good folk at Kincaid Logistics assure me that our resources are currently deployed in the best areas for the continued security of the United Kingdom. We nonetheless appreciate your vigilance and your concern, and especially your diligence after Suriyat.