London Revisted

Africa has been dealt with sort of. We got Moshei and HR back but then HR was taken away from us again as a POW by Garm, that fucking dog is really starting to make problems for us but there isn't much we can do about it just now as we don't know what assets he currently has so we are off to London to try and find a way to get back HR. For some of us it is the first time we have been back to London since the Frost Giants screwed it up, I guess each of us is going to react differently to it.

I can't believe the state London is in even after all this time. I know it has only been a few months but still you would expect at least some more to do done. I know Katrina was bad and some of New Orleans still wasn't what it used to be but at least an effort had been made, but then again that wasn't an ice age that hit New Orleans, but London feels different somehow I can't tell what it is.

I wanted to see if Bronwyn has left anything in London, her business, her house anything at all. I know she took everything away in America but she might have left something here in London she was here long before our paths crossed. It was sad to see Kincaid Recovery ripped apart for renovation into some sort of housing. Snorri's kitchen gutted of everything, the fridges and freezers emptied of all the weapons they contained, the smell of the perfect burger no longer lingering in the air. It felt worse knowing that Snorri would never again cook those burgers since he had been killed in Asgard.

What was Bronwyn's office was different. There was no longer the glare from the pure white walls they had been stripped away. Her white furniture had been taken away, partition walls separated the large room into smaller ones. The smell of her perfume no longer lingered in the air, the smell of sweat, sawdust and plaster replacing it. This was the feeling I felt on arriving that emptiness, it was because she was no longer here, no longer in this world. I guess I knew deep down but this confirmed it for me she wasn't here and I had caused her to leave.

I even went to her old apartment and could hear the giggling of girls having fun but I could just tell that it wasn't the valkyries laughing. I didn't have the courage to go and find out who was living there and if they had any forwarding address for who lived there beforehand. I guess the only thing I can try and do now is drown my sorrows and try and have some fun with the EInherjar until another thing decides to come along and cause havok for us.