June 29th 2008

It starts in the White House with Theodore talking to Adam and coming to an end of his speech and ends it with “And as God cast out the original Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, so shall we cast you out of our Garden of Eden,” and with that Theodore step aside as Eric charged forward to attack Adam. Eric takes one swing at Adam connecting well but doing visible damage to him. Eric then levels another blow at Adam’s head but this time the concrete armour shattered. Adam staggered back but Eric had enough time to level another blow at Adam but with no visible signs of damage. Adam then raised his hands and a massive earth wall blocked off the corridor and Eric tried to batter his way through the wall.

Theodore while holding on to the foundation stone starts to hear a voice coming from the Earth speaking in a different language saying over and over again “This is the first act of War.” Theodore starts to walk towards the source of the subsidence. When Eric breaks through the wall Theodore hears the voice stop and snarl.

Outside the White House Hito was slowly staggering his way from the West after his confrontation with Eve. He had Adam’s legs over one shoulder and Eve’s headless corpse over the other. As he was walking, towards the White House, he received a radio communication from the air force flying round Washington saying that there was two contacts moving at high speed and they were unable to get a lock on them. Hito makes the decision to hold fire until confirmation can be made. Hito is then told that the target just dropped something large into the city and the target was a griffin. Hito tells the air force to engage and intercept the cargo drop. The air force was able to take out one of the griffins. Hito then makes it to the White House and laid down his rifle before heading towards the sound of the battle.

Ravencroft heads in from the North to the White House towards the North East corner and see that one of the Windows has been smashed in and climbs through to see Eric battering through an earth wall. Ravencroft then goes through a door and goes out in the corridor that was blocked off to see Adam sinking into the earth. Eric then breaks through the wall to find Adam gone and Eric tries to track him by scent but is unable to, so he heads off towards the north east corner of the White House. Hito meets up in the corridor with Ravencroft, and Ravencroft makes a comment about Hito’s trophies. They then go towards the north east corner of the White House where Theodore and Eric are already.

Theodore arrives at the NE corner of the White House to see a large hole in the floor descending right into the subbasement next to the foundations. Theodore jumps down the hole cushioning the fall of the foundation stone that had been removed. He is shortly joined by Eric who says he is trying to find Adam as he is unable to track him. Theodore then suggests to Eric that the stone needs to be put back in place and Eric agrees to try. Shortly after Hito arrives at the top of the hole and throws down a pair of legs to Eric saying that Theodore would be able to make use of them to hunt down Adam, and walks off. Ravencroft then joins Theodore and Eric down in the hole and quickly gets out of the hole as there is nothing that he is able to do. Theodore also makes an exit by walking through the basement and out through the front door. Eric then spends time down in the hole trying to see if he is able to try and sort the problem, with the foundation.

Meanwhile north of the White House Wile is sobbing in the taxi over the corpse of Hope. He then moves the driver from his seat and drives to Margolies’ apartment. In Margolies’ apartment Wile sees the ever changing battle map in front of the Arabic man, and then in the SE a large black vortex appeared and Wile remembers something from history similar to it. He tries to scoop some of the black column but finds that it is intangible. He then runs off leaving the body of Hope in the apartment and heads towards the SE.

Hito goes to the Ellipse towards a spirit tree that had risen out of the ground. As Hito got closer he saw that the tree was made out of the spirits of rubbish and trash, like KFC buckets. The tree regards Hito and it asks if he is here to herald the new dawn or if he was here to feed its roots. The tree tells Hito it has learned new emotions like Hate which makes it strong. The tree says it has laid claim to the city and it shall clear it out and fill the barren houses with its Hate, it also said it was young and didn’t know much but the father was old and teaches it. Hito then says “I am an officer of the United State Government and I am charged to protect the people of this country. Defend yourself.” The tree laughs at Hito and says it is defending itself and then laughs more by saying, “Another outpost has fallen, and I keep winning while you keep losing.” Hito then shoots the tree but the bullet passes right through it. Ravencroft arrives at the tree and ask the tree what it is. The tree replies “That it is a Mark of Victory as part of the rebellion against the Tyrant.” Ravencroft also asks if it there because if the Masks and the tree replies that the Masks helped it. Ravencroft then attempts to shoot it with his new weapon but it has no effect.

Hito then speaks to Ravencroft about the griffins and the Annihilators telling him that they have Norse connection, so Ravencroft says he will try and find out any information he can. Ravencroft then contacts Hildr by using his runes and asks her what they are. He gets the information that they are a Black ops group that works out of Nifelheim and they don’t mess about. She doesn’t know anything of the Annihilators. See says she has to break the connection as she is trying to catch up to Bronwyn who is moving very fast. Ravencroft replays the information that he got from Hildr to Hito.

Wile arrives at the site where a large black, hexagonal monolith which has runes engraved on it surface of binding, containment and time, but the time ones are slowly erasing themselves. Wile approaches the police officers round the structure and says that they should move it within the next 7-8 minutes. The police say that they have protocol to follow before they can move it as the bomb disposal squads have to clear it before it can be moved. The bomb disposal team arrives and start to secure it. One of the team touches the monolith and starts to attack one of the other disposal team, trying to beat his head through the solid floor. One of the police officers tries to stop the team member but pulls out his gun and shoots him in the back of the head. Wile then knocks the officer out using his umbrella and tells the FBI agents, who had gotten out of their car with weapons drawn, not to touch him as he maybe infectious. A helicopter starts to come into view and army troopers rappelled down and started to secure the object, trying not to touch it, with only 4 minutes 30 seconds on the clock.

Wile then starts to drive away and heads back to Margolies’ apartment. On his way he sees two women walking down the street. One of them was dressed in archaic armour carrying a large sword followed by a woman dressed in army fatigues. The one behind starts to shout at the on in front saying “Bronwyn I really think this is a bad idea,” she then pulls a gun and starts to shoot at Bronwyn but the bullets bounce off. Bronwyn then charges towards the monolith and starts to cut the cables, and then Hildr attacks. Wile quickly turns around and starts to help the military personnel reattach the hooks to the cables and secure the monolith. The two valkyries stop fighting and Bronwyn turns to Hildr “Your right Hill we should stop this,” and Hildr turns away from Bronwyn. Bronwyn then attacks Hildr with her sword, and Hildr manages to turn round to only have her head almost severed. Wile runs to Hildr’s aid her and brings her back to full health, while Bronwyn jumps on top of the Monolith then on top of the helicopter and causes it swerve and veer until it crashed into a building. Hildr then tells Wile to run as the monolith is about to go off, and Hildr charges towards the embedded monolith. When Wile’s internal countdown reached zero nothing happened.

Eric finally jumps out the hole taking the foundation stone with him, and hears it rattling so he shakes it and hears it rattle. He then heads off to Kincaid Recovery with all his officers. He then leaves and heads towards the hotel where Ravencroft had Schumacher tied up. When Eric arrives he finds that Schumacher has disappeared and follows the scent trail to the Washington police station. Eric tells Ravencroft that Schumacher has been moved but he is going to track him down. Eric enters and talks to the receptionist saying that he is one of Schumacher’s security staff, but is told that he would be unable to see Mr Schumacher at the present time. Eric then returns to Kincaid Recovery and dresses himself in full riot gear with his face completely covered. Eric walks straight through the main office and goes to the interrogation room where he is stopped by Shiva and someone else. Shiva tries to lecture Eric and says that she is on the same side as him. Then Eric demands that Schumacher be turned over to him because Ravencroft had captured him as a POW. Shiva then tell Eric what she meant was that she was on the side of Law and Order and that he shouldn’t abuse the system to get what he wants. Eric then lashes out at the man with Shiva and after much tussling Eric walks away tearing huge sections out of the walls and leaves even after being shot repeatedly by the mortal officers. Hito then receives a phone call shortly after Eric’s departure from Shiva saying that Eric is a danger to the mortal populace. Hito stands up for Eric saying that he has done more than Shiva to prove where his loyalty lies, and that if their was a better sharing of information situations like this could be avoided. Hito then arranges to meet up with Shiva’s liaison so that there would be more freedom of information.

After Theodore left the White House he went looking for the ghost that had been at the north of the White House praying to Mithras. Theodore then left and talked to Agent Hito for a while before being directed towards the spirit tree. Theodore talk to the tree and finds out that it was made from spirits that had been enslaved by the people of the city. It said they had been trapped under the earth for 2 months and fought other spirits of fire, shadow and sickness and they lost the fight. Then the father raised them from the ashes and gave them new purpose. Theodore asked what the father’s name was but it was unable to answer but the tree showed them an image which Theodore recognised as Gran Bios the Loa of the Earth. Theodore then took out the captain and started to talk to him but the captain said they should talk elsewhere. Hito then asked the tree if the people said sorry for what they had done would it forgive them, but the tree only laughed saying that it would not forgive the people. Theodore and Hito then walk off towards the water basin to where Hito set off his first nuke. Hito phones Wile to see if the girl Hope survived the conflict in Washington and Wile informs him that Hope was killed.

Ravencroft was busy wracking his brains about how to appease/cleanse the spirits at the ellipse, but could only come up with an exorcism which would anger them or to do some form of ancestor worship. Ravencroft gets a call from Hildr asking him to inform her if he sees Bronwyn. Ravencroft asks Eric that if he sees Bronwyn to inform him. Ravencroft then headed back off towards the tree. Ravencroft arrives to see the image of the father but is unable to recognise it but he seems to know it from somewhere. Ravencroft then talks to the tree and asks about its self awareness, and if they were before and got a mixture of answers. Ravencroft then tells them of the cycle of life and that their life would end in death. Ravencroft then tells the tree how suffering helps one to grow and develop, and uses Christian faith references to get his point across and then waits until the tree talks again.

Hito leaves Theodore at the first site and goes off to meet the liaison that Shiva had sent to meet him. When Hito meets up with him he introduces himself as David who is part of a government funded project. Hito then asks for more cooperation between himself and them, but David loses it telling Hito that his actions are arrogant, callous and irrational, and what ever excuse Hito uses to help reduce the guilt isn’t much use. Hito says that the only reason he has to take the courses of action he had to take is because of the lack of information and walks away from David.

Eric after hearing from Ravencroft that Bronwyn was severely pissed off decided to contact her. He got a voice in the back of his head and asked Bronwyn what had happened. Bronwyn told Eric that the people that were meant to die didn’t and that the prophecy hasn’t been fulfilled, and the people need to die. Bronwyn said she didn’t know how Hildr stopped it but she is going to get it working again. She said that she was going to see if this was meant to happen. Eric then sent a text to Hito, Theodore and Ravencroft about Schumacher and what course of action they should take. Hito phoned Eric and they discussed what might have to be done and Eric said that Schumacher might have useful information.

Eric then sits in meditation on the Well of Urd while looking through his book on Norse Myths and an old card drops out. The card has an address to a carnival in the middle of Kansas, and Eric takes it. Eric tells his officers to go back to New Orleans and take some well deserved R&R, and praises them for their work for the day. Styrbiorn ask Eric if he wishes him to return to New Orleans and Eric says yes and that he has earned it. Eric then heads up the stairs to talk to Haskuldr about his trip into Kansas. Haskuldr says that it could all be misdirection to send Eric off so they don’t have to face him or trying to isolate him, but said it wasn’t his place to say. Eric asks Haskuldr to come with him, and after Eric leaves a brief letter for Bronwyn they departed.

Hito goes off to the police station to try and find out if Schumacher it still there and arrives to find out that he is being transported elsewhere. Hito is told that one of the people there is still in the building doing paper work so Hito goes up stairs to talk to him. Hito meets someone who looks exactly like David but Hito is able to tell it isn’t. After a heated debate the man says that Hito and his associates are not worthy of the information they have and would be unable to use it properly.

Wile arrives back at Margolies’ apartment and goes in. He talks to Margolies about Hope and how he hopes to resurrect her. Margolies says that she is just a girl, not anything more, but Wile insists that she is the physical representation of Hope. Wile asked Margolies for his help and Margolies agrees but warns Wile that he should be careful when dealing with the dead. Will requests that he be taken to Greece, to the Villa just away from the Oracle of Delphi, by using the Arabic man’s method of travel. Wile talks to the man inside the Villa by telling him about Hope. The man tells Wile he should ask her ghost and Wile says he can’t see them. Wile then asks if the man can talk to them and he said “No,” but knew people that could but it would cost to use them.

Wile then leaves the Villa and heads off to the Oracle’s cave with Hope’s body and sees Lebowitz standing in the Cave. Wile desperate for revenge tries to convince Lebowitz that they should have a fresh start, and extends his hand. Lebowitz takes his hand and Wile knocks him out using his divine powers, but is also infected him a name that he can’t remember. As Wile sits over Lebowitz’s body, one of the Marassa appears on the edge of his vision asking if he was going to kill the man. Wile then stabs Lebowitz repeatedly in the head, killing him. Wile then walks further into the cave, with the Marassa saying that she was going to stay and watch what would happen. Wile then talks to the Oracle asking if the body was Hope and gets a yes. Wile also asks he if would be able to bring her back and gets a yes. He asked how this could be done and got the response that he would need someone to guide him to the underworld. Wile leaves the Oracle’s Cave and realises that he no longer has Hope’s body, and the shadows in the cave are ragged round the edges. When he gets to where Lebowitz died, he sees that the body has disappeared and the Marassa says “You done something stupid, you are going to suffer.”

Wile then returns to the Villa and tells the man inside that he killed the person who killed Hope. The man asks where he killed the person and Wile replied that he killed him inside the cave. The man shook his head and told Wile that due to his actions he had broken many contracts. Wile quickly makes his exit by making use of the Arabic man to get back to Washington and he goes back and checks into his hotel room. After a short time he gets a visit from one of the Marassa which tells Wile about the mistake he has made and goes into the details in how Lebowitz is going to kill him. Wile phones Theodore and asks if he would be able to show him to the underworld. Theodore agrees but only after he has taken care of some business that he has to take care of.

Theodore arrives at the site of the first nuclear blast in Washington and sees the nuked ghosts talking to several ghosts with wound over their hearts. Theodore then talks to the Captain who informs Theodore that the connections have been severed and things have been shaky since then. The Captain also point out to Theodore that he doesn’t know where the ghosts are going. Theodore then talks to the Captain about Gran Bios and is told that he pissed off Damballa even more than Theodore and he is also competition. He also tells him that Gran Bios is a massive tree hugger and he is forced to nurture everything that no one else would want to.

Theodore then puts the Captain back into his pocket and approaches the ghosts. Theodore is approached by one of the ghosts with the wound over its heart. Theodore finds out from the ghost that there are problems with ghosts travelling down to the underworld. The problem is that they are getting halfway down where they are torn apart by creatures made of shadow. Theodore then asks the ghost how it died, and the ghost tells him that he was sacrificed as well as the others wounded like him. The ghost also tells Theodore that the ghost of the people who died in the nuclear blast wanted to seek revenge on Hito. Theodore then took “centre stage” and got the attention of all the ghosts. He told them that they should turn their anger away from destruction, and to find that with their death they could protect the members of their families that hadn’t died in the fight. The ghosts all took in Theodore’s words and with that they walked off in separate directions, no longer wanting revenge. The wounded ghosts were left with Theodore and asked if he could offer them assistance in dealing with the shadow creatures. Theodore says he has some associates but they were a bit unreliable and the ghost said he would rather not have their help then. Theodore then says farewell to the ghosts walks off towards the other blast sites.

Ravencroft leaves the presence of the tree and starts to walk around town and heads towards the west. On arriving outside of the blasts he sees several ghosts huddled together and being very nervous and cautious. As Ravencroft approaches them they back away and he assures them he is not here to hurt them. The ghosts tell Ravencroft that they are going to travel south as there is meant to be some form of protection there. The ghosts also say that they are going in group because there are women walking the streets taking people’s souls, and Ravencroft tells them about the valkyries from Norse myth. Ravencroft asks what happened further on and is informed that some of the first to die went insane and tried to get healed at the hospital. With that the ghosts left and Ravencroft phoned Theodore and requested that he meet him at the hospital.

Theodore meets up with Ravencroft and head towards the hospital on the west side. When they get near they see several spectres with nuclear blasted faces and hands. They then see a man ran out of the hospital clawing at an IV in his arm, when several spectres descend on him and start to claw their way inside. The man then acts calmly and removes the IV from his arm and starts to walk away. Theodore then talks to him and establishes that the man is possessed, so Theodore then takes a strand of his hair. Theodore then uses his divine power to possess the man, and when inside his head hears 3 other voices. Theodore then manages to get the original owner back in control of his body. Theodore then talks to the man, who says the doctors have gone mad, and with that a scream comes from the hospital. Theodore tells the man to leave or he can wait by himself and with that the man leaves. Theodore says to Ravencroft that they need a lot of salt as they would be able to keep the spectres out and the one inside in so they could get the live people out. They have a small debate which is interrupted by a spray of blood over one of the windows and Theodore tells him to hurry, and gives him directions to the nearest shop. Ravencroft runs off to the shop and grabs as many bags of salt as he can.

While Ravencroft was away Theodore waits outside the hospital, when an ambulance pulls up. He sees a woman on a gurney screaming for help while trying to stop something clawing at her face. Theodore goes over and sees a sceptre trying to force its way into the girl. He then taps the spectre and is then locked inside the ambulance as the spectre takes offence at being disturbed. Just as the ambulance starts to drive off Ravencroft arrives back but can’t see Theodore. Ravencroft then shoots out the tires of the ambulance and just as it stops Theodore walks out through the ambulance’s side. Ravencroft goes to the front to investigate to find a spectre sitting there. The spectre tries to take control of Ravencroft but fails. Ravencroft then shakes his head and pulls out his new gun and says “Don’t fuck with the child of a Death God,” and shoots the spectre. The spectre ripples and then disappears into the barrel of the gun. Theodore looks in shock at Ravencroft and then says “What was that,” and Ravencroft replies with “You have rum, we have something practical,” and they walk off to the hospital.

They find the hospital door locked and Ravencroft forces the door open, and they step inside and hear nothing but silence. Ravencroft takes 2 bags of salt and hands 1 to Theodore and they walk off in different directions. As Theodore is placing salt around, he encounters a ghost wearing a doctor’s lab coat. Theodore talk to the ghosts and finds out it was killed by several spectres. Theodore told it to step aside as he was here for the living and the ghost offers him a deal. The deal was that he lets them have Ravencroft and Theodore would be allowed to take the living away. Theodore accepts the deal and the ghost disappears.

As Ravencroft was salting his area 5 ghosts in lab coats with clipboards appeared in front of him. Ravencroft decided to box himself in with salt, but with a wave of its hand the ghost managed to clear a path through the salt. The ghosts start to advance on Ravencroft, checking off things as they went. Ravencroft then used his ghost gun and shot the lead ghost to no effect. The ghosts then pinned Ravencroft to the ground briefly before he escaped. Ravencroft then launched himself through the wall and shot the ghost again injuring it slightly.

The ghost then reappears in front of Theodore complaining that Ravencroft did not come willingly, but Theodore said “I never said he would come willingly.” The ghost then pinned Theodore to the floor and tried to injure him to no avail, then suddenly the shadows started to move. The shadows then sprung tentacles which started to attack the ghosts and dragged them into the shadowy mass. Theodore then tried to leave the shadows formed into Lebowitz. Lebowitz said to Theodore that he would have to thank Mr Wile for him for setting him free. Lebowitz then asked Theodore if he was ready to keep his side of the bargain that they had struck, and Theodore asked where they were going. Lebowitz said “We will be going to my home, to Atlantis.”