June 15th 2008

At the top of the hill at the temple of the Oracle Tyrone has just blown his brains out and his ghost was standing over the corpse. From Tyrone’s body a shadow entity rushed towards Hito and started to slowly change Hito into something non-human, and was slowly taking over Hito’s body. Theodore and Tyrone had a discussion, while Hito was slowly losing his battle, about the entity that had taken Hito over and that had been living inside Tyrone’s head for the past few months. Tyrone indicated that the entity could have been Erebus.

Theodore then decided to try and help out Hito by using his powers to ride Hito. Inside Hito’s head Theodore could only detect a very faint presence of Hito, but he heard laughter inside his own head from another presence. The other presence tried to force Theodore out but failed and left Hito to Theodore. Theodore then tried to remove himself from Hito by having Hito force him out, but found out that he was trapped inside Hito’s head. Theodore eventually was forced from Hito’s head. Theodore then arranged for Hito’s body to be picked up by Echo squad. When Echo squad arrived Theodore overheard Matthew talking to someone about a contingency plan having to be used. Theodore was able to assess that Hito had very little neural activity and seemed to be in some form of coma.

Wile takes the 3 younger Scions down the hill away from the shadow entity to the mansion. The man living in the Mansion asked if he wished that the 3 be taking into protection and Wile agreed that they should be. Wile then returns up the hill to go and speak to the Oracle again with some more questions. He asked about Lucy Davis, the girl that was going through the cycle of death and rebirth, if she was being punished, and who by. He also asked if Lucy knew about Hope, and got the response that she knew her once. He also found out that the assault in Washington is going to start in two days time.
Wile then ran down the hill again and was taken over by the shadow entity that was rushing down the hill towards the olive grove outside the mansion.

Ravencroft at the top of the hill watched as the shadow took over Hito, but talked to the ghost of Tyrone. He then asked if Tyrone wanted to be sent on which Tyrone refused, saying that he would be used again. Ravencroft and Theodore decided to follow Tyrone’s corpse, which had been picked up by the twins that where staying at the mansion. They happened to arrive at the man’s room just to see Tyrone walking down the yellow brick road with Dorothy, the Tin man, the Scarecrow and the Lion. Ravencroft and Theodore saw that the ghost over Tyrone’s corpse had disappeared. Theodore then makes a friend of Dorothy reference, and also commented on the Greek underworld being shit.

The Scions they leave the mansion as they plan their route back to New Orleans. During the walk Ravencroft phones Eric and tell him what the Oracle told him, while Wile calls Echo. Part way through the walk an Arabic man drops from the sky, and introduces himself to Theodore and says he has a message for him. The man says that he is working for a Scion of Anubis and that he has come to request aid for the defence of the city of Washington. He is told that the children of the Atlantean Gods are attacking and that the Atlanteans are winning. They also find out the a major assault is going to happen in two days time. The Scions all agree to help and the man says he can transport them to Washington. Theodore says that he will make his own way and heads off towards the nearest shadow and steps through it. Ravencroft agrees to travel with the man but waits for his men to arrive first.

Wile spends time thinking and they realises that he left his peacock back at the mansion and runs off to get it. When Wile arrives at the mansion he sees he peacock being fed by the female twin. She asked if it was a sacrifice but Wile said that his mother wouldn’t like that. Wile then apologised to his peacock which insulted him. Wile then returns to Ravencroft and they both travel with the Arabic man, who opened a gateway through a desolate wasteland and they emerge on Capitol Hill in Washington. They are told to wait as Mr Margolies will meet them soon. When they emerge on Capitol Hill they feel strange energies from Capitol Hill, the White House and the Washington Monument are all connected and that at the compass points there is a strange magical field. Ravencroft walks off to go meet with Hildr and leaves Wile on the Hill.

While the others were talking to the Oracle Eric was busy packing and getting ready to leave Greece behind. While he was doing this he got a phone call from an unknown number which turned out to be Lacey Leveaux saying that a friend of hers was due Eric a favour and said she would meet him at hi hotel. When Miss Leveaux arrived Eric saw that she was with the Lorelei that Eric believed was dead. The Lorelei said that she would be able to heal his men since she was due him a favour. Eric said that he had to do this by himself but thanked her for the offer. Eric then asked Lacey what happened with the Lorelei and said that she had set it up. Eric lost his temper and put the sword he was holding through the wall so it was near Lacey’s head. He then threaten Lacey saying that if she hurt the Lorelei he would take her head, and with that they left. The Lorelei thanked Eric for being kind to her and that she was sorry for the problems she had caused. Eric then finished packing and left for the airport. He had a brief chat with Ravencroft about what Ravencroft had learned from the Oracle. Eric told Ravencroft that he had a task to do given to him by Odin and that he would have to do it alone so he would be looking for the Well of Urd.

Eric then arrived back in New Orleans and dug up the remains of his men and revived Styrbiorn. He then spent time speaking to Bronwyn about the Washington situation and asked if she could book him a private flight, and heard her fighting with Hildr in the background and then the line went down. He then spent time in the police station to see how his SWAT officers where doing. He then took Styrbiorn aside and suggested telling the officers about his divine heritage. He also suggested about having them marked by Bronwyn if he was going to take them to Washington. Styrbiorn advised against forcing them to come along, and Eric said they would have a choice and wouldn’t force anyone. Eric then said that if Styrbiorn wanted to talk to Valerie then he should leave now and talk to her. Eric then heard an argument outside his office between Styrbiorn and Valerie, and then heard a thump and saw Styrbiorn carrying an unconscious Valerie away.

Eric then summoned Bronwyn to side, and she appeared wearing archaic armour and carrying a sword. He then told of her of his plan and she said she would get changed and Eric went and addressed his officers. He managed to convince his officers that he was the child of Tyr by having one of his officers cut off his hand and Eric regenerated it in front of them. He then told them of his plan about going to Washington and having them being marked so then could be revived when they died. They seemed a bit dubious about it but they all agreed to go with him. Bronwyn then appeared behind Eric wearing a suit and said it had been done and left. Eric then followed Bronwyn pack into his office were she was putting back on her armour and Eric kissed her. Briefly Bronwyn kissed Eric back, but then threw him against the wall pointed a finger at him and said No then stormed out.

Eric then travelled to Washington with 13 SWAT officers and Styrbiorn, and holed up inside Miss Kincaid’s offices. He spent time in the canteen with all his men and spent time talking to Snorri who asked if he would have to fight but Eric said that he would be needed afterwards to help with the repairs. Eric then went and talked to Haskuldr who said that he had been having dreams and keep seeing the same 11 faces which he had drawn. There was 9 men and 2 women, 1 was Japanese and another was Haitian. He then went back to the canteen and tried to cheer up Styrbiorn, but Styrbiorn was too depressed and then everyone retired, but Eric.

Theodore went back to New Orleans after stepping through the shadow in Greece. He then went and got himself ready by travelling to one of the hospitals and using his divine gift to heal and cured several people of wounds and in one instance took on the wound himself showing that he really was a divine healer. He then went to a different hospital the next day and painted his face white as a skull and went as the death aspect of the Baron. To keep Harmony at the second hospital he helped those that were beyond healing and helped to send them on their way. He then relayed the thoughts of those that had died to their family, but he takes on the pain of those that he helped. He then sent one his people to Washington so that he could travel without having to use planes. On the day of his arrival is the day of the assault.

In Washington Ravencroft went and saw Hildr to discuss what was happening in Washington. He arrived to see that Hildr was busy working out escape plans for the civilians out when the assault happens. Maps where plastered over the walls and ceiling showing escape routes and leylines. They discuss what they should do and Ravencroft suggests blowing up the Monument to break the energies, but Hildr advised against it. Ravencroft then consulted the runes to try and pinpoint the centre of what the Atleanteans are trying to destroy. He then see several images the first was Thomas Jefferson laying a foundation stone, followed by the Washington Monument with a star on top of it. He then sees Schumacher with his arms out stretched, spanning the distance between the Washington Monument and the White House, and then he twists his hands and the gates of Washington open. He tells Hildr of his visions and she says that Schumacher has to be taken out since he seems to be the key. He then spends time with Hildr helping to plan the escape routes.

Wile is waiting for Margolies to show up on top of Capitol Hill, he then smelled the reek of clove cigarettes behind him. They then introduce themselves and then they travel to the North side of town. Wile sees Caesar and Gloria spraying graffiti on the wall with Aztec symbols, with blood mixed into the paint. Wile requests to see some of the prophecies that Margolies has access to do. Wile reads about the rise of Atlantis and remembers that the Oracle said there was no way of stopping Atlantis rise. He reads that the seals will break and the order they break in. The first to break was the snake restrained , second was the cross, the third was will be the start falling, the fourth the arrow will find the heart and the last will be the triangle breaking. He then read that Atlantis will rise and that 3 new gods will be made “ kings and a Queen and that one of them will give birth to 2 children and they will change the fate of the world. Wile after reading this explains that there is no point trying to stop the Atlanteans from assaulting Washington to Margolies. Margolies tells Wile that they are not going to give up on the city and let it just fall without a fight.

Wile then phones Ravencroft to tell him about what he has learned and also about their lost cause. Ravencroft listens to Wile and tells him that he will do what he must to save the city. Wile then tells him that Adam and Eve are involved but writes it off as a corruption of the translation but Ravencroft they informs him otherwise. Wile then suggested that they meet up because he believes that they have to travel to San Francisco for a reason that Wile will not disclose.

Ravencroft then meets with Wile and with the help of Margolies travel to San Francisco by travelling through the wasteland again. They then manage to get past a receptionist after a some problems trying to convince her that they were able to visit the patient Lucy Davis. When they get to Miss Davis they see her going through her rebirth cycle and unconscious. Wile then decides to lay on hands and then rapidly ages 50 years and Miss Davis stops cycling but wakes up and starts screaming. Doctors quickly rush to her side and sedate her, but are eventually turned away by Wile saying that they would be able to look after her. Wile then tells Lucy that she is involved in something big, and see tells him that she has been having terrible nightmares. Wile then asks her about Hope, and Lucy says that she used to share a room with her in college. Wile then asks if she has her contact number and Lucy says yeah and he can just take it from her phone. She also said that she had moved to Washington and after finding out her last name Ravencroft said that she was on Schumacher’s campaign staff. Wile then gives Lucy his contact number by putting it in her phone after she had flirted with both Wile and Ravencroft.

Wile and Ravencroft return to Washington when Ravencroft starts to ask about Hope. Wile tells Ravencroft that Hope is somehow able to counteract the Masks in some way but doesn’t tell Ravencroft how. Wile then starts growing younger.

Ravencroft then phones Eric after finding out that Wile is able to track her even though he is acting as a petulant teenager. Eric meets up with them and they start to follow the fate strand. When Eric asks who they are following he asks for a description and says that he saw her on TV with Schumacher kissing her on the forehead and walked away holding her hand. Ravencroft reacted badly but they kept on trying to follow the strand and Eric told them that they where in New York. Wile says that they should go now and Eric said that he wouldn’t go because there was a battle the next day and he wouldn’t leave until it had been finished. Eric then walked off, after Wile had turned 90 in a brief second, and started to scout the around the White House and the surrounding area to get the lay of the land. Eric then ran into Renji and Tommy Li and talked to them, and found out that Margolies had made a talisman that helps the Scions and that they were reinforcing some wards in preparation for the battle.

Ravencroft then phones Theodore to see if he could shed any light on the problem of Wile going through the aging cycle. Theodore tells Wile that the only ways he knows to fix it would be for Wile to cleanse himself through a ritual or it would be to travel to the Underworld. Wile decides to cleanse himself through a ritual by renting out a hotel room with a Jacuzzi, but he finds that the ritual doesn’t work. He then phones Echo who shows up and asks him to close his eyes while she reaches into his skull. When Wile opened his eyes he see a ghostly version of himself going through the aging cycle and is told it is only a temporary fix as she had removed a bit of his soul but would have to put it back in a couple of days.