Lacey Leveaux, Scion of Loki

A stunningly attractive woman with long, raven black hair and an hourglass figure, Lacey claimed to be a Scion of Loki working on behalf of Heimdall. Despite possessing a token bearing the rune Kaunaz, Hito heard something suspicious in Lacey's words at the Hyatt Regency meeting, and summarily executed her, firing a blessed bullet from a matchlock rifle down her smouldering cigarette and into her brain.
Lacey's ghost has been seen since, apparently in the Underworld, surrounded by dark pine trees, where shadowy figures flit from branch to branch.
Lacey was resurrected by the Baron, apparently with some extreme conditions placed upon her. The fact that half of her face is now a carved African mask certainly implies such. When the Fenrir attacked the Olympus Casino, she appeared willing to sacrifice herself to stop them, and was responsible for returning the true Heart of Surt to the Band.