June 8th 2008

In a hotel room in San Francisco a man named Oliver Wile was enjoying his stay when there was a knock at his door. Mr Wile went to answer and found a woman who forced her way into the room. She didn’t introduced herself but told Mr Wile that a contract had been taken out on life but as a mark of respect to his mother she would give him 4 minutes before it started. She then handed several file containing information on Theodore, Hito, Eric and Ravencroft and said that these people would be able to help me. She then told Wile to hit her out the window, so he took a kettle and with the help of the woman made it look convincing.

Wile then quickly gathered up his belongings and made a run for his car, and while driving phoned Hito but got no answer. He then phoned Eric and got an answer, when he told Eric his life was in danger, he got the reply “Sure it is,” and the line went dead. Wile then phoned Ravencroft and managed to get someone who would listen to him. After a brief conversation Ravencroft suggested that Wile travel to New Orleans, and so Wile headed off to the airport. When he tried to book his plane Wile could not remember his credit card number. Then Wile received a phone call from Hito and they arranged a meeting place in San Francisco.

Meanwhile Hito was talking to his mother, after the incident that happened at his house in San Francisco, about his father being the Japanese the God of War Hachiman. Eric was busy to the tending the wounds that Haskuldr had suffered during the time Dyri had taken control of his body . Theodore was outside the front of the house. Hito after finishing with his phone call to Wile went outside to talk to Theodore about his meeting with Mr Wile that would be taking place in an hours time, Theodore agreed to go with him.

During this time Eric made a phone call to Bronwyn to explain the situation that had happened in San Francisco. He then demanded that a meeting be set up between himself and Odin to discuss the issues of the Masks, Bronwyn cautioned Eric that he should show respect since Odin is the All Father. Hito then talked to Eric about his meeting with Wile. Eric told Hito that he had a meeting with Odin so would not be able to go with him. Eric then apologised to Hito about the damage that had been caused by Dyri when he appeared.

Meanwhile in New Orleans Ravencroft was tracking down the missing bits of Eric’s Einherjar, and followed the trail north until he came to a garage. When he entered, he found the place covered in runes of rebirth, change and chrysalis, and found the pieces of the Einherjar stitched, stapled and melded together with runes covering them. Ravencroft, using Tyrfang, dismembered the body and placed the pieces in sacks just as a car pulled up outside. Ravencroft quickly hid in the rafters so that he was not caught out in the open. A man entered the garage and started to shift shape. Ravencroft launched himself at him, but missed. The man then drew a sword from his spine, while Ravencroft prepared to dodge the blow, the blow went wide and Ravencroft lashed out himself but only scored a glancing hit, and the man seemed to enjoy the pain. The two then started talking about what had happened, the man introduce himself as The Mechanic. Ravencroft found out The Mechanic employers had caused the 5 minutes of time to be lost and had managed to deal with the Gods and their children. The 2 then came to an agreement that Ravencroft would take away the bodies and The Mechanic told him how to cleanse the bodies. Ravencroft then phoned Eric and told him that his men would not be able to be revived until they had been cleansed in the Well of Urd, and also about The Mechanic.

That night Ravencroft went out drinking and heard a car screeching outside and saw the body of one of Cusco’s men, which had been ran over. The ghost, that was over the body, told Ravencroft that a fat Haitian woman ran him over but he didn’t know anymore than that. The next day Ravencroft travelled to Washington and talked to Hildr, who gave him a pistol to send ghosts on to the next world, “So the Loa don’t claim them all,” according to Ravencroft. They also planned about trying to keep Eric and Bronwyn from getting too close to avoid another incident like Sigurd. Ravencroft then went back to New Orleans and gathered his men and travelled to Greece to meet up with the other Scions.

Wile as he arranged with Hito arrived at the plaza before his meeting, and took up a hiding place behind a sculpture in the centre, which was 3 sheets of metal arranged into a bowed triangle. While he was waiting a woman on the other side of the plaza collapsed and people rushed to her aid while Wile watched from his hiding spot.

Hito and Theodore as they were pulling up to the plaza took in the scene but also spotted a sniper on one of the roofs taking aim at Mr Wile. Hito took out his pistol and shot off the end of the gun before it could be fired, and with that the assassin disappeared leaving behind only the gun and nothing else. Hito and Theodore then approached Mr Wile and had a brief chat with him, where he told them that a contract had been taking out his life as well as theirs and others. Hito then enquired about the woman Wile informed him that she just collapsed, when asked why he didn’t help Wile gave no answer.

Hito over to investigate, and Theodore told Wile to follow as he went to investigate the woman. When the Scions took a look at the woman they saw wrinkles appear and disappear under the woman’s skin. Wile using his ability to asses health to find that the woman was being born and dying in a never ending cycle. Wile then tried to ease the woman’s suffering and found that after he had touched her his hand aged but returned to normal.. After the woman was taken to hospital Hito, Theodore and Wile had a conversation, and Hito arranged for a safe haven for Wile for the night and to make travel arrangements to Greece which Wile had told them that they would have to go and see the Oracle of Delphi.

Hito then took Wile, Echo squad and the Tango to spend a night in a hotel with Wile under protective custody. During the night Hito heard two very faint noises coming and quickly rushed to Wile’s room to ensure his safety and found the Scion of Tsuki-Yomi, that he had killed in London, standing in the room. The Scion ran for the window hoping to make an escape but Hito gave chase and followed him through the window. On the descend Hito loaded one of the Desolation rounds into pistol hoping that it would kill the Scion again but only managed to gravely injure him. Hito had Echo squad take Wile and put him in a secure place, while he gave chase with the Tengu.

Hito followed the trail to a disused petrol station where an unknown person helped the Scion of Tsuki-Yomi escape by using illusions, but Hito having remember where the petrol was stored wasn’t fooled by the illusions decided to level the area. Once the explosion and fire had settle Hito found no trace of where he target had fled to, but not wanting to lose his man he secure a Geiger counter from the FBI in the city and then gave chase by having one of the Tengu carry him. When Hito had been lifted high enough the Tengu let go of Hito, and only by his quick reflexes was he able to grab on again. Hito then decided to stop the chase for now and went back to the hotel.

When Hito arrived back at the hotel he made a small shrine to the Poison Sun and summoned the Kami of the bullet he used, but the Kami said it was having trouble because someone had bound the spirit and it couldn’t tell Hito where it was because it hurt. Hito then informed the Poison Sun, which showed extreme anger that its child was unable to do its task. The next day Hito, Wile, Echo squad and the Tengu travelled to Washington to pick up Eric and then travelled to Cyprus where Theodore made his entrance.

Meanwhile Eric travelled to the airport with Haskuldr and found that he had misplaced his tickets only to find them in the other pocket. Once they had boarded the flight was uneventful until halfway though the plane hit turbulence and thunder clouds rolled in underneath the plane, then the plane stopped suspended in midair. Then from the clouds a murder of ravens appeared and broke through the windows of the plane and formed into the shape of Odin.

Eric then stood up to face Odin in the aisle and Odin spoke “You demanded a meeting,” Eric responded with “Yes,” and Odin followed with “You need a lesson in humility,” and changed back into the ravens and left the plane which then plummeted to the ground. The other passengers where screaming, crying and praying for salvation, but Eric stood his ground. The plane stopped a few hundred feet from the ground and a single raven appeared that turned into Odin. Eric asked him questions about the Masks and the Well of Urd. Odin said some choices phrases to Eric but the last one was “Be independent and work things out for yourself and then I will consider you my equal.” Eric then woke up realising that the whole thing was dream and the rest of the flight was uneventful.

On arriving in Washington Eric phoned Bronwyn and arranged to travel to her offices. Eric then had a talk with Bronwyn about the situation involving Haskuldr and the Well of Urd, she offered to help Eric to the Well but Eric said he would rather find a way himself. Eric then asked if Haskuldr be looked after by Bronwyn and be kept under watch. Bronwyn and Eric then made plans to go out for a night together. Eric then left Bronwyn to her work and spent time talking to Snorri until Bronwyn was ready. On the night out Eric asked Bronwyn if he should go to Greece or stay in Washington. Bronwyn started to trace runes on the table in beer and asked Eric if he wished to save a city or save the world. Eric responded that he wished to save the world and was told to go to Greece. At the end of the night Bronwyn made excuses to leave but Eric knew she was lying and said so, which led to Bronwyn storming out. The next day Eric met up with Hito and Wile to go to Greece and spent a large portion of the trip sleeping off his hangover.

Back in San Francisco Theodore left Hito and Wile to their own devices and went and rented a car for himself to take him to the Rockies to look for the Loa Scion staying there, so he could convince them to join his network of Loa Scions. On arriving at the mountains he sent his raven to look for snakes in the sky while, he looked at ground level for snakes. Eventually he came across a pool in the mountains which had a strange creature swimming in it, as he got near to the edge of the pool he realised someone was behind him. A woman’s voice told him to back away from the edge of the pool if he wanted to stay alive, and Theodore found himself a Black woman with a machete strapped to her back. After a few minutes of conversation Theodore managed to convince the woman to join his network of Loa Scions. He then returned to San Francisco and using his divine powers transported himself back to New Orleans, and starting preaching to the people for a short time that night.

Later on that evening Theodore had a meeting with the Aztec Scion Cusco, since one of Cusco’s men had been killed north of the river which him and Theodore had set up as boundary between the 2 of them. The two met in the hospital where the body was and after a brief conversation they found out that he had been ran over by a fat Haitian woman while he had been attending a friends party. Cusco then claimed the ghost of his former agent and him and Theodore went to talking about how they should draw the border between them. Theodore suggested that they could cross the river as long as it was on non-divine business and Cusco agreed.

The next day Theodore arranged for a party to be held before he left for Greece to meet up with the other Scions. He used his zombies to carry him in a coffin to one of the bars in the French quarter. In the bar Theodore decided to get things rolling by giving people small drop of his Father’s Rum in their drink which caused most of the people to get drunk after that one drink. After many hours of honouring the many Loa Theodore decided to make his exit, and had his zombies lift up the coffin, and he disappeared into the shadow, but he found himself trapped within the shadow and was released from his prison by Hito.

After arriving in Cyprus Eric, Theodore, Hito, Wile, Echo squad and the Tengu travelled across to Greece by boat to meet up with Ravencroft and meet the Oracle. On the journey Eric found out that Wile was a Greek Scion, earning Wile the same respect Eric has for all Greek Scions that he had met in the past. On arriving at the port in Greece a man asked Wile if he was Mr Wile. Mr Wile fearing that someone was out to get lied to the man and managed to get him to go away. Theodore decided to intervene and started to enquire why he was looking for Mr Wile. The man said that he had to meet Mr Wile before he could go to the Oracle as their was safety measures in place, Mr Wile then owned up that he was being cautious since people had been after him.

The Scions then met up with Ravencroft in the town and got themselves transportation to take them where they needed to go. Eventually they arrived at a large mansion. Echo squad, the Tengu and Ravencroft’s Einherjar, waited outside while the Scions entered. The Scions were shown into a room with a portly gentleman waiting for them, he asked if they were ready to ask the Oracle questions. On hearing this Eric responded with what was the Oracle and what questions was he meant to be asking. When the man a comment that they weren’t ready to talk to the Oracle, Eric burst out saying that he wasn’t informed what he was here to do, and that any other time he had travelled to different lands he has only had to kill the enemies he was sent against. With this the man dismissed the Scions and told them to return tomorrow. The Scions on returning to the hotel talked about what questions they should ask the Oracle. Eric said that he has no questions to ask the Oracle and felt no need to travel back to the mansion. After a while the Scions agreed on what questions to ask and retired for the evening.

The following morning everyone but Eric travelled to the Mansion. The man was annoyed that one less had returned saying that their gift had been thrown back in their face. The Scions then travelled up to the Oracle who was a woman in a pool, connected up a series of tubes to a large machine that above her. Wile asked questions to the Oracle about the situation and what had happened. The Oracle said that the Scions were losing their divinity, since the Axis Mundi had been severed, and the Gods in this world would die and the other could not effect it.

Hito and Theodore both wanted to ask one last question of the Oracle and were both being polite but eventually Theodore decided to go first asking his question when Libowitz would meet his fate and got an precise time. Hito then asked if their was anything that the Oracle wanted and she replied that their blood should not be spilled in here. After this Ravencroft asked a question which made Theodore and Hito talk pointless. Then Wile asked two vague questions asking if their was anything he should know and was their anything important he should know. Ravencroft then asked a final question who was behind severing the Axis Mundi, and the response was the 12 that the Gods forgot about. The Scions also found out that Atlantis was going to rise and nothing could be done to prevent it. Then from outside came the voices of people shouting and the Scions found Tyrone outside with the 3 Atlantean Scions with him, he demanded to speak to the Oracle to see what was to be done with them. When he asked the Oracle the question she responded that the thing inside his head was going to kill them, and with that a whirling noise started and Tyrone fell to the ground, Hito and Ravencroft managed to remove him from the area and threw him down the hill. They then heard gun being cocked and watched as Tyrone blew his own brains out.

Over the course of the session the Scions started to notice that they were becoming more mortal.

Hito:- stumbled while walking
Ravencroft:- dropped his toothbrush
Theodore:- got trapped in a shadow prison, had shadows cling to him, was out of breath after his trek in the Rockies.
Eric:- the bruises from the fight at Hito’s mothers took long to heal and hurt, got drunk on his night out with Bronwyn.
Wile:- was knocked out by the Baron’s rum couldn’t remember his credit card number.