June 7th 2009

The three Scions were shocked at the present that Garm had left them. Aggro had a look of rage on his face at what had been done but kept quiet about what he was thinking. Corvin decided to leave and have a run around the city looking for ghosts of people that had died and help them on their passing to the next world. Eric went and spoke to the commander of the Kiev police force and arranged a meeting with him at 9 the next day.

Aggro and Eric talked about what to do with Tony’s head and Aggro came up with the idea to dispose of it in the most fitting manner by sending it back to his father. The two of them debated with Aggro putting the majority of the ideas forward and they came up with the idea to find an abandoned orphanage and conduct the ritual there by burning Tony’s head. The idea was fleshed out more by getting a brassier and some bricks to make a small pyramid. The two of them went to the city hall and found the records for an old orphanage that had been converted into a theatre and got everything they need for the ritual and made sure that there wasn’t a showing on in the evening and they went to a pub for a few drinks. Aggro and Eric also agreed that they would not accept Aztec Scions into the team but would work with them if they needed to, because they are just too fucked up.

Corvin on his journey sending ghosts on their way he came across someone who was missing the lobe of their right ear and when he was talking to him he found out that he was an agent of Garm and accepted to serve the wolf because he was promised immortally. Corvin not happy with what Garm had done earlier decided to take the man out and shot him twice in the heart killing him. Corvin checked the body and found that it had no pulse but saw as the man was being put into the ambulance that the wound of his ear was bleeding.

Corvin meet up with Aggro and Eric at the pub and they informed him of what they had been talking about and he agreed. The Scions were wondering who Tony’s father was and what was the most suitable time to send him on his way. Aggro phoned Wile to see if he knew and got a man called Charlie on the other end who informed him that Wile was currently unavailable because he was being taught how not to die. Charlie informed Aggro that he didn’t know who Tony’s father was but was able to tell him that sunset was the time of death for the Aztec’s. Corvin informed the Scions that Tony’s dad was most likely Tlaloc. Corvin told Aggro and Eric that he had met a servant of Garm and that he had killed him and Aggro asked questions about Garm. Aggro asked if a Garm was a twat and the two Norse Scions responded in perfect timing with “Yes”. Aggro also asked what purpose Garm had and Eric informed him of Garm’s role in Norse myth to the best of his ability.

The Scions they left the pub and went to the theatre to conduct the ritual. The set up as best they could and Corvin said that there were ghosts of children in the place that watched as they performed the ritual. Aggro held Tony’s head and place some of Tony’s hair into the brassier and some of his congealed blood while the flames were just starting and made a dedication to Tlaloc saying that the Scions were returning his son to him. The head just burned until it was just the skull and nothing else happened. The Scions then threw the skull into the river along with the brassier and they returned the bricks where they got them from.

The next day came round after the Scions had a peaceful night’s sleep. Eric went off to talk to the police commander and convinced the man to stay in his position as the city needed stability in the aftermath of what had happened. A few minutes into the meeting the police commander got a phone call and was informed that the Metropolitan had been killed by a dead police officer. Eric informed Aggro and Corvin by text and said where he was and how long he was going to be. Eric then helped the commander better organise the rebuilding of the infrastructure of Kiev and the commander thanked Eric for his help and Eric said that he was available for help no matter what the time.
Corvin had arrived early at the police station and sent his birds out to try and find the man responsible for killing the Metropolitan. The birds came back after a while and said they had found the man and also that he had been talking to Garm and that they talked to him for a while but couldn’t remember what about.

Eric then meet up with Aggro and Corvin and they talked about what was going to happen that the Metropolitan had died and Corvin informed them of what his birds had seen and they jumped to the conclusion that Garm had organised the Metropolitan’s death. He informed them also of the political ramifications of the Metropolitan’s death and that someone from Russia would most likely take over the church which would be bad for the Ukraine as their polices were heavily influenced by their religion. Eric was suggesting that they try and resolve the problem that had now arisen but the Scions decided that they had to deal with the Masks of Odin. The Scions decided that the best course of action would be to speak to Baldur about what was going on and see what information he had.

When the Scions arrived at the scrap yard where Baldur had been staying they noticed that the place reeks of death and rot and that the pizzas they were bringing had also rotten as well. In the yard there was bodies that were rotting had been arranged in some form of pattern and that the cars and chain link fence had also been incorporated into the pattern and when seen from above it looked like two smiley faces stuck together and Corvin said that it was a corrupt ritual of the Irish. The Scions went inside the garage building and saw that inside was a charnel house. Eric could pick out the smell of mistletoe and Baldur and followed the scent to the bits of flesh and sinew which were over the walls and ceiling. Eric noted what had happened at the scene and that it had taken place two hours ago and that the Metropolitan had died only an hour ago. Eric also noted that someone had tried to drive a sword point first through a steel girder with incredible force. The Scions decided to try and disrupt the ritual and formed the bodies into a smiley face. As they were going about their work it started to rain blood on them and it only washed down half of Aggro’s face, it flowed off Eric’s right arm in vast gouts and flowed down Crovin’s back in a pair of wings. The Scions left so that they could formulate a plan and that the Norse Scions could get in contact with their Gods. They went to find the source of the rot that had infected that area of Kiev and found that it led back to the hill where all the trouble had began.
They left the area and went to a nearby pub to try and formulate a plan that they were going to follow.

The Scions realised that with the Metropolitan’s death the Titan of Decay was managing to exert more influence in the world and also noted that it looked like Eoin had carried out the ritual. The Scions decided that something had to be done to try and restore what had been lost from the Earth and since the church would most likely take too long to decided on the next Metropolitan the Scions decided that a candidate had to be put forward and thought of Alexander as long as it wasn’t the Metropolitan that held the power and it was the belief of the people that held the Titan at bay. They decided that the course of action would be to talk to the ghost of the Metropolitan if it was still around and if he didn’t have the power then they would talk to Alexander to try and take the position. . Aggro asked if the death of the Metropolitan had been announced and that if it hadn’t it should be kept quiet for the moment but Eric informed him that Russian state TV had already announced it.

While they were talking about what to do Corvin stared into his crystal fang and had a vision. He saw the world tree and that 11 people were hanging from it and that 6 of them fell and where devoured by a wolf and only 5 were left hanging from the tree. He saw that a sickle was stuck into the tree and that it was causing the tree to bleed and a hammer was wrapped in the roots. He also saw several Triremes with silver soldiers sailing up a river and they had a stylised flower and bird on their armour. He saw that the Triremes were being struck by lightning from on high and that a serpentine creature was devouring the ships. Corvin relayed this to Aggro and Eric and they debated about the meaning and could not make heads or tails of what it meant. Eric told them that he recognised the silver men and that he had met them before on one of his earlier adventures. Aggro asked about the different gods that made up the Aesir and that if the Vanir had any holdings in Russia and Eric informed him that the Vanir did not since there was Slavic Gods in Russia. Aggro phoned Wile to see if he had any light to shed on the subject but only got Echo who said that Wile was copping very well at the moment and we was having to deal with a lot of new information that he hadn’t been told about.

The Scions went off to go and find the ghost of the Metropolitan and it was found in the morgue of the hospital where he was killed. Corvin spoke to the Metropolitan and found out that Garm had visited him and said that he was sorry about him being killed and Aggro came to the conclusion that the Metropolitan didn’t have the power and that it was the belief of the people that kept the Titan at bay and they were going to have to talk to Alexander about stepping up. Eric and Aggro also came to the conclusion that the Metropolitan had been killed by the police officer and revenge for Corvin killing him as it didn’t appear it was part of Garm’s plan.

The Scions went off to talk the monastery to talk to Alexander where they asked him if he would help instil belief in the people and he was resistant at first but was talked round into doing it by Aggro who laid out the plan for him in that Corvin would be able to make himself look like a zombie and that if there was enough people and live TV they people would believe Alexander was protecting the city if he struck down Corvin in a stunt with his flaming sword. Aggro then went to work in setting up the plan which was going to take place in a few hours time and kept reassuring Alexander that he was doing the right thing.

Eric decided to try and get in contact with his father by punishing a looter that was using the current state of Kiev’s to his advantage. Instead of getting in contact with his father a woman he recognised as Bronwyn’s sister appeared behind him instead and she was called Angela and she said to leave Bronwyn alone for now, and that she was the first to answer the call since Tyr had said Eric was important, and that the Gods were currently occupied. Eric informed her of the situation about Baldur as well as what had happened with Eoin. Angela tried to force Eric to tell her who had released Baldur but he didn’t let it slip but Eric disagreed that Baldur should have been there in the first place. Eric said that Baldur couldn’t be killed with anything other than mistletoe and was told that Baldur’s sword is called mistletoe. Eric also told her about what happened when Eoin got hold of the sword but he told her that he was charred to a cinder and that his bones were ground into dust when Baldur assumed the Glory, since she wanted to make sure nothing had survived of Eoin. Eric also told her where Baldur had been staying in Kiev and she asked Eric if he had pictures but Eric responded that he didn’t and that she would have to go there herself.

Eric then set off to look for his Einherjar as they didn’t respond to his call and he went to investigate the train crash site. He found that the scents lead off in three different directions and he wouldn’t be able to follow them at the moment. Angela reappeared behind him again and told him that Baldur was most likely still alive as he would be able to heal himself from his wounds.

Aggro and Corvin were busy making preparation for the show that they were going to put on for the people of Kiev to try and make the people in Kiev believe there was someone protecting them. The stage was set for Corvin to put on his performance as there was going to be a huge media interest in the event.