June 10th-12th, 2007

Session 3, in which…

  • Lane Saunders is glimpsed, and lost.
  • Theo meets an Hijo named Paco, and watches the soul of his victim combust.
  • Daniel goes bar-crawling, which leads to the death of a bartender, and the suicide of an Hijo.
  • The Scion's make claims to guardianship of the Heart, and Lacey's allegiances are questioned, and confused. Runes are cast, and bullets fired.
  • The God Hermes is slain, and the God Hachiman is struck a grievous injury.
  • Lacey is executed by Hito.
  • A great smoky wolf pins Hito to the foor, and the Heart is stolen.
  • A gunbattle erupts between Theo, Echo Squad and their unknwon assailants, aided by some literally electric acrobatics from Amy.
  • The mysterious Shiva emerges from plain sight, and is confounded by the facts. A great smoky wolf is punished for its temerity.
  • A phoenix soars to the top of the Hyatt Regency, bearing Daniel.
  • A bargain is struck between Lacey and Theo, and a debt repaid.
  • Bloody footprints are followed from the crater of a fallen God.