June 22nd 2008

Hito only remembers complete blackness, laughter and a feeling of velvet on him, when the shadow entity took him over. He then saw Theodore in his mind but was quickly smothered away by the entity and is left alone trapped inside his own head. Hito wakes up inside in a hospital, in Washington, and finds Matthew waiting by his bedside. Matthew tells Hito what happens as far as he was aware. Five Lost Moons come out from behind a screen and asks to speak to Hito in private. Hito asks Matthew to leave and gets up to talk to Five Lost Moons and sees that his shadow is ragged round the edges and sticking to the bed sheets. Five Lost Moons explains to Hito that the mark is one of many which seems to contain a strong contagion, and that the people who are marked by it can be used as gateways for the enemies of the Gods to enter this world. Hito tells Five Lost Moons that he has been working on a way to remove the mark and cleanse himself. Hito was told when he woke up that something terrible was going to happen in Washington, but Five Lost Moons tells him that something terrible has already happened.

Hito then gets himself ready and talks to Echo Squad and the Tengu about what they are going to do. Hito asks the Tengu about the Lake Spirit, and the Tengu reply that it still has to be moved to its new location. Hito then arranges with the US military to have the lake transported by unofficial channels. Hito phones someone called the Negotiator to try and smooth over the transportation arrangements, since a Lake Spirit is willing to trade places with the one in China, and also the issues of American planes in Chinese airspace. Hito then texts Theodore and Ravencroft and arranges to meet up with them in Washington, to be brought up to speed as to what he missed.

Meanwhile Wile contacts Ravencroft about meeting up so that Wile can give an explanation as to what is happening with the current situation. Ravencroft after talking to Wile starts to see everything as there corresponding runes when he looks at them. Theodore during this time after walking around Washington for a while notices that it is hotter than it appears.

Hito waits for Theodore and Ravencroft at the street corner reading a newspaper, finding out that Obama won the Democratic nomination and that there is going to be a meeting held in Washington for a press conference. When they meet up Theodore informs Hito that he is being torn apart at a cellular level, and talk about the shadow entity. Hito informs them that he was marked by a Titan, after he managed to send it on its way, after his nuclear incident in Washington. Wile then says he has something to tell everyone but says that Eric should be here to talk to everyone. Eric before leaving to meet up with the rest of them has Styrbiorn but his SWAT officers through the paces while he went and talked to the others. Eric then meets up with the other Scions and they head to a park. On the way Theodore looks at the homeless in Washington and see they are in the peak of health.

Sitting in the park Wile starts to explain his story by saying that Prometheus and Epimetheus were brothers. He said that Prometheus was strong and wise and that Epimetheus was not as much. When Prometheus was chained to the rock he told his brother not to accept gifts from Zeus, but Epimetheus didn’t listen to his brother and when offered a wife by Zeus he accepted. His wife was Pandora and was made by all the Gods and her dowry was Pandora’s Box. Pandora one day opened up the box and unleashed 12 spirits but kept the 13th spirit inside the box which was Hope. He then said that the modern version of the story is that Lucy Davies is Pandora and that Hope is the key to fighting the Masks. Theodore, Eric and Hito started to find holes in Wile’s story and starting to disbelieve his story.
Ravencroft they started to see the runes of the leaves on the trees saying KILL, Hito tried to talk to the spirit of the tree but got no response. Wile quickly moved to the gravel path and the gravel started to read DIE under his feet. Wile then starts to explain that he wants to get Hope and protect her, he also says that he is able to track down all the locations of the Masks.

Ravencroft then gets a phone call from Margolies saying that they should meet up to discuss the defence plans of Washington with the Rag-Tag bunch. Ravencroft then goes looking for an Ash tree, and takes out the paper mask he was given by the Marassa. He marks the mask with some of his blood and buries it under the tree and then everyone makes there way to Margolies apartment led by Ravencroft.

They get to Margolies’ apartment where they are greeted by the Arabic man. They meet up with Margolies, Cesar, Gloria, Tommy Li and Renji upstairs to discuss the battle plan. They are told that Cesar and Tommy Li are taking the front lines. Gloria says that she can help by warding off an area and Cesar is going to help. Hito leaves saying he has other people to talk to. Wile explains about Hope to Margolies. Eric starts to lay out a defence plan for the city placing himself and Cesar away from the press conference and the rest of the Scions are placed near the press conference. Ravencroft suggests to Eric to speak to Bronwyn to make sure that she is on the Scion’s side, since he says that she was against the civilian evacuation. Ravencroft suggests to Wile about having a bomb threat at the press conference so that people can be evacuated before the fighting. Ravencroft says that the Scion in New Orleans was able to ward areas perhaps he could be called in, Cesar said it would be unwise as Cusco would just matters more complicated. Margolies suggests to Theodore to talk to the dead especially to the Mr Ross who designed the White House.

Hito leaves the meeting of the Scions and goes and talks to his superiors in Washington about evacuation plans for the press conference. He also says that there could be a possible terrorist threat where they would be deploying significant level of resources. Hito also explains that he has several mission specialists on site to help with the evacuation.

Eric goes off to talk to Bronwyn about what side should she would be on in the coming battle. As Eric got to the door he heard the sounds of ravens cawing and the temperature had dropped. After he knocked at the door it opened by itself and Eric saw Bronwyn’s office covered in snow. At the opposite end of the room was Odin talking to Bronwyn with a wolf next to her. Odin said he was leaving as he already knew what Eric was going to say. Eric then talked to Bronwyn about what side she was going to on and said she wouldn’t interfere as she had a job to do. She told Eric that he couldn’t change peoples fate and that people were going to die. On its way out of the office the wolf bumped into Eric, when Eric pushed back the wolf didn’t even budge. Eric phoned Hito and told him of the defence plan of Washington and where Hito was to be stationed.

Theodore went to the site of the Monument and only saw 5 ghosts in the area. Theodore then went to a near by cemetery and talked a French man, who worked on the Washington Monument, asking if Mr Ross was there. The French man said that Mr Ross was not there as he had already moved out, Theodore then asked if there was anyone who worked on the Monument in the cemetery. Theodore was pointed to several ghosts smoking, when Theodore approached the ghosts offered him a smoke, he accepted but couldn’t take it. The Ghosts say that Jefferson and some other political figures where there, they went up ladders and placed something in Gold leaf inside the Monument. The ghosts say that the men where possibly Masons.

Theodore then went to the centre of the cemetery and got up to a vantage point. He spoke to all the ghosts saying that the place was to full and that it was only going to get worse as more people would be coming to it soon. He then asked for any ghosts that wished to move on to the next life. 100 ghosts formed a queue and Theodore managed to send on 75 of them as then had graves. With the remaining 25 ghosts he took them to the where the Black people where buried and tried a massive a ritual but the ghosts didn’t move on.

During this time Hito went to the Washington Monument to try and talk to its spirit to find out what was inside after being told by Theodore. When Hito tried to get close to the Monument he felt 5 pairs of hands trying to push him back. When he tried to talk to the Monument he got no response, he then tried to talk to something else near by but no Kami talked to him. When he tried another item a hobo that was walking by turned by and looked at Hito. Hito then tried to talk to the hobo but only got gibberish in response. Hito then talked to the Kami of the Poison Sun which told him that there was no Kami in the area. Hito then and went and talked to the Kami of the water just south of the Monument. When he asked it how long spirits had not been in the area it said they left 2 months ago which coincided with the nuclear blast that happened in Washington, caused by Hito. Hito also sent the Tengu out to Shinto temple to tell the monks there, that should start to pray harder as there are people that are out to disrupt the established order.

Meanwhile Ravencroft got information on Schumacher and his arrival in Washington which he got enough information to try and infiltrate Schumacher’s staff. With his information Ravencroft went to the hotel and took the place of his one of Schumacher’s staff. Ravencroft then knocked the man out and tied him up and took his place in the press conference. Ravencroft arrives early and sees arriving Schumacher with Hope, he then sees Obama and then Hillary without Bill. Wile was at the press conference as a journalist. The press conference went off without a hitch.

While this was happening Theodore went to the White House and went through to the back. Outside he saw a man dressed in robes with a candle in his right hand, a bell in left hand and a book opened at his feet. Theodore looked at the book and saw it was written in Latin, he managed to translate part of it and saw it was a prayer to Mithras. Theodore then disrupted the ghost and introduced himself and was told to Fuck Off by the ghost because he had a French name. The Ghost introduces himself as Mr Ross. Theodore then asked him what he was doing and was told that he was trying to keep a foundation stone, under the White House, safe as it was key to protecting something. The ghost explains that there is a casket down underneath the White House that he can no longer go near. Theodore then asks about the item inside the Monument, and tells him about the Gold Leaf. The ghost explains that gold is used for its alchemical and transformative properties, also as a catalyst to help things reach their true potential.

After the press conference Ravencroft in his disguise travels back to the hotel with Schumacher and Hope, Wile follows closely behind. In the hotel bar Ravencroft has a few drinks with Schumacher before inviting Schumacher to back to his hotel room, where he knocked him out and tied him up. Ravencroft also saw that coming from Schumacher was a mass of parchment with dense writing on it. He saw the parchment leading off into the streets of Washington, with one leading off to the Washington Monument, and one to the White House, but also saw that he had no divinity. Ravencroft checked Schumacher over including his orifices, and found a gold tooth in his mouth and crushed it. When Schumacher left Wile jumped at this opportunity to talk to Hope.

Some of the Scions noticed that outside the centre of Washington between the White House and the Monument was a border of heat haze. Outside the border the rest of Washington looked warped and distorted.

After the press conference finished Eric, Cesar, Theodore and Eric’s men where waiting at the White House while Hito was patrolling the city streets. Since nothing was happening Eric got in contact with Bronwyn who came shooting from the sky. Eric asked if the battle was meant to be happening today and Bronwyn said it was but later, she then jumped into the air. Eric then suddenly was visited by the Arabic gentleman which said that there was a problem at the south side of the Monument, and Tommy wasn’t responding.

Hito said he would go and investigate and headed off in with his rifle. At the south side of the Monument Hito saw Adam with several people wearing gas masks. Adam said that they could come to some form of agreement and Hito responded with “if you surrender now then you will be able to walk away.” Adam said that if Hito allowed him to get what he wanted he wouldn’t hurt any mortals. Hito said he wouldn’t let him get what he wanted and levelled his rifle at Adam. Adam then placed his hands into the concrete and covered himself in Earth Armour and signalled for Hito to bring it on. Hito then took aim and waited, and as Adam jumped into the ground Hito shot him causing a small mushroom cloud, and blowing Adam’s legs off in the process. Adam then sunk into the ground.

Eric was then told that several contacts had appeared at the north side outside the White House and one large contact to the west which Hito said he would go and deal with it. Ravencroft said he would go and help deal with the north side.

At the west side Hito saw a divine radiance coming down from the sky. Hito realised that he was unable to harm Eve. Hito took aim at Eve with his rifle and waited. Eve tried to stab Hito but missed. Hito then ordered Eve to stop with the glowing shit. As she concentrated and stopped herself glowing Hito shot her, causing another mushroom cloud to appear in Washington, he was disappointed to see Eve blown back by the blast but unaffected the shot. She then threw her knife at Hito which connected and only scored a glancing hit on Hito. Hito reloaded and shot Eve again and to Eve’s surprise this shot connected and she was unable to do anything about it, and with the third mushroom cloud rising over Washington Eve died.

At the north side of the White House Ravencroft was watching many glancing off the wards that Gloria had but up, and could see that Gloria was suffering the blows that her wards were suffering. Ravencroft also saw 30 men wearing gas masks chanting and slowly advancing towards the wards. Ravencroft started to shoot some of the men taking out 4 before the wards cracked and something invisible attacked Gloria. Ravencroft using magic was able to see the creature attacking Gloria, it was a reptilian creature. Ravencroft then started to take out the lizard creatures, when fully automatic gunfire came over his head taking out several of the advancing men. Gloria, Renji and Tommy helped Ravencroft take out the lizard creatures so they were unable to get through the wards. With everyone working together they were able to stop the advance of the enemies at the north side.

At the White House Eric, Theodore and Cesar heard a rumbling coming from underneath the north east corner of the White House. Theodore rushed towards the sounds inside the White House, while Eric and Cesar ran to it outside the White House. Eric dragged Haskuldr and Styrbiorn with him. The corner of the White House then subsided. Inside Theodore got to the corner and saw Adam rising out the ground with legs made out of stone, concrete and earth, holding a stone tablet. Theodore then stopped Adam in his tracks and then started to talk so Adam wouldn’t move. Outside Cesar left Eric to deal with the problem as he went off to help Gloria. Eric then broke through the window and saw Theodore talking at Adam, taking the tablet off him. Eric stopped to listen to Theodore, preparing to strike at Adam.

Wile at this time was busy talking to Hope, when she suddenly collapsed from her bar stool. The glasses in the entire bar shattered and Wile was able to get himself into cover just in time. Wile then looked over Hope and was able to access that she was has power flowing into her which she is ill equipped to deal with. Wile then takes Hope away from the scene, calling a nearby taxi. Whilst travelling away, he taxi judders to a complete and sudden stop, and someone taps on the window. Wile looks around to find Lebowitz standing there. Lebowitz then shoots Hope in the head and says to Wile “I got what I came for. Pity about the others” and with that walks away. Wile assesses that Hope is dead.