June 28th 2009

Asbo takes the unconscious Aggro back to the Hotel that the Scions had been staying in while they were in Kiev and waited on the roof. Eric and Corvin were still standing in the train yard when Eric started to see every object as its corresponding rune. Eric saw round the bodies of the servants that had died during the ritual the runes for honour the dead. He looked at Corvin and saw that the air looked as if it had been slashed and flickered like an old film and he also saw runes shifting round him for prey, fate and the composite rune for change wrapping itself round him. Eric noticed that the runes stayed away from his hands and retreated with a popping sound. Corvin tried to ask Eric questions but all that came out was the rune for question.

Eric went and buried the dead with the help of Corvin and saw that the runes round them changed to contentment. After the bodies had been buried Corvin went to ask another question and suddenly fell over and was unresponsive and was cover in crawling runes reading prey and fate. Eric picked up Corvin and ran back to the hotel where he picked up Aggro and went down from the roof into the hotel.

Oliver Wile found himself back in the real world having spent some time on Olympus. He was travelling with Echo and his albino peacock. He said to them he was able to track his former associates by following the strands of fate that connect them and followed the thread that led him to Aggro. Wile followed the strand to the hotel that the other Scions were staying at and got a room to stay in for the next few days. As Wile went to his room he bumped into Eric who was carrying Aggro and Corvin. Wile asked Eric if he could be of help and Eric asked him to open the door and he placed Corvin in his room and then placed Aggro on his and slumped down into a chair.

Wile asked if he could offer assistance and Eric said that Wile should do whatever he could. Wile put his hands on Aggro’s naked chest and healed him. Echo peeked her head round the door and asked Eric what happened and Eric said that Aggro was hit by a heavy leg and Echo just nodded and smiled. Aggro woke up to see Wile’s face and breathed in deeply and Wile quickly took his hands off Aggro. Aggro asked what happened and Eric told him what happened to Hito and what had happened to Corvin and that his vision was strange as he was seeing everything as its corresponding rune and that it had happened before but this time it was different as the rune were retreating from his hands.

Wile asked if he should look in on Corvin and Eric just nodded and so did Aggro. Wile had a look and saw that all the fate strands leading off from Corvin had bunched up and formed into an image of a tree with a wolf at the roots and saw a sickle sticking into the tree with blood dripping from the wound and a hammer tangled in the roots. Wile came back into Aggro’s room and said that Corvin appeared to be fine apart from the fact that he was a little bit scorched round the edges and Eric said it was because he was caught in an explosion when the creature they had been fighting exploded.

Aggro suggested that they needed to have a talk but they needed to go shopping first for clothes and get food after that and Aggro suggested that they should get a chicken kiev while in Kiev. The Scions sat round a table with Echo and began to talk about what they should do as a team and their goals as a team and individuals. Aggro said that if they were able to work something out between the three of them then they would be able to focus their efforts, when Corvin was awake, to talk to him about working as a team and co-operation as Aggro said that Corvin might be a problem with forming a team.

Aggro said the one thing they need for forming a team was a name and that he had come up with a couple of names like the Emissaries of B.E.A.T.S. or of B.A.S.S. saying that because himself and Corvin were musical they made beats and because himself and Eric hit people they brought beats. He said that the team had to have a purpose and that is should be for justice and good since Shango and Tyr were judges and because Corvin said Odin was the God of everything before then assumed that Corvin meant he was the God of justice as well. Wile was asked what Hera was the Goddess of Marriage but said that she did like vengeance and Aggro said that would work.

Aggro said they as a team had to work for the objectives of the team rather than those of the Gods and do tasks that were important to them as well as the people they were taking care of on Earth. Aggro said that the first thing they had to get sorted what the Norse idea of Ragnarok and fate and asked Eric if he believed in it, and Eric responded that he didn’t believe in it but said that Corvin most likely believes in it to his core because he is the son of Odin. Eric said that in the legend only three of Odin children are destined to survive and that Corvin is trying to do what his father tells him so that he becomes one of the ones that he does survive.

Aggro then asked what was going on with Wile as whenever he tried to contact him he was unable to get hold of him and that he was being retrained. Wile said that there is currently a power struggle in Olympus and that they had introduced democracy and where trying to remove Zeus as leader of the pantheon. Eric asked what had caused this and Echo said that on the trip to the memory of ancient Egypt someone was brought back and because he had been taken through thousands of years the only thing that could happen to him would be to ascend to Godhood. Eric said Artemidorus? And Echo nodded and Aggro asked who this person was and Eric said he was on the roof on Washington during Ravencroft’s funeral and Eric told them the story of when they went back into the memory of ancient Egypt.

Eric told them of the little adventure that he had with Ravencroft, Hito and Theodore and that Artemidorus was saved from being sacrificed to them and was saved by Ravencroft and Theodore. Aggro was surprised and uttered out that the children of two death gods saved someone from being killed and Eric nodded. Eric said that after they had finished they brought Artemidorus back with them and found London covered in snow and Artemidorus was struck by lightning and ascended into the sky.

Aggro talked about the other Scions they had met up with in the short time Wile had been away. He talked by Eoin and Antony and mention that Eoin had been sacrificed and that Antony had been killed by Garm. Echo looked really panicked at the mention of Garm’s name and asked Wile if she really had to stay in the city, but Aggro assured her that he had left the city and she was safe with them. This took them round to talking about the state Kiev was in and what it had been caused by and that the group had rescued Baldur from Hel and that Baldur was currently missing and they were having to plan their next move.

They thought if they had to do anything with the Masks of Odin and Eric remember the vision that Corvin had and told it to Wile about the World tree with 12 figures hanging from it and 6 of the people fell and were consumed by a wolf. There was a sickle sticking into the tree and blood was slowly weeping from the wound and a hammer was entangled in the roots of the tree and there was several triremes sailing towards the tree with silvery soldiers on them which were struck by lightning sinking the ships and a serpentine creature in the water was consuming them. Aggro made a suggestion that the snake could be Damballa if it was multi coloured and the lightning could be from Shango but had no reason why they would be sinking Greek ships. Echo said that the soldiers could be from Hephaestus sending aid and Eric said that the lightning could be Zeus stopping him sending aid since they had been told Hephaestus had sided with Artemidorus. Echo asked Wile if Zeus would be that stupid but Wile said he could be and Eric said Zeus might try anything to keep his power. Wile asked if there could be a Slavic connection and Eric said he knew the name of it and texted Angela who responded saying the name was Perun and that she had managed to change the Rune of her gun so that is was now a phone and that she was going onto her next test which was a live subject.

Eric said they had met the agent of Perun beforehand as they had encountered them in Mexico as they had set up as base there and the Black Ops squad in San Francisco before they fought the Hydra. Eric asked the team if they would help him get back his Einherjar after they had resolved any situations they had to in Kiev and echo said she could go and find them by travelling to Russia and Aggro asked who she would get there and she said she would turn into air and be carried by sound and Aggro suggested that they fly together at some point. She asked Eric for a list of people that could have possibly done it and got a very long list with names including Odin, Hel and Bronwyn. She left with the group and would call when she had some information and if she didn’t contact Wile within a day to check on her to make sure she wasn’t dead.

The group started talking about how to get Corvin out of his current state and Eric said there could be a way if they change the Runes on Corvin and Wile said he could create a connection between Corvin and an item that could mean awake or alert but Eric said he was unable to touch the Runes as they retreated from his hand and that he was also cut off from fate as well as Wile had told them what he saw when he looked at Corvin. Wile then asked the fates for answers and got that Corvin would come out of his state unharmed and that he would come out of it whenever he had played his role so the group decided that he would be safe for the time being.

The team then decided that they should do something that they wanted to do and help stabilize the city of Kiev and that they should bring some of the looter or people taking advantage of Kiev’s current condition and using Eric’s contact with the police in Kiev went to speak to the commander about something that they would be able to do. When they spoke to the Commander he said that there was an arms shipment coming in that they were trying to stop and the team said that they would take care of it without a police presence to avoid anyone being caught in the crossfire and also so no one would see the Scions using their powers. The team was giving an intelligence folder with the two men buying the arms and the team decided that they had to gather information on the men before they took any action.

Aggro took Eric up so they remained out of sight and kept surveillance on two of the fronts and saw Anton Borahdan going into the night club and Eric listened in on the conversation and heard him talking to Fedir Karadev who appeared to be the buyer of the weapons. They asked Wile to walk by the nightclub as he said he was able to smell divinity and said that he was able to smell spiced rum and tobacco from cigars and told Aggro and he said it sounded very much like the Loa. They asked Wile to stay there and keep an eye out for the Fedir and Eric and Aggro followed the Anton. They followed him to a laundry and heard him talking Andriy Broysko and established where the shipment of weapons was coming from. Aggro contacted Wile and asked if he could talk to the Dove From Above and Wile said he was able to and asked questions about the shipment if it would benefit the Gods or the Titans and found that it would not benefit either party so Aggro would happy to go ahead with the plan to disrupt the arm shipment. Wile waited and saw the man who smelled of rum and tobacco and drew a picture of him and noticed that the smell wasn’t coming from him but from something in his pocket.

The Scions met up again and decided that they needed to take control of the shipment and if they should also capture the men supplying the arms as well. They decided that they should just have all those involved apprehended. Wile went to the police station and showed them the picture of the man he had sketched and was told that he worked for the Russian Federal Secret Service. They came up with the plan to take control of the shipment and flew out to the port town, on the back of Asbo after Aggro made sure it was ok with the ram first.

The team arrived at the town and saw that it was quite busy and Eric and Aggro managed to stop that one of the ships looked as if it was being loaded and that the containers looked too heavy for their size and saw to military looking individuals clamber onto the deck and start talking and that they had already paid off the harbour police. The Scions saw a car pull up and some men get out and one of the people was referred to as the Commander and he made sure everything was in order before he went below deck.

The Scions landed in the town and made their way to the boat with the plan that Wile would act as a wealthy person looking to buy the shipment with Eric and Aggro acting a muscle and Eric acting as a translator for Wile. They go onto the ship by bribing one of the crewman and where directed down below deck to talk the Commander.

The team stood in front of the Commander and he introduced himself as "Commander" Ivan Petrusko and they talked with Eric being a translator for Wile and they convinced the Commander to sell them the arms shipment and that he should continue ahead with the deal as they had already bribed the police in Kiev so would be able to get back the shipment even if it was seized. They made sure that the Commander was not going to double cross the people he was selling to first and he said he wasn’t planning on it. The Scions left and quickly contacted the police as they needed the police assistance in arresting everyone involved in the deal and that they were not only getting the men they wanted but the Commander who was supplying the arms as well.

The Scions came up with another plan which would be that Aggro would keep an eye on the buyer that the two contacts were afraid of to make sure he didn’t interfere with the deal, Eric was going to keep everyone occupied at the deal to ensure that they didn’t escape before the police arrived and Wile was to go with the police to ensure that they did their job without any undue violence, and with that the Scion returned to Kiev.

Eric quickly made his way to the meeting point and got changed into his riot gear with the Ukrainian police badges attached to it that he picked up from the police until the deal was underway. Aggro went to the place that Eric told him the man he was watching was at which he had been directed to by Eric and Wile sat with the police waiting for the go word.

The deal went underway and just as it was starting Eric interrupted it by landing in the middle of the deal and caught everyone’s attention and started to read them their rights and Wile arrived with the police as the arrest were made helping subdue any people that reacted violently when they were being taken away. Eric noticed that Commander Ivan Petrusko was not present but his tracked him town to car and arrested him. Eric and Wile the returned to Kiev and went to the Hotel.

Aggro stayed above the nightclub and was keeping a watch out for Fedir and heard a woman’s scream coming from inside the building but didn’t went to intervene. He waiting and eventually Fedir wondered outside and wiped his blood stained hands on a rag and threw it back towards the building and Aggro caught the smell of petro in the air and saw Fedir light a match and he was about to throw it over his shoulder when it was snuffed out by Aggro. Fedir was confused and lit another match and Aggro snuffed it out again and descended from the sky playing his drums causing Fedir to be rooted to the spot in fear. Aggro spoke to Fedir and asked him who he stole the power from and Fedir said he was given it by Kalfu so that he could be a mover of things and an opener of ways. Aggro told him that Kiev had to recover and that he should not conduct his business here anymore and he stopped playing. Fedir then retreated back into the nightclub and Aggro went back to the hotel to meet up with Eric and Wile.

The Scions meet up back at the hotel and were surprised that something they had planned had actually worked with no problems occuring.