June 14th-16th, 2007

Session 5…
As the stars shone above the blood spattered streets of Houston, the group retreated around the back of the warehouse, securing the mutilated corpses of Hermes and Camilo as well the god’s heart and the dagger. Theo’s keen hearing picked up the sound of a truck pulling up, and booted feet disembarking. As a voice blared out over a loudhailer announcing that Houston was under martial law the Scions decided it was time to leave. When a gangbanger called out “Fuck you, gringos!” and was silenced by gunfire, their suspicions were confirmed and they hightailed into the back alley and down the sewers. As Autumn and Daniel stumbled along the stinking tunnels in Theo’s wake they heard a faint sizzling noise ahead of them and stopped, unsure. As they watched a small mote of light appeared in the darkness, widening into long golden rent in a tearing explosion.
Through the rent stepped an athletic young man with dark curly hair, dressed in dark military fatigues with a bow slung over his shoulder, and a quiver of gold and silver arrows on his back. Reaching a hand behind him, the man pulled a small girl through after him. Recognising Amy Daniel put two and two together and murmured, “Apollo.” Stepping forward with arms outstretched, the god spoke, “I have come for the body of my brother.” When Daniel asked him why, the god frowned and said, “Because he must be dressed and honoured. Made ready.” Reluctantly Daniel gave up his father’s body and heart, and Apollo stepped quietly through the incandescent rent behind him, shortly followed by Amy who tumbled through behind him. Somewhat shocked the Scions stumbled through the sewers, falling Theo’s unerring lead, before finally emrging in an alley not far from the Hyatt. Over the next day and after agreeing over breakfast that there best plan was to try and track down Cesar in Tijuana, each Scion dealt with events as he or she thought best. Theo retired to the house of his associate, Noah Magruder, and raised the dead body of Cienfuegos, filling it with the soul of Phil Simons, the policeman killed in Mythic, all with one small, bitter, mangrove seed.
While Simons was both glad and amused to be pried forth of the confusing mess that the Underworld seemed to have become, Noah didn’t take so well to the sight, perhaps as a result of seeing Philips rise, Karloff-like from his basement freezer, so the Baron D’Ivoire fed him a shot of his father’s rum, and let him sleep off the shock. Ever pragmatic, Theo then called his other associate in Houston, Marcus Pender, and via a little shady dealing obtained a suture kit with which to repair the worst of Daniel Blake’s legacy on the corpse of Cienfuegos. A day later, dressed to kill and with a new friend in two, Theo, Noah, and Marcus set off for Mexico in the back of a container truck. Not too salubrious, but then, when you’re a gangleader shepherding the reanimated corpse of the man who murdered the God that was your colleague’s father, you just can’t be too careful.
While Theo was playing vodou, Daniel made a point of visiting Raine and getting her to smash the obsidian sacrifical dagger (and the marble top of her washstand) into pieces, before scattering the shards over the city. Returning to his room, Blake found a philosophical message from Mikael Arnborg informing Daniel that regrettably, he was trapped in his current state until his father could prepare a spare body. Frustrated that he couldn’t help, Daniel booked both himself and Autumn onto a plane that left for Tijuana in the morning.. Autumn meanwhile, amused herself by making a necklace from the tooth given to her by the Maenad. As she slipped it on over he head, she felt a hatred overcome her, a wave of derision for the male race. So when Daniel phoned to ask if she wanted a flight booked, she was not best pleased, eventually acquiescing to a seat far away from him. The flowers and chocolates sent by the bemused Scion didn’t help her mood either.
Eventually however, the three Scions set off for Mexico, although while the flight was as painless as such things can be, the ride in the sun-scorched tin of the lorry was less so, particularly when the driver was interrupted halfway, slamming on the brakes, and then freezing, still. Theo watched, first in surprise, then in resignation as a ghostly figure stepped through the wall of the truck. With hair the colour of a starling’s wings, and pale skin, the woman silenced the other men in the back of the truck with a gesture, except for Philips, who she ignored, although his shock was clear. Stepping up to Theo and touching him, she recited a now familiar mantra, “You go to your deaths.” The woman then followed this with a rushed and hurried speech which seemed to make little sense, before she was once again swept away in an unfelt wind, cowering from an unseen assailant.
Eventually arriving in Tijuana, the Scions obtained various lodgings in motels, still not revelling in one another’s company, and set out to explore the city. Accosoted outside their motel by a small girl carrying a bouquet of paperflowers, Daniel generously bought ”Un flore por un dolar”, while Autumn, forgetting her recently stolen finances declined. The pair then split up, Daniel heading in one direction, Raine heading to the other. As Autumn wandered through the whitewashed streets she heard a gaggle of shrieking voices, and found herself on a collision course with a giggling group of children, in fancy dress shepherded by a couple of swamped teachers. As the tide of feathered headdresses and small sungods advanced, a small running child carrying a sparkler collided with the Scion and fell to the ground clutching at his knee. A blonde haired woman with cornflower blue eyes approached the small boy and whispered soothingly, “Relax Juan, don’t cry, no harm done.” Autumn watched in astonishment as the woman ran a hand over the boy’s skinned knee, leaving smooth, unbroken skin behind. Helping the small boy up and rising to her feet the woman headed over to Autumn, and apologised profusely, explaining that the children were rehearsing for the Fiesta Del Verano in two days time. The woman, who introduced herself as Gloria invited Autumn to a fundraising fair for her school, Morita Elementary by way of apology. Never one to miss a party, Autumn decided to head along.