Legend Of The Five Suns

The Legend of the Five Suns
The Aztec Legend of the Five Suns survives in pictographs carved and painted on stone, scattered oral traditions kept by the distant descendants of the Aztecs, and texts of ancient Mexico.
Accounts of the Five Suns vary slightly, but the cycle is always the same. The cosmos goes through a series of deaths and rebirths. In each age the world is destroyed through a different agent. Life cannot be renewed until a new god or goddess sacrifices him or herself to become the new sun and light for the world.
The first sun was known as Four Water. In this age, the gods created humans from ashes and gave them acorns for food. This age was ruled by Chalchiuhtlicue, the water goddess and came to an end when the world was engulfed by floods. Some people where saved by being transformed into fish.
The second sun was known as Four Jaguar. The people of this age were said to be monstrous. Giants walked under the Second Sun, and the legends say their greeting was "Don't fall!" because whoever fell would fall for good. The Second Sun was ruled by Tezcatlipoca and came to an end when the sun fell from the sky and set the world ablaze. With no light, the remaining people were eaten by jaguars.
The third age was known as Four Rain and was ruled by Tlaloc. This age came to an end when fire and gravel rained down from the sky and set the land ablaze. Some people were saved by being changed into birds.
The fourth sun was known as Four Wind and was ruled by Quetzalcoatl. This age came to an end when a great hurricane raged across the land and blew the people off the face of the world. Some people survived by being changed into monkeys and scattering themselves in the forests and mountains.
The fifth and final sun is known as Four Movement and is ruled by Nanahuatzin. This era came into being when the god of the age threw himself into a fire to become the sun. However at first he was motionless, and so the other gods sacrificed their blood to provide him with the energy for his celestial movement. People were created when Quetzalcoatl journeyed to the underworld to recover the remains of humans from the previous suns. On his way back, he was forced into a battle with the Death Lord, Miclantecuhtli and the bones broke. Upon returning the realm of gods, he had the earth goddess Cihuacoatl grind the bones into meal. Finally, he sprinkled the remains with blood from his penis to create a new race of humans. The fifth sun will come to an end when the sun no longer receives enough blood to continue his course, and the world will be destroyed by earthquakes.